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This might be the one !



  • jimrydjimryd RimboPosts: 1Member
    Would love to be in a closed beta with this game :D
  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by Grailer
    Looking at the graphics its clear to me this sandbox is going to push my PC to the limits . Instead of cartoon candy land this game offers amazing realism and I can't wait to see more videos. Its too good to be true ! This is the first video .

    You are not alone.

    And by that I mean, you are among the hundreds of thousands that see flashy graphics and then mentally fill in all the blanks with your wishlist for the game, completely disregarding everything you have seen, heard or even personally experienced up to this point.

    The developers show you key battle animations and at no point did you consider they were special/power moves and that combat would be visually repetitive, accompanied by a piercing chant of shrill "HYAH! HYAH! HYAH! HYAH!"

    You saw characters pushing around carts, Were they players actually doing something or was it that end of town NPC scene that every MMO has to 'make the town look alive'?

    You saw a huge sprawling town of epic proportions. Did you wonder whether it was usable or not? If so, did you stop to think about your experience in every other huge sprawling town in MMOs?

    3:11 to about 3:35 shows you the actual gameplay. Are the graphics that much better there than that in most modern MMOs? More importantly, does the gameplay look any different from what you experienced in WOW, EQ2 or L2 almost ten years ago?


    But you are not alone. The video team did their job well, and a lot of people will be saying "This might be the one" after watching some of the spectacular scenes in that very well made trailer.

    The point of this post is to recommend that with this video, or any other trailer for that matter, that you consider the tech level (I didn't say quality) of the graphics after you've considered everything else that you know about the game so far.



    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • BenediktBenedikt PraguePosts: 1,406Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Onomas
    Animation means nothing in a sandbox, its all about the features, content, player choice, exploration, crafting, and game mechanics. If it doesnt have a good combination of those things, doesnt matter what the graphics look like, it will fail.

    unfortunatelly it is proven time and time again that quite the opposite is true: no matter how good a features, content, player choice, exploration, crafting, and game mechanics are, if the graphics and animation are not good, it will fail.

    didnt you see on almost every released game that ton of threads "graphics is horrible!" "animations sucks" etc?

    just look at older the games like vanguard, ac2 etc - what is the most common reason given by players for not playing it? graphics and animations.

  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Ul''dah, CAPosts: 1,837Member Uncommon


    The game looks like it will be really good.  If it's half as fun as the videos that are make it look as such, then it may be a game I play for some time.  Hoping it doesn't have over the top looking weapons and flashing, though.  It has that realistic look, and I'm really digging that for a Sandbox game.


    Hopefully the crafting will be great and incredibly useful both as a social mechanism and for items.  Would be pretty nice if you could do the same things as you could with items in UO whereby you could place them on the ground and stack them (making feasts and BBQs and the like with tables, plates, food on plates, chairs, etc.).


    It would make sense if such was restricted to houses and designated areas due to people doing that just to cause lag, though.

  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare
    every time a new mmo is seen on the horizon there is always a new thread called "this might be the one"
  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare
    Originally posted by Eladi
    The animations are typical Asian style. The human models are typical Asian style.  the Combat is very very typical Asian style . The female human model is typical , the long legs, big breast super doll. the human males are all wearing make-up it seems and the giants type males are all scary and ugly.. it needs a lot of work  or it wont appeal to the western market at all..well not more then all other typical Asian grind games   

    A lot of people in western market love anime style animations and art which is why anime and manga are so popular on this side of the earth too.

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    the fact that they are promoting "Parkour" leads me to believe this is a fail.
  • UkihaUkiha BCNPosts: 58Member

    OP's video is actually very old, this is the latest gameplay video they've released:

    It seems that this new gameplay video shows new characters,cities,mosnters,landscapes & caravan escort?,to be honest i have a bad feeling about this game,it's a Vindictus type game with open-world & housing...anyways, we'll see.

    EDIT: For those who are saying that the blonde girl (the archer) has long legs, she is actually an Elf, at least a Korean Elf.. LOL.


  • RamanadjinnRamanadjinn Huntsville, ALPosts: 1,365Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tkreep
    every time a new mmo is seen on the horizon there is always a new thread called "this might be the one"


    On a personal level it may or may not be true each time to each poster.


    Thanks for the videos guys, I can't wait to give this game a go.  If only it weren't so far off!

