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What one thing can give EQN the greatest chance of success?



  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,241Member Uncommon
  • ArclanArclan Chicago, ILPosts: 1,533Member Uncommon

    Good stuff, thanks. Regarding F2P, of course SOE is on board with that model (sadly). But I would *LOVE* if they had a server which was sub-only with no cash shop. I think the progression servers had no cash shop at launch, so the idea is not unheard of.

    Either way, different server types are a great way to see what players want. Any unsuccessfull servers can always merge.

    Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
    In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit

  • darksaber8570darksaber8570 holland, MIPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    I  would say keep the essence of what made EQ a good mmo for the community but get rid of some of the "shortcuts" of todays mmos that does not help the community.

    Make this hard and dont make it so easy to level so damn fast. Remember in EQ where it actually took 3 months on avg to get to lvl 50.

  • XiaokiXiaoki White Pigeon, MIPosts: 2,793Member Uncommon

    Be good?

    Interesting that no one thought of this. Guess quality isnt a factor for EQ players.

    Doesnt matter what kind of servers it has or how big its sandbox is, if its a terrible game then it will fail.

  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 852Member Uncommon
    It might sound goofy, but it needs to be able to run on a variety of hardware ages. When WoW launched it had low requirements, and practically anyone could run it. This is a must. The hard part will be looking good while doing that.
  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member

    Smed. Cliff. Warner Bros. ending.

    I kid!

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • sirphobossirphobos Posts: 619Member Uncommon
    Even though they never got huge (by WoW standards) subscriber bases, both EQ1 and EQ2 have/had extremely loyal playerbases full of people who played or have been playing their games for several years.  EQN should try to do the same thing, not be a game that appeals to everyone but 90% grow bored with in a few months, instead try to build a solid but dedicated player base that will play the game for several years.  Having a medium sized playerbase that plays for years rather than a huge playerbase that all quite within six months will make them more money in the long run, anyways.
  • Storm_CloudStorm_Cloud MalmoPosts: 393Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Arclan
    IMO, having servers of varying difficulty allows EQN to appeal to the broadest possible player base: 1. Regular servers YES
    2. Difficult servers NO
    3. Hard core servers - sign me up for this one. note, NOT permadeath lol. YES (EQ1 on release difficulty/rules)

    Agreed, to a point... I made my changes above...

    Two servers of different difficulty will be enough. Also of course a PvP server for those wanting that.


  • YukmarcYukmarc Fresno, CAPosts: 128Member Uncommon

    I think whatever it is, SOE should stick to their guns and not try to copy other games to try to improve their product. I loved EQ2 and SWG before they decided to change their product to be more like other, more popular games.

    I would like to see you gain skill by using items, find quests by talking to NPC's and not by a huge marker above their heads and limited to no instancing. I would like to wait at the docks for a ship that only comes once every 15 minutes and have other players yell throughout the zone "SHIPS HERE!" and not ring a dang bell and instantly teleport to wherever I want.

    I would like to see some sort of PvP that resembles a bit more DAoC and WAR than it does WoW or Rift. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good match in Rift, but would love some siege warfare and RvR in the EQ world.

    I would like SOE to continue the great storylines that they've always had.

  • severiusseverius sacramento, CAPosts: 1,512Member Uncommon
    Smedley's retirement and collective amnesia from the gaming community regarding what a worthless lying piece of excrement that individual is?


  • ScambugScambug EUPosts: 571Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by pmiles
    Yeah but what if hardcore = the same exact loot/gear as super duper easy you can do it blind-folded?   Problem is, if they actually threw a real challenge out there, you'd likely quit out of frustration.   For example... intelligent AI dungeons/raids... where the trash mobs and bosses learn from you with each attempt... you try to CC the trash and focus down the boss but fail, the trash are no longer CC'able.  If you think about it... there has never been a hardcore game yet... only 1% should ever succeed at hardcore, the rest should fail miserably endlessly for months on end.  Right now raids/dungeons are 100% predictable... once you know the tricks, they become easy as pie because they never change their scripting.  Which is why they really lack replay value... can't be hardcore if it's totally predictable.

    You're describing a themepark with raiding. I doubt EQN will have much emphasis on PvE raiding and even less on phat lewts. If they stick to their word, all the gear in game will be craftable, not lootable and there shouldn't be much PvE at all, at least not as a main end game focus.

    And to answer the OP. The best way to ensure EQN's success imo is to make it a good 'ole fashioned P2P game with sub and without a cash shop.

    If it's F2P I can tell you straight off the bat I won't go anywhere near it. Sadly, I have a feeling they're going to make it F2P...

