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Give-Away PC & PS3 BETA KEYS!



  • Asm0deusAsm0deus BaatorPosts: 1,755Member Rare
    Originally posted by brieen
    Originally posted by Asm0deus
    I was in the  FFXIV1.0 betas (before it became ARR) and would very much like to try the new improved version to see the changes and see if I will want to sub to this version.  Would appreciate any pc key sent my way!   Thanks

    If you where in 1.0 you should have got an email all 1.0 members where invied to beta per the dev team

    Hmm don't recall any emails, hope it didn't get sent in my junk mail. When should i have gotten this email?

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  • XaonisXaonis Dallas, TXPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by brieen
    I have a Ps 3 pomo code looking for a PC code please looking to set my daughter up and teach her he ways before we go live.....

    I don't have one but if I do find one I'll let you know if you could just be so kind as to give me the PS3 code... I'm not really picky as to which version I get as I'll own both  I'll also  give you access to my steam account

  • evilizedevilized columbus, OHPosts: 566Member Uncommon
    also looking for a PC key if anybody has an extra. open to trades too (dont have a ps3 key, sorry).
  • LaggmasterLaggmaster Pocatello, IDPosts: 1Member

    if anyone has a ps3 beta code i would be in your debt forever if you would give it to me... 

    i played FFXI for 3 years and would really like to see if this  game would be worth putting that kind of time and money into...


  • WargasmicWarWargasmicWar Douglasville, GAPosts: 1Member

    I have a PC beta for ff14 arr however it's not a code its a whole account so for info e-mail me at and in the title field please specify as "FF14 Beta request" Thanks :) 


    Edit  6/18/2013  : Account given away

  • DalmarDalmar St Louis, MOPosts: 57Member Uncommon
    Email sent. :)
  • LProofLProof Dallas, TXPosts: 24Member

    I have a PC key that I am willing to trade for a PS3 key.

    P.M. me

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  • KaelemarKaelemar PiacenzaPosts: 1Member
    I have an european beta key for PC, does anyone want to exchange a beta key for PS3 with mine? Thank you. Send me a private message.
  • RaxeonRaxeon cedar falls, IAPosts: 2,153Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Deznts
    Giving away beta keys is a violation of the beta agreement

    there giving out keys like candy atm event ho theres still lots of people with out 1 might as well make use of them

  • SJNashySJNashy Los Banos, CAPosts: 1Member
    I would love to have a ps3 beta key if there is any spare. 
  • ZeremiZeremi HellsinkiPosts: 386Member

    I would love a PC beta key, if anyone has one to spare!

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