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[Preview] Dragon's Prophet: First Impressions of Open Beta



  • AsalzSyAsalzSy ChitungwizaPosts: 227Member Uncommon
    any1 found how the macro system works? i tried /cast dat skill but nothing happen..also the macro skill cast and the follow up skills or only the main? image
  • VlackeVlacke BelgradePosts: 155Member Uncommon
    The game needs work, it's obvious, however i must say that the whole system involving dragons is very, very good indeed.
  • DeeterDeeter SO. SF, CAPosts: 135Member


    It's a surprisingly amusing game despite how utterly generic and half assed the questing is

    It's like RaiderZ and TERA except less boring than either, with a little bit of Aion

  • 43%burnt43%burnt StuttgartPosts: 162Member Uncommon there anything to this game ? It looks, plays and feels like a marginally changed Runes of magic.

    And: is this really a "beta" ? The tutorial starts out with a nonworking hotkey for the dragon summon and hilarious mismatched  voice acting and subtitles. After the tutorial you have leftover skills in your bar that you can't use since you haven't learned them. "Combos" that just consist of you hitting the right mouse button after a random string of lefts. And get interrupted at random. And don't seem to do anything special. Run of the mill fedex and kill 5 bugs quests....

    It has been a long time since when I was bored that quickly after starting a new game. Even with the scythe wielding oracle class that read like it would be something pretty similar to the DaoC Valewalker ...


  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,428Member Uncommon
    Nice read. I'm enjoying the game so far as well.
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  • Slappy1Slappy1 columbus, OHPosts: 458Member

    I like the game and the use of dragon's.The game to me feel's unpolished and incomplete.Not saying it's horrible though.

    If they tweak some thing's like the housing/cost of housing,maybe simplify what you need to train dragon's and ease up on some of the SC prices.I think they can do pretty good with this title and have a very loyal following.

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  • XandramasXandramas Scottsdale, AZPosts: 73Member
    Dragons are only interesting if they are epic and incredibly powerful. Not to be taken down by a level 9 character. Who gives a shit about a "Dragon" that is no more powerful than a cow. This is just a mockery of dragons.
  • LustmordLustmord Mt. Gilead, OHPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon

    The only turn off for me on this game is the lack of pvp.

    I really like the idea of dragon taming virtual pet type stuff though.

  • cyriciancyrician perthPosts: 163Member Uncommon

    Brilliant game sure it needs some work and a few additions but .... You get to fight and catch dragons !!!!!!!! I just got my first glider I am looking for a full flyer now . They also have places to go where only flyers can get to.


    The cash store isn't to greedy and with my eq 2 sub I can get 500sc a month to spend in it .Cause me eq2toon doesn't need them. 


    69 charisma gets you 9 min of dragon summon time. Witch is achievable at level 12. 


    Needs some work and a little more polish but I love it.



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  • IkifalesIkifales tucson, AZPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    I really really wanted to like this game but the art style of the game is mediocre rehash, the story is cheesy and the text dialog almost unbearable. But that's just my opinion. It was not the worst experience at all, but not  fun enough to get excited over either. My only hope for SOE is EQN.
  • WebferretWebferret AdelaidePosts: 83Member Uncommon

    I feel William Murphy was thrown some behind the scenes what not here, You praise it quite highly for the issues it has.

    • Though the cash shop is needed to be half decent, as you require the bank, inventory space, and extra dragon slots regardless to be half competitive in DP.
    • You mention that the cash shop is decently priced, You sure must not of been reading there forums, due to many posting how over priced it sure is on the basic stuff. There is a good post showing the outlay to open your dragon slots, bag and bank slots on the forums unless its been deleted by the mods ( quite possible since there was some hate coming in fast)
    • Link:
    • Combat is clunky, and as some others have said the left and right mouse button is off putting, and feels odd for an MMO.
    • GFX are rather behind the times as well, yes its free to play and games usually suffer. But its not overly eye candy now is it, as in combat the GFX are clunky and chunky
    • Character customization, Is there some ?? 1 race and some adjustments to eyes, ears etc. Personally every player I have seen as same class looks like the bobsie twins.
    • Housing (if its your thing) mega expensive with crazy upkeep as well. - Bring your wallet if your into playing doll houses.

    I do hope they listen and move the game in the right direction. It has promise to be really good instead of average, its just up to the dev team to listen and actually work with the players instead being like most MMO's and doing what the "Suits" feel is right.

    F2P have there place in the world, but personally if I need to shell out the cash needed to have what your really do need in DP, I prefer to play a Sub MMO and get what I want right off the bat with higher chance of updates/support.

    This is just some quick observations from your write up and my in game time ( Spent quite a lot of time trying to let this show me its promise, but its not there yet.

     I'll check it again in a month or two and see.





