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Rip-off graphics from 2003



  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Maplewood, NJPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon
    I like these graphics.  It's cartoonish, semi-kiddy-retro-futuristic (think Ratchet and Clank or Earthworm Jim), and most importantly, expressive and instantly gives everyone a recognizable personalities.  Its like someone designed the worlds greatest sci-fi cartoon and turned it into a video game.  There is nothing I hate about the graphics or the art design; of course its not for everyone (the OP is evidence of that), but to me, I can't bring myself to hate it.

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • gameguy369gameguy369 Kansas City, KSPosts: 452Member Uncommon

    This is an insane topic. You can say that this art style is not your taste, but to say WoW/WildStar has some of the worst graphics ever? LOL. I actually credit WoW's art style for it's ability to hang on this long.

  • Lethal920Lethal920 Fultonville, NYPosts: 112Member
    I always enjoyed WoW's graphics, and I'm sure I'll enjoy Wildstar's.

  • nerovipus32nerovipus32 dublinPosts: 2,735Member
    Wildstar hype has gone into over drive.
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,889Member Uncommon

    Wildstar proved once again to me that I care nothing about graphics, they are fine to me. 

    The gameplay is very important, and thats what I look for.

    They said before and its a good point, if you go realistic graphics your game is going to look outdated in a year when better cards and engines come along.  With the cartoon style the graphics can get slight upgrades, sharper colors, but its not that big of a deal.

    Play the game, without looking at the cartoony stuff (which actually fits the gameplay with some of the quests especially) and then form an opinion


  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Maplewood, NJPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by nerovipus32
    Wildstar hype has gone into over drive.

    Hmm, sounds familiar.  I could have sworn that the same happened to numerous other MMOs.  I know one was made by a particularly famous dev company owned by EA based on a longstanding IP, and another game by another equally famous dev company, this time owned by NCSoft, and this one a sequel to their other MMO, but right now the names escape me...

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,384Member Rare

    the OP is confusing art style with graphic quality. Look at WoW vanilla, then look at Pandaria. The same art style but pandaria has more quality.  This is what happens with Wildstar, it has wow-esque artstyle but the graphics have more quality (crisper colors, etc).

    All these cartoony mmos have more longevity than realistic mmos like TSW because they can easily update the graphics and make huge improvements (speaking only about visuals, not actual fun or boring gameplay that impacts longevity too). With realistic art style on the other hand,  graphics will always look dated from a few years back.


    Whether i play Wildstar or not, their cartoony graphics are very good and i want more mmos with cartoony graphics and less realistic graphics. Of course there are a ton of ways to make cartoony mmos with totally different art styles like Blade and Soul, Tera, Wildstar, NW, Ragnarok 2. All of them look different, all are cartoony (yes anime is cartoony too), and all look great.


  • Instigator-JonesInstigator-Jones Posts: 530Member Uncommon
    Well OP, it would appear that so far the majority of posts feel that your idea of graphics quality (corrected to mean 'graphics style') simply does not meet the standards of what modern MMO players want. I have to agree, Wildstar is taking on a definitive style that will be recognizable and separate from other offerings. I think the move is brilliant and as long as gameplay meets muster, I think you'll see this title for quite some time.
  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko JohannesburgPosts: 6,183Member Epic

    I love Skyrim's graphics.


    I also love Wildstar's graphics.


    Both those games have graphics that suit them very well, and perfectly complement what the game is trying to achieve.


    If you're a deadly serious person with no sense of humour, you may not enjoy Wildstar.

    If you're one of those people who has a terminal case of "grown-up", then Wildstar's cartoon style might not appeal to you because it's too "childish". In which case you most probably hate The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama or any of Pixar's movies.


    If you don't already like the Wildstar cartoony graphics, get over yourself and learn to have fun ! image

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    I like the stylized look. It seems to fit well with the atmosphere of the game.

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,435Member Uncommon
    Too bad graphics isnt all about an mmo. Besides its not bad. Though I wouldnt say awesome. I'll be playing Wildstar when release or when I can get into beta!!! Then i would decide. Have you played Rift? damn that game taxes my system, when it shouldnt be. I blame bad coding. Not hardcore graphics.

