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[Review] DUST 514: Largely a Success



  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon

    I agree with the review. 


    However, the whole games industry looks tired - we've seen it and done it all before.


    The next big thing will be 3D headsets, so there is no point in investing any more time in any game until then - unless you haven't played that many computer games before.

  • ExioceExioce BirminghamPosts: 1Member

    It's unfortunate that while Dust 514 took a great leap forward graphically with the arrival of the Uprising build, the general gungame suffered. A lot of discord followed on the official forums and player numbers dropped in the face of CCP's silence. However, it now looks like the devs have realised the error of their ways and are communicating far more often with the playerbase and have committed themselves to monthly updates to the game. There's hope again for Dust 514, and now might be a good time to jump in before Uprising 1.2 arrives July 2nd. The new Academy feature should ensure that new players have time to settle in to the mechanics and controls before they face far more powerful and experienced veteran players, and moreover new players are able to receive a few bonus items to help them along the way, such as a permanent assault rifle and a skill booster if they sign up to Dust 514.


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  • jagd1jagd1 istanbulPosts: 281Member
    Originally posted by sketocafe

    Don't have a link. It was the servers, microsoft wanted it on their servers, CCP knew it had to be linked with eve's tranquility server. And glad I am for that, if CCP had forced me to interact with people from xbox live I wouldn't still be playing.

    Control of servers one of the reason given by CCP but there is also another  thing called money 

    Frist  ; Microsoft does not let anyone publish expansion/DLC without charges 

    second ; F2P model may be good for CCP but what about  share of microsoft  ? Probably they had been asked to charge client also ,microsoft is not a charity and wants their share of course.

  • Kevyne-ShandrisKevyne-Shandris Hephzibah, GAPosts: 1,946Member

    Because SOE paid them for an exclusive release for PS3 (it baffled us that it wasn't for PS4).


    CCP also stated that they truly need this to succeed, which probably means they're cash strapped and it's sink or swim time.


    BTW, the EvE community detests them for the most part, and calls them "Dust bunnies" (some claim they're excessively vulgar, but EvE players can't call themselves any better -- ) <-- lose a $3,000 ship r-a-g-e!

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