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No World PvP? No Thanks...



  • BraindomeBraindome Posts: 953Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dauzqul
    So ESO stated that their PvP will be [mod edit]., dedicated PvP area.   I'm done with the sass. No thanks.   This game seems to be more like a medieval SWTOR, anyways.


    Come play Age of Conan, it's one of the most "WoW like" games with world pvp that actually ties in with the environment, unlike so many pvp pre-determined games these days and at least it isn't overly frustrating like say Darkfall, it is just pure vanilla fun. Plus the fatalities are cool. :D

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    I like owpvp very much too


    like eve. I just don't like it where its a token flip a switch, e.g. wow, I much prefer that style of game to have some sort of territory control pvp area, because YOU GET MORE PVP as people have a reason to do it and they all go the same place to do it.
  • TiconzTiconz Chantilly, VAPosts: 120Member Uncommon

    <insert comment about how opvp doesn't work cuz people are so bad at games, all they do is get griefed instead of banding together to stop those pvpers like any sane, talented pvper would do here>


  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,199Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Iselin
    Originally posted by baphamet   Originally posted by Horusra Glad the OWPvP'ers will be somewhere else.
      i like OWpvp very much and will be playing this game at launch. from the sounds of it, cyrodiil sounds like its going to be just like the other pve areas (in size and in content) just with pve enabled and added pvp content. maybe i am wrong but i am hoping that cryodiil will feel like OWpvp because people will be doing pve content and the danger of ganking will be there. if anyone is upset that they can't gank a lowbie, they are probably just bad at pvp anyways.
    DAoC had some PvE quests (not many but some) in the frontiers and there were also a few good grinding areas for those pesky last couple of levels.

    I remember many times being there with just a couple of friends playing cat and mouse with raids of 20 or more on their way to take a keep...great fun running, hiding and occasionally picking off a few stragglers here and there.

    Venturing into Cyrodiil to PvE with just a couple of friends will be similar. Except, from what I understand, there will be many more PvE reasons to go there than DAoC ever had. The fact that everyone is bolstered to 50 in Cyrodiil is just gravy that gives similar sized groups a fighting chance. It's open world done right IMHO.

    yeah i know they have mentioned it will have all the towns oblivion had full of pve quests just like the other pve faction areas, with caves and dungeons as well.

    if there is that much pve on top of the pvp content you can also do there, i can totally see it feeling like an open world pvp game, especially if is a huge area, that is the key really.

    i can see myself spending a lot of time in cyrodiil if its like that.

  • duuude007duuude007 MERIDIAN, IDPosts: 112Member

    I have no plan of playing ESO, as I am already committed to another mmo.


    That  said, saying that avoiding sandbox-style world pvp is a bad thing... is naive to a fault.

    Instanced PVP can be done and done well, both small and large scale, without including the PK concept.


  • TheJodaTheJoda Nerak, awaiting a good MMOPosts: 567Member Uncommon

    Where do they say no OPEN PVP?


    ....Being Banned from MMORPG's forums since 2010, for Trolling the Trolls!!!

  • ZelonZelon brailaPosts: 7Member

    PvP zone is cyrodiil

    Why do you want a World PvP !?<span alt-edited"="">If you  lv  is low  is annoying to be killed by  those with lv 50.

  • EhliyaEhliya Washington, DCPosts: 204Member Uncommon

    I agree with the comments that ESO made the right choice here.  "Open World" PVP has been tried many times - check out Age of Conan.

    The "PVP" in such full loot open world PVP games - if you can call it that - includes such wonderful fun as:

    - level 80's attacking level 10's

    - people attacking others when they are helplessly engaged in reading NPC quest giver dialogue

     - people  attacking others when they are helplessly engaged in crafting

    - people attacking others when they have MOBS on them

    - people griefing any attempt to organize in-game events, especially RP events

    - vile and hostile hate tells and profanity-laced domination of chat channels by 11 year olds

    Occasionally, almost by pure chance, you will see people fighting others who actually have a chance to fight back.  But mainly, the idea is to cause as much misery at as little risk to oneself as possible.

