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[General Article] World of Warcraft: A Noob In WoW



  • LevicusLevicus milpitas, CAPosts: 22Member
    If you are level 40, how can you talk about the "dynamic" changes the expansions bring? How is that comparable to GW2, Rift and so forth? Did you play all these other MMOs before being a "noob" in WoW?

    You also speak about the deep and rich story of leveling up to 40. I remember I use to read all the quests as well back in the vanilla days, and I remember why I stopped. WoW's quests were anything but rich, deep and interesting. It is because of WoW that I had stopped reading my quests I encountered and just clicked accept when I received one. Its only recently from another MMO where I have been barely able to break the habit.

    Other then these two issues, it was interesting reading your write up. I hope you continue to have fun playing WoW.
  • CKPlayGameCKPlayGame Lloydminster, ABPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nitth
    "Noob" seems to be conjoined with the word "Idiot" these days. Looking back 5-10 years ago Noobs were actually capable to [i]learn[/i] mechanics in games where as today games are dumbed down to meet the intelligence of the noobs.   In the case of world of Warcraft i really don't think its that big of a hill to climb to get equated with mechanics and terminology. In fact, i would wager that a "noob" could manage 80% of the content without even talking to a soul.

    "Newbies" are capable of learning.

    "Noobs" are not.


  • brianw1brianw1 gosfordPosts: 59Member Uncommon
    Hell yea.
  • SignexSignex NetherlandsPosts: 113Member Uncommon

    Don't ask me why, been playing sinds vanilla, and i'm still a newbie at the game.(raids)


  • Shadowguy64Shadowguy64 Rohnert Park, CAPosts: 848Member
    Originally posted by Signex
    Don't ask me why, been playing sinds vanilla, and i'm still a newbie at the game.(raids)


  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
    just rerolled hoarde and went forsaken because of this article.  SOOO MUCH better than the night elf story line!  Actually makes me want to play more.
  • Whiplash931Whiplash931 Moncton, NBPosts: 36Member
    Originally posted by strangiato2112
    Originally posted by Nanfoodle
      1. My server is mostly dead and past level 20 there is no one to play with,  

    [mod edit] You are level 60.  the zones are cross-realm zones.  There are tdefinitely people around you when out leveling.  Dungeon queue times are faster than any other game in the entire industry while leveling.


    Yes there are a few dead PvP servers and a couple slow PvE ones, but that doesnt even come into play until 85+.


    [mod edit]

    I think what he is trying to say as the server being dead is this. YOU ALMOST NEVER RUN INTO ANYONE ON YOUR SERVER....HIS SERVER IS DEAD.....not the game...HIS FU**ING SERVER. 


    WoW is not the game it once was, there is no sense of community. You don't need to make friends to do anything in the game. Want to run a dungeon? Join a  queue. Want to run a raid.....JOIN A  QUEUE. You don't even need to make friends or join a clan anymore to do anything. The game has been changed to be super casual player friendly, MMO's aren't meant to be like this. You are meant to make friends and have a sense of belonging in these MMO games but you don't anymore, atleast not with WoW.   


    P.S. I played WoW since beta till midway through Cataclysm. 

  • EBlackbladeEBlackblade Springfield, MOPosts: 34Member
    Originally posted by SBFord
    Originally posted by pmiles
    Let's see if you joined under recruit a friend, you hit level 40 in probably less than a day.  It's not until you hit max level and realize that all the worlds you passed through (extremely rapidly I might add) are now irrelevant and what you have before you is a rather small patch of land of repetitive dailies and repeatable raids left.  The sad part is, and it is really sad, is that you, the noob, missed out on 8 years worth of content because you've leveled through it in warp speed.  No epic opening of the Gates of Ahn Quiri, no attunement chains to gain you access to Kharazan, Molten Core, Upper Black Rock Spire, etc.  No class quests for you first mount or special abilities.  No sense of becoming awe and powerful as you level because you are undefeatable upon creation.  Noobs fall in love with a game that isn't actually a game anymore... they fall in love with a reflection of what was... and a very shallow reflection at that.  

