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Marvel Zeroes

colossus972colossus972 Geneseo, ILPosts: 9Member Uncommon
Gazillion is off to a terrible start. Early access is down again. God help us when the they go live.


  • IspindIspind KøbenhavnPosts: 3Member
    How is the game? Is it worth buying?
  • jacktorsjacktors Port St Lucie, FLPosts: 180Member Uncommon

    I played it in Beta, and I liked it. I like how you can find other heroes out there as rare drops.  

    But, I just purchased a Colussus Package, and for some reason, I cannot download the client. I clicked on the DL button, a popup box comes up to Run, and then nothing happens. I have no idea what is happening.. It has been about 2 hours of trying on and off. 

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