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FF14 combat

BroverpowerdBroverpowerd Shohola, PAPosts: 37Member Uncommon

Can someone please compare combat in this game to another MMO? Thanks!


  • AmbassadorDvinnAmbassadorDvinn Cleveland, OHPosts: 339Member Uncommon
    It has some neat mechanics like the black mage spells that allow some of your spells to regain your mana.  The game is pretty much WoW combat though.  The combat and fetch quests are ruining the game for me at the moment - I'm hoping that changes eventually.

    Serious death penalties makes every close call an adrenaline rush, and every minor achievement a major victory. This alternative rule-set should be in all MMORPGs.

  • BraindomeBraindome Posts: 953Member Uncommon

    FFXII is the best example, it is closest to that battle system:

    Active Dimension Battle (ADB), characters move freely and attack as soon as they are ready. Blue lines depict the player's targets and red lines depict those of the enemies.

    You can que a move and move around till it activates, it is really nice and much better than FFXI since you aren't camera locked. It is much faster.

  • UnrealRpgUnrealRpg lindan, NJPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    And what do you want quests to be? How do you want combat to be? Most mmo are very similar combat and quest wise.

    They at least dress up the quests and give them value.

    Combat is still being tuned in a sense and is very solid. At level 16 all my skills feel useful and serve a purpose compared to press 1 2222 1 3.

    Not sure what you want but this is what most mmos are. Stop comparing every mmo to WoW.

    And yes the combat is very similar if not an updated Final Fantasy 12.

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