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I won't play this game

PoematisPoematis NoumeaPosts: 3Member

I dunno if this game is Pay to win or not but anyways I won't play it.

The graphics are UGLY, the chars are ugly, the overall aspect is dull, omg all those new games are the same ones.

They should have a look at oldies like ROHAN or VINDICTUS to see what nice graphics mean ! They only know two colors : greenish and brownish, why make a game so dull, we aren't in a vampire movie.

My elf char is more ugly than a drunk orc and you wanna tell me he has a high charisma, please REREAD the D&D and AD&D adventures, thanks !




  • ChuxShadowChuxShadow Richmond, KYPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    I think you are confusing charisma with comeliness. Charisma is a presence a person gives off it can be a negative or positive feeling and affects the way others respond and treat you. Comeliness is the actual physical appearance of a person and was switched out for charisma in the 2nd Addition D&D books.

  • Ubel12Ubel12 Clarksville, TNPosts: 153Member Uncommon
    Wait. How many colours? Brown and one other colour? Honestly you should play the game a bit more. There are some beautiful places in this free to play game. No Pay to win either. Just free.image
  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon
    It's Cryptic. What do you expect?
  • 9ineven9ineven Posts: 168Member Uncommon
    I won't play this game either. Now let's move on and stop creating useless thread.
  • PoematisPoematis NoumeaPosts: 3Member
    Originally posted by 9ineven
    I won't play this game either. Now let's move on and stop creating useless thread.

    Why useless ? I gave my impression and compared the graphics to two other games.

    I like to read descriptions about the graphics because if the graphics aren't appealing, I won't spend hours A DAY leveling up a char. I'm always using the item shop in online games and we all know that the words "free to play" are only A JOKE.

    I don't care if a game is F2P or Pay to win, I'm spending money to watch a movie or reading a book too, so why not in a game.

    But YOUR post did NOT bring ANYTHING to the community, that's right.


  • Thebrave246Thebrave246 Carle Place, NYPosts: 174Member
    I won't play it either, it's just the same old BLAH. Let's move on.
  • PoematisPoematis NoumeaPosts: 3Member
    What a friendly forum ! I won't ever come back again !
  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common

    If you don't play it your missing out on great fun. Yes the p2win / free to play models are very bad, but you don't have to spend anything.

    The colors are much better than your describing.

    The combat is the highlight for me though. Only WoW and GW2(comes close) have the fluidity and movement response that Neverwinter has. That's a not a common feature in mmo's. To add to it, Neverwinter is action combat. So as much flak as cryptic gets, they were actually able to pull off a full action combat mmorpg with great fluidity and response movement.

    All they needed to do was sell this game as a buy to play and it would have been a mega hit. (As money talks though it is the f2p p2win model) 

    Never the less - don't miss out on the great fun and experience, put on a good headset too, this is one mmo that actually has immersive qualities as well. Again not a common feature in mmo's

  • Thebrave246Thebrave246 Carle Place, NYPosts: 174Member
    Lol what a kid, if you're going to post a thread like that, be prepared for some type of feedback like what was given to him. He goes and deletes his account like a baby wow. We were just telling them what our opinions are. Oh well. Sorry to see that happen.
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