    I actually didn't join under Recruit a Friend. I've earned my 40 the hard way through questing and PvP. I bought the full game and a game time card for the next 90 days. ;) I am not, as you suggest, warping through it at all. I've done every quest in every location through which I've passed and intend to keep on doing so.

    do understand how much it's changed and there are things which I'm sad have been taken out but I only know that in retrospect, through research and in discussions with Shelassa. 



    Warning long post- People with short attention spans move on now.

    Don't let jaded veterans get you down, everyone who has played over the years can find a reason to complain. WOW was and still is an excellent MMORPG, Blizzard produced a wonderful product. In the end they cannot make all the people happy all of the time but they do make 8 million people happy most of the time and I do not know any other company that can say that.

    I have left the game several times over the years to play one thing or another, I usually come back. I have 4 90's and nearly a fifth but left the game for a bit until the next expansion most likely. Still not everything was roses and happiness with the game, "in the old days."

    Like AQ opening oh yes the "epicness," so yeah there was an event. I was there, it was awesome. They leave out it took forever to hit max level (especially on a pvp server like Shattered Hand where I played at the time,) epic riding was bloody expensive, there were a lot less flight zones so you had to ride for like 30 minutes at times to get somewhere. Which NOW we look back on fondly and say yeah I remember doing that it was nice to see the world; however at the time we complained like mad.

    The point of the above paragraph is to point out game communities are just like real life communities. Young people see Older people and roll their eyes when the Older person says when they were young things costed this or that and they had honest politicians. Yet as we age we all look back fondly on many of the years behind us because time has a funny way of making hindsight or retrospective vision seem more enjoyable. At the time of the events though you probably had many issues with it. Game are very alike in this respect.

    I played UO for years and now could go on about how crappy the game is and how great it was pre Age of Shadows or Pre-Ren when we only had Fel. But at the time I hated getting PK'd, I would get so angry I would throw stuff off my desk and have to walk away. I hated having to abandon ore I mined because reds would come around and it was too dangerous. But now I look back and say, "Yeah but that was part of the fun." At the time, I was not having fun I was elated when Trammel came out because it was a safer zone for crafters.

    In closing, keep playing WOW! Enjoy the game while its there to play and be enjoyed. Do not let jaded veterans complaints about how things were back in their day. Because I assure you, we did not walk to school in ten feet of snow up hill both ways. Things are easier now in WOW sure, thats called progress. Its also a heck of a lot easier to do things in real life than it was even 8 years ago when the game came out.

    In 2005, Google just started its Print Library Project, YouTube had just come out and people still cared about CD releases. So things have changed in the Real World even more than in the game so it is only logical the game would adapt to a changing market. Those same Jaded Veterans were likely in the niche' the game was targeted for 8 years ago but are now 8 years older but the game changes to target the SAME audience it always looked for.




  • edgerocedgeroc Chicago, ILPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    It's been 3 years since I have played WoW but you have to give credit where it is due. The game was a huge part of my life for 4 years just about and for good reason. The dungeons were fantastic, the story was excellent, and the old school WSG/AB/AV pvp battles were epic. In my opinion, and obviously a lot of people agree with me, it is the best MMO of all time.


    The reason I quit? The gear treadmill just got old. My last main character was an enhancement shaman during the WOTLK era and after raiding Lich King for 4-5 months straight and not seeing a certain fist weapon drop not once during that time was just too much for me. A friend of mine raided MC for an entire year and never saw a pair of Necro boots drop just added to the horror in my opinion. There should have been a way to accumulate enough "anything" to be able to get my fist weapons or his boots but it's simply RNG.


    Still, all that heartbreak aside, nothing will ever match when my guild downed Nefarion for the first time with the sun setting in the background. Nothing will top the first time we downed Twin Emps and my ventrilo exploded. It was a big part of my life back then and made some very good friends. It was just time to move on.


    Long live WoW.

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