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Is it late to start the game?

DeshaneDeshane ManchesterPosts: 11Member

I want to start play WoW...

But i guess it's kinda late to start play this game now...

anyone have any opinion for this? thanks! :)


  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon

    Check out this article from this morning:

  • Mtibbs1989Mtibbs1989 Posts: 3,066Member Uncommon
    It depends if you find the game at this point enjoyable. While yes, you've missed a lot of the old content if you're looking to play the game for the first time it might be enjoyable. I'd personally say get a free-trial of the game and test the waters before you make a significant purchase for the game.


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  • anexporanexpor Sacramento, CAPosts: 23Member
    It's not the same game it used to be that's for sure.  It's a very new player friendly game as it stands now.  Hope you enjoy Pokemon and panda bears.
  • KrimzinKrimzin Fort Worth, TXPosts: 630Member Uncommon

    Is it me, or does anyone else feel like there is a marketing company behind all of these recent WoW Posts trying to stir interest?
    It really wouldn't surprise me at all if Blizzard was doing it.

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    It's an Orange thing
  • DeshaneDeshane ManchesterPosts: 11Member
    Originally posted by Jaedor
    Check out this article from this morning:

    ah thanks.. i didn't see that...

    sorry about it :)

  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    You will be fine, honestly if there is any game that can land as new player friendly its WoW. Give 'r' a shot if you want, the game is a good starting platform.

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  • exwinexwin Oak Ridge, TNPosts: 221Member
    It's as good as any game out there and has almost 10 years of content. I'd say it is a great time to try out Wow.
  • Shadowguy64Shadowguy64 Rohnert Park, CAPosts: 848Member

    With the reduced XP required for leveling, you ill be caught up to current content in no time.


    I wish they'd make the XP reduction only kick in when there is a max level character on the account, or at least a toggle option to turn reduced XP on/off. I'd prefer a slower leveling journey on my first play through. But a lot of pople want to get to max level where there friends/guild are as soon as possible.

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