    And no, open world PVPers aren't any "tougher" than you or I.  If they wanted a real challenge, they would be fine with what ESO is offering.  But they want to gank and grief - I wish they would at least be honest about it.


    In theory I could support open world, full loot, PVP.  But I have seen how it attracts the bottom feeders of the Internet.  Been there, done end up with empty servers as everyone else but the bottom feeders leaves for other games.


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    I just think it's ironic that the two biggest complaints about the game are that

    (a) It's not enough like the single player game


    (b) It's too much like the single player game

    I think that goes a long way towards explaining why MMOs shoot for the mainstream, rather than the MMO aficionados.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • silent-jonessilent-jones FarbeyondPosts: 28Member

    PVP in from the actual game seperated areas? So no freedom and suprises and living and breathing world at all? No way of  a social system growing naturally by itself?

    Unfortunately the game is a dead born child.

    What a bummer.

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    I guess people don't do their research.  It's going to have a designated PvP zone, but it's not like Warsong Gulch or some small battleground.  It'll be more like DAoC, with a huge open area to go kill people.  From what I read, there won't be any queue or anything like that.  It's going to be like DAoC, you jump in, go cut people's heads off all day :)


    Just because you can go to the noob town and slaughter 50 level 1 noobs a minute shouldn't make a difference...that's not pvp anyways, that's griefing.

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,626Member Epic
    Originally posted by silent-jones
    PVP in from the actual game seperated areas? So no freedom and suprises and living and breathing world at all? No way of  a social system growing naturally by itself? Unfortunately the game is a dead born child. What a bummer.

    1, it's a themepark so "not living/breathing world" therefore you can't judge it on what it's not.

    2, Why not freedom and surprises? You have a huge area that might as well be considered its own server where you have people not only doing pvp but pve quests? There are separate towns there.

    3, Since it's practically its own world you will be getting a social system growing around the towns and pve/pvp areas.


    You could essentially think of the pve areas as their own separate servers.

    So I don't see the issue. Heck from level 10 you can enter Cyrodiil and never leave. Just seems like gamer hysterics to me.

  • Mackaveli44Mackaveli44 Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 281Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ezduzit
    I have to agree. PVP zones or arena have no place in a future MMO. It's part of the same old crap that is proven ineffective to the pvp community.  

    Please tell me your kidding? "Ineffective", are you joking? If done correctly ala DAoC, itll be amazing.  DAoC was one of, if not the most successful pvp game ever created and a lot of ppl will agree that it did it well. And, it wasnt even 100% PvP.  It had its mix of PvE just how ESO will have.  Fighting over stuff against other realms is 100x better than griefing players in low zones an what not.  Now I agree on arenas, they are pointless other then beefing up your own ego.  However when it comes to a zone where theres multiple sides fighting over keeps/other things that effect your side, then yes its worthwhile and very much needed because if you look at the track record of every mmo that has come out since EQ/WoW has tried to integrate pvp in the world that has zero effect on the world/side and even more so once arenas have entered the picture, it has not done so well at all.  I think ppl are wanting a mix of both PvE and PvP and no game has done it successfully since DAoC.  Ppl may disagree and thats fine but take a long hard look at all the games since those that I mentioned. 

    Now PvPing and having zero effect on the world/side your fighting for/surroundings, than yes, its "Ineffective and pointless.  But seeing as how some devs on this team are from the DAoC era, I have a strong feeling that they will do it right and I know for a fact that many many many people are dying for something in the same spectrum.

  • DocBrodyDocBrody EldridgePosts: 1,926Member Uncommon

    So, another controlled environment themepark MMO.

    huh, guess I'll check it when it goes f2p

  • Swids2010Swids2010 plymouthPosts: 244Member
    If you want a feel or look to something similar to this games pvp try guildwars2 wvwvw it is very close to what your gonna get

  • davc123davc123 sloPosts: 401Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dauzqul
    So ESO stated that their PvP will be [mod edit]., dedicated PvP area.   I'm done with the sass. No thanks.   This game seems to be more like a medieval SWTOR, anyways.

    +1 i dont like pvp arena line NW -.- open world ftw

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