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Rift F2P Is it worth it?



  • ace80kace80k Lorton, VAPosts: 151Member Uncommon

    Imo the class (soul) system in Rift is the best in any MMO. There are definitely "best" soul combinations, but it's extremely customizable. Unlike in other MMOs where you have to completely stop what you're doing, return to town and respec, in Rift you can switch to pre-saved roles. For example, lets say you're a mage and your group's designated healer went LD, you can just switch to Chloromancer and fill the void as needed. Let's say you're going up against a pretty tough AoE encounter, but you're in a more single target spec, with the click of a button you can change that easily.  Those are just two examples, but the possibilities are vast.

    Outside of the class system, the game can become fairly boring. However, the dungeons and raids are very well done. They just become monotonous after a while..but that's true with any MMO. I've just started playing the game again after a year or so, so I haven't had a chance to explore much of the new expansion. With that said, I'd definitely encourage anyone to give the game a try..especially since it's going F2P. I'm hoping the game can keep me busy until ESO, EQ Next, and/or Wildstar are released. They're quite a ways off though, so who knows how long I'll continue to play.

  • jtcgsjtcgs New Port Richey, ILPosts: 1,777Member
    Originally posted by sinichi6825
    I see... i just want to know what am i gonna expect to do in late game? what are pros and cons of Rift?

     no different from any other MMO.

    You either PvP, raid, do dailies, try to finish off your collections or perhaps help new players/friends.

    The only person that can say if its worth it or not is you...its going to be free so its not like you will be wasting your money, just your time, which is what you do in every single game.

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  • LissLiss Dundee, MIPosts: 48Member

    I think Rift is a great game. Honestly, it is one of the few MMO's out there that is worth the sub to me. They are updating and adding content quite often and the game just feels really well put together. I think its a little more casual than some people want which means they chew through the content pretty quickly and end up getting bored.

    For me, I took a really long break and came back after SL released so I had to catch up with my guild which really sucked. But I like the pvp warfronts, I like the dungeons. I've just now started doing expert dungeons and working on getting my hit to 400 so I can raid w/ my guild.

    I've always liked having the options of what to do to level. You can quest, you can grind mobs, pvp, dungeons, rifts, or onslaughts. There's a ton of crafting to do, gathering, fishing and all the world events.

    The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is SUPER solo friendly except for the dungeons. Other than that its a really fun game for me. I would reccommend it to anyone looking for a solid MMO.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,953Member Legendary
    Originally posted by Vannor

    I would agree with everything here.. except for fact you need rep to be able to use the gear and you get that rep (once you've cleaned the quests that give you rep) mostly from repeatable dungeon quests and from killing mobs in dungeons. It'd be a 'massive' rep grind if you tried to get it outside of dungeons. Players won't be able to get to max level and instantly upgrade their gear cos they won't be able to put it on. Plus, I went on the PTR with my main who is in all elite dungeon gear and none of the stuff in the shop was even close to being as good as it. The gear in the shop is very slightly worse than the gear from 'normal' dungeons.. doesn't even come close to elite dungeons. TBH anyone buying that gear will be disappointed because they will quickly replace it. Top tier Planar and PvP gear is better than elite dungeon gear as well.

    Well, you can buy dungeon and raid gear in the cash shop interface, but you can only pay with dungeon/raid marks, not credits.   That's one of the awesome things about their cash shop interface.  It's not just a way to spend cash credits, you can also buy a lot of other things with your in game currency.

    It's one of the better vendor interfaces I've seen in any game.  I hope they integrate the auction house, or at least the ability to buy/sell like GW2.

    Of all the games with this combat style (EQ2, LotRO, WoW, etc) this is my favorite.  It has good (if not great) dungeons, good overland content, housing, progression, and very interesting class build mechanics.

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  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,197Member Rare
    its free , try it and decide yourself , u arent losing anything (time but if u like theme park mmorpgs) avoid 1-29 chat and u will be fine :P
  • XeonsoldierXeonsoldier Atlanta, GAPosts: 190Member
    WIth the certain population increase, I would say, yes you should like it. But then again, to each's own.
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