  • mazutmazut SofiaPosts: 941Member Uncommon
    The trailer looks impressive, which ofc means nothing ;)
  • alias333alias333 tbilisiPosts: 24Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vindictiiv
    In a land of disproportional Asian garbage art Where your first quest is to figure out if your character is male or female With an unrealistically over-sized phalic sword you'll take part, in a under-whelming copy of the ten-thousand other Korean MMO's for sale.

    I smell some casual players here,go my friend and play gw2 or swtor. Korean hardcore games is not for you where you leave the game at level 10 and crying on forums.

  • SabbathSMCSabbathSMC Katy, TXPosts: 226Member
    I like the looks of it as well, just have to wait and see.

    played M59,UO,lineage,EQ,Daoc,Entropia,SWG,Horizons,Lineage2.EQ2,Vangaurd,Irth online, DarkFall,Star Trek
    and many others that did not make the cut or i just plain forgetting about.

  • kDeviLkDeviL Coco Beach, FLPosts: 215Member Uncommon
    Wow this game does look pretty great but with VERY limited information about the game let's hold off on this kind of hype, at least a little longer.

    If WoW was released today even in its' entirety it would be f2p in 3 months.
    Why is it still such a big deal?

  • madjonNZmadjonNZ AucklandPosts: 143Member

    the second trailer is impressive for what it shows.  I loved the horse and wagon shoot out!  -  actually there were quite a few things that really impressed me,  the big elephant combat mount, the hopping creature mount ( what ever it was ).  Parkour would be awesome.

    Its easy to be cynical with the last few years releases ( still loving gw2 though ) - But I think its worth giving every new comer the benefit of the doubt at least until  - release/ open beta  -  one in the same of course.


    Oh please Black Desert -  don't put small girls like eitn  in game like they did in Tera - I can't take a game seriously when all I see is lingerie'd  fairies everywhere.  GW2/wow/Conan  did a good job of making warrior women look the part - instead of Tera's prostitutes.....yes asian games have a record of putting too many women in lace that for town clothes.. :-)


  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,645Member Epic

    Well, I have to say I love the art design and the world detail. The combat is a little too flashy for my tastes but not a deal breaker.

    I'll definitely be watching this one.

    Heck I dont' need much, just a huge world, bad monsters to kill and some pvp. And great character customization.

    And it's a sandbox!!!

    oh please please please don't have them add roller skates and jump suits and tuxedos and cutsey stuff...


  • hammarushammarus minneapolis, MNPosts: 193Member Uncommon

    I just had to say WOW.  I was impressed with the trailer video.  Its not some bullshit made up story video that leaves you dis-appointed when you see game footage.  This one is all game footage.  As to combat, meh hard to tell just now but I'm liking what I see.

     Oh and the character costuming looks really good.  Each class looked unique.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,976Member Epic

    Yes it looks great but it is a trailer not the actual released game.If it goes free to play,then you can bet those graphics will really be tuned down.

    If it ends up a subscription based game,then i will take it serious and watch it more closely.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • VandragoVandrago Parkersburg, WVPosts: 231Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Manolios
    nice graphics but combat animations sucks imo



  • GrailerGrailer Posts: 892Member Uncommon

    I smell a lot of fear in the room . 


    The graphics aren't good they are amazing .  Now the game play needs to be amazing too then we have THE ONE.


    Hopefully this is a sandbox but I hear this doesn't have build your own house like ArcheAge which is a shame.


    I guess I really just want Medievil fantasy D&D/RPG  minecraft with the super amazing realistic graphics  lol .



    edit*  I was wrong there is housing in this game oops.

  • PulsarManPulsarMan Tampa, FLPosts: 289Member
    I think it looks pretty good. I hope it turns out well. 
  • GrailerGrailer Posts: 892Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by PulsarMan
    I think it looks pretty good. I hope it turns out well. 

    Yep on the plus side it doesn't look like a cartoon .

  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,343Member Epic
    Originally posted by Vandrago
    Originally posted by Manolios
    nice graphics but combat animations sucks imo


    tbh, it looked a lot like Neverwinter, was watching the warrior with sword and shield and the combat animations, indeed how the thing moved even, were the same, perhaps its the whole action combat thing, although the bit where the guy suddenly dive rolled while in combat and holding a sword and shield was a bit 'weird',  graphically the game looked pretty good, maybe once the game is released will check up on it again, that is, as long as it doesnt turn out to be yet another F2P game. image

  • GrailerGrailer Posts: 892Member Uncommon

    A game this good could sell for $200 and you will buy 2 copies so you can have a backup copy just in case.

    this will be the greatest mmo ever made

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