  • thecapitainethecapitaine West Chester, PAPosts: 408Member Uncommon

    The way they treated their founders w/the sale on Founder's Packs caused me to drop my SOE All-Access sub.  Refusing to compensate early adopters under the guise that they paid for a couple extra weeks of closed beta just rubbed me the wrong way; especially when their EU counterparts realized their mistake and are making up to customers for it.


    The game itself, though, has a nice mix of customization all around from which dragons to tame, what attributes to look for in gear, etc.  For a game that does questing by-the-book, it does have some tantalizing future ideas like robust housing, territorial control, and large-scale raids.  I just can't help but echo an earlier poster, though, when asking how well this game will be able to stack up against other titles on the market.  Especially with so much of the game feeling unpolished and unfinished still.

  • liangzailiangzai singaporePosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sanador
    So far I am liking it.  The only problem I have is the dragon capture mini-game.  I was level 7 trying to get a level 9 dragon so I don't know if that made it harder.  But man I had no luck capturing at all.  Any tips?

    having higher charisma helps. some said bringing the health of the dragon down before capturing helps but feels the same to me.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by cyrician
    Brilliant game sure it needs some work and a few additions but .... You get to fight and catch dragons !!!!!!!! I just got my first glider I am looking for a full flyer now . They also have places to go where only flyers can get to.

    I noticed that, too. Lots of perches and shortcuts here and there. :)

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
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  • kalen41kalen41 independence, MOPosts: 15Member

    Definitely like the character customization, but that's where it stops. You would have thought they would have learned from Neverwinter Onlines issue with people revolting about class customization. You level, boom you get a skill no customization nothing. People hated that in Neverwinter so bad founders were jumping ship left and right. IT SUCKS !

     Second - whether this is open beta or soft launch they should have waited. I can't even get to level 10 before the cookie cutter quests starts showing the condition's for quest completion as "SYS000XXX". They should have had all that fixed BEFORE soft launch.

  • DubricusDubricus miami, FLPosts: 5Member

    The moment u get a helmet, u just lose any customization to ur character. Graphics feel old, like they really could have a better engine in 2013. The combo system is nice at the begining, but when u spend so many levels just hitting the same buttons everytime u need to kill something it gets boring. Dragons are nice, but the main reason u need then is for gathering material and dragon soul skills. If u want to have a good leveling experience try ur hardest to get a healing dragon soul skill, the healing well is quiet OP (at least it was on close beta).

    Need to play more to see if they fixed the annoying perma knockdown when fighting multiple mobs that u suffer on close beta.


  • MMOPapaMMOPapa Strasburg, VAPosts: 121Member
    For me, it got boring really quickly; being given all of my CHARACTER's skills by an early level; only Masteries and Dragon skills to look forward to while leveling. 


  • romelloromello Calgary, ABPosts: 34Member
    Originally posted by darkhearts
    I found the game boring and graphics didn't help lol....  Just not my cup of tea :/

    same...only having 2 slots to cap dragons made it even worse...heck take a look at this thread


    wow bad game with even worse cash shop, even ppl make thread that they cant find players ingame I WONDER WHY ?

    hallo ~_~

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    I didn't have the heart to tell Bill that he was trying to tame a normal dragon and is just really bad.

    rofl poor Bill

  • PluppetsPluppets Black FlagPosts: 45Member

    This game deserves more credit than it is receiving from commenters...

    IMO, this game is fun.  Sure, it's a theme park, but you can pick stats, talents, and that of your dragon, too.  In the end, it's much more customizable in terms of builds than your average theme park.  :3  I don't know why, but I love it.



    FWIW, i think open beta's are a bad idea-- because the MMO community is snarky, rotten, and lacks the maturity necessary to understand the implications of that word.


    Not to mention the people that play ~10 hours a day.  They have their own problems.

  • KuldebarKuldebar Tacoma, WAPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    Anyone get anti-aliasing to work in the game? Lotsa jaggies.

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  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,626Member Epic
    Originally posted by Xandramas
    Dragons are only interesting if they are epic and incredibly powerful. Not to be taken down by a level 9 character. Who gives a shit about a "Dragon" that is no more powerful than a cow. This is just a mockery of dragons.

    or, you can shift your paradigm, and realize that dragons in this world are common and are essentially lizards with varying powers.


  • angerbeaverangerbeaver Posts: 983Member Uncommon

    I played this for a day and got to lvl12. It doesn't strike me as anything too different from other games out there but it is free and you can't really go wrong there.

    It's okay but I'm on baited breath for another game and this didn't quell that for me unfortunately. Not a bad game though.

  • space-scumspace-scum Cape TownPosts: 5Member Common

    I am having huge difficulties downloading it. On day three and I have 2 gig only.

    it downloads a in ile at a trickle of 9kb/sec then at about 80% of that file it fails and I retry, then it downloads he same file again at around 100kb/sec, completes it and moves to the next file, repeating the process once again at 9kb/sec etc etc.

    Most frustrating.

  • cyriciancyrician perthPosts: 163Member Uncommon
    Briilliant game after you have all the dragon slots open and go collecting dragons. 

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