  • SirFubarSirFubar SeoulPosts: 397Member
    Not being made by SOE?
  • xxxxxx1xxxxxx1 Austin, TXPosts: 105Member Uncommon
    Freedom to choose whatever you wanted to be...
  • DraedzDraedz United States, VAPosts: 47Member

    EQ was the first MMO I ever played.  It was a great experience, I played for 3 years before trying games like Shadowbane,  EQ2, WoW, Guild Wars 1 and 2, and Neverwinter.


    Aside from general naivety which will never return to any of us, things that would make the next Everquest enjoyable to me;

    Deity selection that makes an impact on your character indefinitely.

    Static mob camp grinds being as efficient as questing.

    Acquisition of player spells and abilities through looting/farming/raid bosses  (rare, tradable spell drops).

    No companions or side kicks or mercenary etc, save those for pet classes!

    No flying mounts, no ground mounds, no flight paths.

    Zones that have more elements than LEVEL 1-11, 2-20.  I miss danger at night and roaming Giants!

    Limited/minimal area of effect player abilities.

    Multiple player abilities(20+), but limited active abilities(6-8).

    Servers that offer different rule sets.

    Unique races and classes (Love enchanters, shamans, bards).

    No meters or game changing mods.


    I could probably list forever but I think I've covered most of my favorite things that are missing or present in  the games I play.   I do not really mind much about the payment system.  Although I would prefer a subscription,  I understand that live content in the form of players is the benefit of F2P models.  The ultimate factor that has always decided whether or not I continue to play a game is "am I having fun?"  The most deterring factor in MMO's for me is linear progression, the best and most recent example is Neverwinter.  That game literally has a sparkling path for you to follow.  I don't want my hand held, be told where to go/ what to do for experience gain, I just want a little sense of adventure and curiosity.

    I would like to see EQ Next allow me to progress and expand in uniqueness in ways other than character items, the simplest that comes to mind are spells and abilities.  If I am a Wizard, why does my favorite spell remain the same throughout time?  It would be exciting  to play a game where in addition to finding new gear, I could find a way to improve my  Fireball (as example) so that it knocks an enemy down, or is dragon fire that penetrates armor,  or is massive in size and deals more damage, etc.   Most games have talent trees that accomplish something similar to this but talent points are given, not found, and not for trade.  Talent trees are flawed because you have to play a certain way based on your talent points and lose opportunity to be unique as "specs" arise.  Whereas a system like this, you can focus on improving the spells you like, via trade or luck, and becoming a custom Dragon Fireball Wizard while your friend is a Massive Fireball Wizard.  (along with having other active abilities that are changeable in a similar way)

    Sometimes its the small things that make you enjoy the game, like the waddling of halflings running by you at full speed, or the clumsy yet strangely friendly looking Ogres;

    EQ1 Nostalgia video (20 minute recap of EQ1);


    Looking forward to August and the reveal of Everquest Next!

    TL;DR :  Give me blind adventure and ways to be unique other than gear.

  • nephren25nephren25 Milford, DePosts: 143Member Uncommon

    it must be fun thats all that matters imo

  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,199Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Drakynn
    From what I've read on these forums it's already done what it needs to do to succeed...The word Sandbox was used,it's greatness and success is thus guaranteed.

    LOL! this has my vote as awesome post of the day! :)

  • MaquiameMaquiame Posts: 1,054Member Uncommon
    For SOE to be telling the truth


    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • kjempffkjempff AarhusPosts: 1,197Member Uncommon

    Best chance of success = look at EQ and take the best parts from that, then mix in new ideas and modern features.

    Many and different roles like EQ had, or rather play styles. Kiting, fearing, charming, rooting, slowing, buffing, tanking, pet fighting, we need all of these back in games and preferably many more play styles.

    You are in our world now; a real world, not some overdesigned quest hubber.

    Focus on PvE and get that huge audience who hadn't had a good mmorpg for years, still sticking to WoW in lack of better options.

    Select an audience and stick to it, avoid lowest common denominator trap - You can't make a good game for everyone.

    Be really careful about shop solution, have a strong manifesto about it and stick to it.

    Fight cheaters and exploiters from day one and never ever stop.

    Be what all the others aren't.

    AA or equivelant system, give me a reason to go on other than gear hoarding.

    Factions, consequence, difficulty, reasons, lore, social enhancing features.

  • RictisRictis UnknownPosts: 1,299Member Uncommon

    1) Keep the classes unique in their play styles

    2) Make it a requirement that players must reach out to other player classes for buffs, for example spirt of wolf

    3) keep buff durations equal to the level of the caster, so if your level 10 your buff should only last about 25 minutes etc

    4) Make the content challenging that the game hints towards grouping

    5) Make it so groups get enhanced experience gain and other benefits like stat increase or group rewards. For example if you do a quest in a group even a normal one you should get a better version of the same quest reward.

