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Realms in Discord [Episode 2: WildStar Dev Interview] Tonight at 8:30PM Eastern

XirrinXirrin Niles, ILMember Posts: 22

Realms in Discord [Episode 2: WildStar Dev Interview]

Tonight at 8:30PM Eastern

WildStar is a game that many people, including the folks at The Opposition have been following. We're thrilled to announce that tonight we will have a live interview with three of the developers of this interesting new game that is in development. Please join us in our PvP-centered conversation with Chris Lynch (Lead Combat Systems Designer), Jen Gordy (Senior Systems Designer), and Hugh Shelton (Lead Class Designer) as we talk player-based combat in the exciting upcoming release from Carbine.

Live broadcast can be viewed here: Watch live video from oppositionpodcast on

The recorded video broadcast will be available here:

More content and additional methods of contact available on our website as well:



  • StuddleyStuddley Scottville, MIMember Posts: 37
    Really good info. The turning off the telegraph display in PVP, the being able to level the game in battle-grounds & the CC states that you actively recover from all sound outstanding.
  • JacobinJacobin Toronto, ONMember Posts: 805 Uncommon
    Really great show with a lot of very intelligent questions and great info I haven`t heard before.
  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Member Posts: 997 Uncommon

    So, a player = 1 Bob and the average mob = .6-.8 Bob.  Mobs in the game go all the way up to 40 Bob for the raids, but that's the current max.  If it's a multiple spawn mob meant to be fought at the same time by a single player, each mob if for example it's 3 of them, are .20 Bob or similar so that they all together make a .6 Bob.



    So...gameplay = Bob. 


    Nice video.  Love the PvP chat.

  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILMember Posts: 2,668 Rare
    Thanks for the video :)
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