    "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice." - Raven
  • DrakynnDrakynn The Pas, MBPosts: 2,030Member

    Graphics are more than just the art style.The art style seems fine to me and I like the humor that it seems to invoke but form gameplay videos the animations seem smooth and fluid and have a nice flow between them which is very important to me.

    Performance is also an issue in MMORPGs and I for one will sacrfice some polygons for smooth gameplay when my screen is full of NPCs and players.A cartoonish art style allows for lower polygon counts whilst still looking pleasing to the eye something a game trying for realism can't do.

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,640Member Epic
    Originally posted by Arcticnoon
    Am I the only one who realizes that WoW has one of the worst graphics engine and art design of any half popular mmo out? We give WoW a break because, hell their engine is going on 10 years old, but then I look at a game like FFXI that is even older and was created for PS2! Look at water in one and then the water in the other and you tell me what you see. And then there's Wildstar..... Same crappy graphics and art design. Makes sense they both originated from the great house of Blizzard. If I wanted to play a saturday morning cartoon I would play Ragnarok 2, who's art design is truly art. I think games like Wildstar give us such crappy art because they know it doesnt  tax their engine like the graphics of Archage or FFXIV. And my lord have you seen Black Desert?! Square Enix knew that their 5 star graphics of FFXIV were too hard on their engine, especially with hundreds of potential player in one area. So they toned them down, got a new engine and guess what? They still are one of the very best looking games out there. I have actual game play footage as my screen saver cause they look so damn clean. And their art design is second to none. If you dont spend major time and money on your art and graphics then it leaves more time and resources for other things. But It doesnt matter if you are soloing, team play, questing, pvping, raiding, crafting or farming. Youre always looking at the graphics and art design. It seems only asian developers realize this. If I'm going to spend the next 5 years looking at a game shouldnt I enjoy what I'm looking at every moment and have wonder? I mean after every expansion of WoW and monthly fees Ive given them north of 600 bucks. For crappy graphics. No thanks Wildstar.

    Other than this being your opinion, there is a lot wrong with your post.

    So "A", this is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Some will not agree of course.

    B, you are assuming that all art design is trying to accomplish the same thing. One aesthetic might be highly stylized and another might be trying for realism. Other than you liking one or another they are a bit like apples and oranges.

    C, having "realistic water" in a game where everything is very stylized would be considered "bad art design" you want everything in your game looking like it came from the same game.

    D, Asian developers have their own faux pas

    E, Just because a game is newer doesn't mean they should adopt a realistic art design. It does mean that they should try to make whatever design they use be pleasing to those who might like it as well as make the art design/graphics not stand out in a way that detracts from the gaming experience.

    In general I agree with you in that Wild Star's or WoW's art design is not to my taste. But that isn't what makes it good or bad.


  • FlawSGIFlawSGI Woodstock, GAPosts: 1,379Member Uncommon

     I hated WoW's art style and graphics on site, yet I played it longer than any other MMO I have tried to get involved in and after a while of playing I barely noticed how awful it was until I quit and saw it again later. Even though I think the art is god aweful, it grew on me and didn't detract from the game once I got invested.


    I hated Borderlands art style and graphics so I passed on it until a friend talked me into some Co-op action and now Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite games to play and I have grown to really appreciate the aesthetics. I also absolutely love the amount of humor mixed with a dark undertone that the story takes on.


    Now we are discussing Wildstar and well, I don't actually have a problem with the game looking like something out of a Pixar film. I have seen some games that looked cheaply made and graphically disgusting and this title doesn't feel that way to me on site. If the gameplay is fun engrossing, I am positive I will adapt to anything that displeases me aesthetically. 

    RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and Paul Gray.

  • EsuarfeeeeEsuarfeeee cityofangelsPosts: 85Member Uncommon
    stopped reading after seeing the part where he says  ro2 art is truly art. lmfao nice try there.

