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[New Players] A place to call home

laxielaxie UK - Leamington SpaPosts: 536Member Uncommon

New to EVE and looking for a place to start?

Or you have been playing for a while and are simply looking for a home?


A Thousand Words is a family-like corporation with a friendly attitude and welcoming arms.

We love exploration, trade and PvE - our adventures are always open for another new soul.


The Idea:  We believe that EVE is a game like any other - it is meant to be fun. This reflects onto how we play and how we view corporations as a whole. We enjoy helping, chatting and working together to reach a common goal. All while building real friendships that we hope to keep for many years to come.


Through this corporation we hope to connect to fellow players and leave a meaningful mark that will encourage others to spread the positivity, making the world of EVE a safe place to explore.


What we do: A Thousand Words is all about having your own voice in the universe of a thousand words. It is about finding out which path is right for you, seeing what you enjoy. We provide guidance and basic information to help you explore what EVE has to offer. At the same time we are not ancient veterans, so you will always have someone to relate to.


We believe in freedom through exploration. No member will be forced "the best path". Instead you will be encouraged to expand your horizon through learning and trying.


If you are looking for a friendly new-member group that is hoping to build a solid community based on respect and helping, give us a try.

Reply to this message, leave me a MMORPG mail, or best contact one of our recruiters through in-game mail to start your application.


Recruiter: Lou Amelana



We are looking forward to welcoming you in our family.


  • MegabrickzMegabrickz nottinghamPosts: 11Member
    Hi I am newish and still struggle to understand the game. I have over 3million sp and currently mine most of the time but find it really boring and would like to start pvping etc
  • laxielaxie UK - Leamington SpaPosts: 536Member Uncommon
    Even though we are open to anyone, we are not really focussing on PvP but rather High Sec trade/mining, PvE combat and exploration. I think you'd be best off finding a corporation devoted to PvPing if that's something you are interested in.
  • KomandorKomandor Denver, COPosts: 272Member
    This might work!

    Keep on rockin'!image

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