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Comments made by Smedley that point towards open world PVP in Everquest Next



  • steamtanksteamtank Rochester, NYPosts: 385Member

    [i imagine it will be some hybrid between EvE and SWG' pvp setup


    people who dont want to pvp ever will have some way to keep themselves relatively if not completely safe.


    those who want to run the risk will be able to reap larger rewards but suffer greater losses

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,642Member Epic

    From another thread, poster "evilastro" found this:


    "This is not going to be Grieferquest, and every system will be designed around not allowing that. It's one of those things where you have to make it so that griefers can't ruin the experience for everyone else."


    So there will be open world pvp but there will be systems in place to stymie griefers.

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