  • ThreshThresh Waterloo, ONPosts: 52Member
    It's a mmorpg. If your main concern is graphics there's COD and ton of 'realistic' Korean MMORPGs. Graphics are average in this one but who really cares unless it's downright hideous. It's not. It's average but it's not too hard on eyes. It might be 'bleh; at worst. It's all about features/gameplay. Bring on the features we desire then it's up for discussion. If that's not your thing there's always Crysis waiting for you.
  • SaxonbladeSaxonblade PHILADELPHIA, PAPosts: 275Member

    Who cares actually, AoC looked great how did that turn out for the masses that could not run it.



  • WhitebeardsWhitebeards TokyoPosts: 778Member
    Originally posted by reef22
    I'm not into cartoonic type of games and that's why I never could get into WOW... By watching Wildstar videos, they seems to be very humorous and not serious which actually is fun and matches their art style.  To me, even though their graphics are cartoonic but more of a Torchlight look than WOW, just my personal feel.

    And WOW is serious? it is full of humor.

    Thing is people just love to hate on WOW and its art style and graphics was just an excuse since same people have no problem playing Wildstar.

  • BoudewijnsBoudewijns AntwerpPosts: 162Member Uncommon
    raly dont understand why some people trying to get attention like this, if u dont like it fine and stop trolling the forum bout it

  • ZedTheRockZedTheRock Florence, KYPosts: 172Member
    I want to play this game, I really do but I am about 90% positive I will not because of the cartooney graphics.  They say they are going for stylized but they could of gone something different then cartooney.  Hell at this point i would of taken cell-shadded or Painterly (gw2).


  • ZedTheRockZedTheRock Florence, KYPosts: 172Member
    Originally posted by Saxonblade
    Who cares actually, AoC looked great how did that turn out for the masses that could not run it. /thread

    Now imagine how awesome Wildstar would be with AoC's graphic art style.




  • Punk999Punk999 Baytown, TXPosts: 882Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ZedTheRock
    Originally posted by Saxonblade
    Who cares actually, AoC looked great how did that turn out for the masses that could not run it. /thread

    Now imagine how awesome Wildstar would be with AoC's graphic art style.



    Wildstars current art style fits it way more.

    "Negaholics are people who become addicted to negativity and self-doubt, they find fault in most things and never seem to be satisfied."

  • BukkerzBukkerz ShropshirePosts: 145Member Uncommon

    It is very hard to take this post seriously. It's a bit like saying I don't like Shrek I prefer Lord of the Rings. There is no comparison, both are fantastic in their own right .... personally I am a Horror fan, but can still appreciate Kung Fu Panda. The Art Style is superb and I think there will be something to cater for many varieties of player with the diverse style of character direction on offer and certainly has the flexibility to balloon with viable alternatives well into the future. They are effectively fusing 'Fantasy' with 'Sci-Fi' which is a smart move and would bet my house that Blizzard's next outing 'Titan' will be structured in a similar fashion....swords and spaceships and all that jazz.

    I think bringing Ragnarok into the equation is also misjudged. The wierd premise of that game where everyone is effectively a child and it's dreadful sycophantic overtones does not even compare with the wit and well devised 'dark' humour of Wildstar. If anything I hope Carbine become even more sinister ... their style would cope with it brilliantly.

    I like realistic Graphics too, but sometimes the landscape might look great but the anatomy of the largely 'human' characters often leads a lot to be desired .... and always to many 'Elves' ....

    This game is going to be a belter ....

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    Gameplay will always trump graphics for ANY player.  If you asked someone if they could have graphics with models that had 20 times the greatest engine could produce right now, but all you could do in the game is run around in a small circle, no combat or anything, or if you could have EQ graphics with a wide open world with a million things to do...100% of non-smartasses would pick the second lol.


    That's why games like minecraft, LoL, WoW are so popular, gameplay.

  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member

    I don't like the WoW / Wildstar aesthetic either, but I have to disagree that it's 'crappy'. 


    Obviously, a lot of people like it.  It also enables normal people who don't spend tons of money on expensive PC's to play.  It's memorable.  And it works.  /shrug



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