    6) Keep mounts out of the game, and instead focus on class spells for quicker movement, see 2)

    7) Keep AA's in the game, that is still the best end game

    8) Make the world feel alive, the current EQ does a good job of feeling like a living breathing world


    Anything up top is worth while, however if they just re-skinned EQ and added some additional sandbox features, it would be a hit.

  • RictisRictis UnknownPosts: 1,299Member Uncommon
    Oh yeah, and I dont want to see 2 expansions per year.
  • exwinexwin Oak Ridge, TNPosts: 221Member

    Personally, I'd like to see EQ1 remade with:

    1) current graphics (not top end, but good),

    2)a revamped EQ1 interface(not anything that looks like EQ2, who ever made that, keep them off the team),

    3)in an EQ1 style huge, VERY little fast travel (if any) seamless, non instanced world.

    4)I miss the non bound items from EQ1, you get something better, save it for an alt, give to a friend, or sell at auction.

    5)Questing should be non invasive like in EQ1. No darn (!) and (?) everywhere. If you want to do a quest, talk to and respond to an NPC.

    6)Crafting in EQ1 was a nightmare, but it was satisfying.

    7)I liked having to go all over the world to buy spells. It was like a scavenger hunt every couple of levels.

    8)Porting classes, I missed porting for cash on my Druid.

    9)Buffing classes, KEI anyone?

    10)Crowd Control, no one in their right mind would go anywhere without a chanter, or at least a rooting class, and a puller with FD.


    12) Meaningful death penalty. This is one thing that original EQ was to painful, but most modern mmos, you die, who cares, somewhere in the middle.

    13) Gotta have the EQ music.

    Not an all inclusive list, but these are my hopes for EQ Next. The one thing EQ Next needs to do is kind of simple, be like EQ1.

  • bingbongbrosbingbongbros Vista, CAPosts: 688Member Uncommon

    The one thing EQN needs that SOE completely forgot in EQ2 was the little things that made EQ1 magical.

    So for me that one thing would be the EQ1 "magic".

    For example:

    -Night time actually meant NIGHT TIME!!!! complete darkness without night vision or a light source.

    -Alcohol tolerance skill, drink and drink and drink until your screen turns into a blurry mess and you are unable to actually say what you type.

    -Certain zones being affected by the time of day (Kithicor Forest)

    -Ship travel, need to get to the other side of the world?! Better hop on a ship, don't forget your fishing pole and some mead!

    -Languages, took time to learn all the languages but was fun when you were a master.  Could curse out people in Elder Dragon because they would have no clue in hell what you were saying.

    -There was no god damn auction house, people all came together in one location to sell their wares.  Great for community building, role play, and thieves.

    -Multiple starting locations all over the world, each race had its own unique path.

    -NO QUEST HUBS!!!!!


    I could go on for days....



    Edit::  I was playing SWTOR as I wrote this and remembering all of the great times I had in EQ1 and the type of game it "was" made me remember how pathetic and shallow SWTOR is.... :(

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  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Agree about nighttime.

    Don't agree on the trade system. Now don't get me wrong, wouldn't want a wow style global auction house either. Best system would be an eve style system of local auction houses, that way you could make money by transporting goods / trading.
  • bingbongbrosbingbongbros Vista, CAPosts: 688Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    Agree about nighttime.

    Don't agree on the trade system. Now don't get me wrong, wouldn't want a wow style global auction house either. Best system would be an eve style system of local auction houses, that way you could make money by transporting goods / trading.


    That trade system is what Vanguard was originally supposed to have... didn't work out so well lol.  Would be cool if it worked properly but I'd still prefer to go to the "spot" and see all the races selling stuff.  Then watching the opposite faction races getting butchered by a guard when it gets pulled lol.

    Playing: Smite, Marvel Heroes
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  • ArclanArclan Chicago, ILPosts: 1,533Member Uncommon

    Damn good points/posts. Let me, too, emphasize the importance of pitch-black night.

    Regarding conveniences added over time, they came at the cost of community. Auction Houses, fast travel, easier crafting, and quest hubs diminished in-game interactions as well as out-of-game interaction (player made web-sites/forums).

    Regarding selling wares, I prefer the EC tunnel first, and the EQ style bazaar second (where you see the character selling). I loathed the single npc broker that Vanguard had. If EQN is sandboxy enough, and bulk items are a factor (food, water, wood, stone, etc), then I would love an Eve style trading system in place for those bulk goods only. Would love to see "food caravan heading to freeport, guards needed," shouted.

    Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
    In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit

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