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Start fresh or try to return?

IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

I know some time ago, I went back to Eve and couldn't remember how to fly my ships.  I took them all and stored them.  I had a Hulk destroyed in the process (which was crippling).  So last I remember, I only had a BS or two and a couple of Frigs.  I also had a limited ship for EW (but I wouldn't know how to BEGIN to use it).


So do I try to snag a 21 day free trial?  Start over?  Maybe go to 0.0 for the first time? 

Or do I return to the character I already have, try to re-figure it out, and get back into mining?  (which was incredibly boring and led to my departure to begin with)

I'm out an MMO until atleast FFXIV and I'm not even sure about that.  I'm wanting a sandbox.  I'm themeparked out at the moment.

What do ya'll think?


  • WargRider2WargRider2 Holbrrok, NYPosts: 12Member Uncommon
     I would suggest doing your research on EVE, specifically your ships, and trying to relearn your account. However, relearning could involve making a new character, or you can revisit the tutorials on your current account. Regardless, lost time is lost IDK, and you probably have a good amount of SP if you can fly a Hulk, so I would vote stick with it ;)
  • tarodintarodin canovellesPosts: 117Member Uncommon
    go to help menu and start again the tutorials... is the best way to learn, or learn again
  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

    Apparently, I'm mistaken about the Hulk... It was a Badge Mk II that I lost.  I'm something like 4.9mil SP.

    I added 60 days from Amazon.  

    In storage are:

    A bunch of Ibis' (I believe these were the nublet ships)


    2 Cormorants

    1 Echelon

    1 Catalyst

    1 Badger Mk II

    Assorted weaponry/mining items from previous mining career :-)

    Going to drop off my Badger with all the rest and see if I can grab one of my Ibis' to go fly the tutorial again.

  • SybnalSybnal nunavit, NWPosts: 261Member

    I just had the same dillema as you.  I wanted to play again and decided that it would be way better to have a little bit of a jump on SP that my old account would give me then starting all over. 

    After logging in, I realized that I had no @#$%ing idea what I was doing at all! (it was like 5 years ago).  My inventory confused the hell out of me (when I found it).  I had hundreds of items and NO IDEA what any of them were, and I didn't have any idea of what skill to start training. Or even what all the crap I had fitted onto my ship was.

    My approach was to park whatever ship I had and start the tutorials at the beginnning,  using the noob ships and only what they gave me.  I'm slowly getting my bearings back but I have tons of reading to do yet.  I never played the game that long the first time.  It's like a new game all over again.

    I found this thread that helped me a lot, skillwise.  It's probably out dated.  But it gave me an idea of where to start again.

    Hopefully I'll catch up with myself soon and be able to fly my old ships without doing something monumentally



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