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[Preview] General: E3 Preview

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,737 Epic

Our team will have boots on the ground during next week's annual E3 convention in Los Angeles. We've got a preview of some of the games we'll be tracking during E3 and coverage you can expect to see in the next couple of weeks. Read on before telling us what you'd like us to check out in the comments.

Good morning gamers, and welcome to E3 week. will be on hand to bring you every single ounce of information we can possibly get our hands on this week. We are very lucky to go to the show and hope to answer all of your MMO questions about the upcoming months and titles ranging into 2014. So much happens in the three days we are at the show that it is very tough to keep tabs on it all. Here is a taste of what we will be seeing this week to get you ready for the our coverage.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's E3 Preview.



  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHMember Posts: 1,393 Common
    I'm down for some Day Z news. I have been meaning to look into a bit more. Just been to busy I guess.
  • BadSpockBadSpock Somewhere, MIMember Posts: 7,974

    FFXIV and Destiny info please!

    Rest is all pretty "meh" to me.

  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Asheville, NCMember Posts: 366
    I'm excited to see some information about Destiny and HEX more then anything else right now.

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  • TheJodaTheJoda Nerak, awaiting a good MMOMember Posts: 536 Uncommon
    Want aa news and news is all since SOE is releasing news.about eqn at their thing in august.

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  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLMember Posts: 1,637 Rare
    Tell John Bergman @ Guild Software (Vendetta Online) that Phaserlight says hi

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  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon
    I'm kinda curious about Everquest Next since I've never really played a sandbox game and I'm curious if that is the type of world I need now. Dont know much about Destiny. Looking forward to ESO gameplay with reactions from non press people. Hoping they show a current build and not one 5 builds old.

    There Is Always Hope!

  • KellerKeller UtrechtMember Posts: 306 Uncommon

    Well I am looking forward to read/see about Archeage and Dayz.

    The picture of Final Fantasy XIV looks interesting. Can not hurt to read what they are up to.

  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Keller
    Well I am looking forward to read/see about Archeage and Dayz. The picture of Final Fantasy XIV looks interesting. Can not hurt to read what they are up to.

    Whoops, forgot about Final Fantasy. I didn't play the original since I heard it was so bad, but I may give this one a whirl if I hear better I'm a graphics whore so I want to see just how pretty that world is :-)

    There Is Always Hope!

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXMember Posts: 3,401 Uncommon
    FFXIV wootz!
  • redcappredcapp brook, NYMember Posts: 722
    All of those items could be pretty interesting except defiance and wushu, imo, even if they're not all top on my list
  • angerbeaverangerbeaver Dorval, QCMember Posts: 964 Uncommon

    Anyone know if there are live streams on E3 that will show the FFXIV presentation?

    I watched a live feed today but the only game that caught my interest was the UFC one. I forgot the site (maybe IGN?) but they had a map and FFXIV:ARR was not in it that I could see.

  • MaelzraelMaelzrael Las Cruces, NMMember Posts: 372 Uncommon
    Wildstar Info! Plox!

  • flizzerflizzer Manchester, NHMember Posts: 2,080 Rare
    Will we be able to look back  a year(s) from now and talk about this moment as the decline of  MMOs for PC gaming?
  • CollaborCollabor Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 37 Uncommon
    Please cover The Division!!!!!!
  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamMember Posts: 1,245

    DayZ man i can't wait for standalone.

    Im playing everyday now DayZ MOD, game is what most sandbox should have been, no bloody lvls-xp-skills-stats or armor just pure survival all players are same only weapons you find make difference.

    And permadeath works PERFECTLY in DayZ.

    A huge open realistic world with 0% loadscreens seamingly gameworld with no restrictions, just awesome.

    DayZ will my future multiplayer/mmo world to roam around.

  • chaintmchaintm Chicago, ILMember Posts: 972 Common
    wildstar and eq next for sure ;)

    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • MaquiameMaquiame Member Posts: 1,044 Uncommon

    Final Fantasy all the way, all I can say is look at the videos on youtube, they are called A Tour of Eorzea 1 and 2


    Also look at the job video.



    The game is absolutely gorgeous. I'm in the beta and I love it.


    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • sanshi44sanshi44 BrisbaneMember Posts: 1,159 Uncommon
    Patiently waiting for EQN info in August so keen to see what they have to offer, with anyluck they nail it :)
  • AlomarAlomar Middle Earth, NJMember Posts: 675 Uncommon
    The Age of Men (themeparks) is over, the Age of the Orc (sandboxes) has begun.....

    Dozens of MMO's, RTS's, FPS's, etc.

  • Jyd111Jyd111 Member Posts: 23 Uncommon
    Any info on The Repopulation would be great also!!

    Give me back SWG at sunset and keep adding to it and I would pay twice what it was costing.

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