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[Column] General: The Best MMOs of 2013... So Far



  • BadOrbBadOrb ManchesterPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    I wasn't expecting much from the SWTOR expansion as it was only a 5 level cap increase , but to my surprise I actually really enjoyed it and now also play quite a lot of end-game , I didn't play end game before , as I thought it was best to get a few characters up there first then start. Still tough on Imp's though as I only really like 3 of the daily missions on Makeb ( on the pub side I like 5 of the dailys ).

    Can't really comment on the other games on the list as i haven't tried them , I do play defiance though but with a score of 6.6 , I can see why it hasn't made it.



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  • HolloowHolloow milanoPosts: 4Member
    omg guild war 2 o_O guild bore 2 u mean
  • black_isleblack_isle IstanbulPosts: 249Member Uncommon
    lol GW2 no.1 and sw:tor in the list with it's fail updates and horrible(could be the worst even) cash shop/f2p.
  • simsalabim77simsalabim77 Somewhere, CAPosts: 1,466Member Rare
    Ahhhhhh hipster tears. They sustain me. 
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare
    Originally posted by NaMeNaMe
    What a terrible list. Clearly just journalism rubbish, rater than best MMO list this is a most well received or a most hyped MMOs list. 

    What a terrible coment. Clearly just a spectator with rubbish, rater than his best MMO list this is a most unconstructed received comment.


    see what i did there buddy?works bothways...that said-  They said they would like to hear your top favorite.

  • BlueTiger33BlueTiger33 La Crosse, WIPosts: 158Member
    I'm loving the hell out of some DCUO atm. God the game rocks now.


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  • HorusraHorusra maryland, MDPosts: 3,494Member Rare
    technically Neverwinter is not released either.
  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by wizardelo
    where is Wildstar on the list, i cant believe neverwinter fail is here and wildstar isnt, i can only conclude that our Author did not have a change to play it and thus no opinion.

    Wildstar is in closed beta so I would assume that is reason for not making the list. I believe it is on the most anticipated list. BUT with same logic Neverwinter should not be here also until they are "officially" launched (should have been a no brainer there). Even if they were launched, after playing it since closed beta I would have placed it closer to last. At "open beta" it has so many issues (many UI issues, lag, server disconnects, graphical glitches) it should be considered closed still. I know GW2 receives much hate but I agree it should be 1 or 2 on the list. SWTOR is a nice game, but their f2p model was the worst and most punishing of most I have played. I know they have relaxed the model recently, but I will never go back. I am also one that wonders about Rift not making it. Game wise it is a nice game, but I left it after population dropped and they merged the factions.

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Sible HedinghamPosts: 1,692Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by GwapoJosh
    You know it's a bad fucking year if SWTOR made the list ;)


  • popezaphodpopezaphod Oswego, NYPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    RIFT is a ghost town?  Tell that to my guild that's raiding three nights a week and to the dozens of Great Hunt and DRR raids that are happening every day on Wolfsbane.
  • LunarpacLunarpac OrebroPosts: 57Member Uncommon
    One of the issues with GW2 is that it's barely a multiplayer game. It's more of a singleplayer game that you happen to play alongside some other people that you never really care about.
  • AreWeLiveAreWeLive Brockville, ONPosts: 159Member Uncommon


    The one thing that gets me the most about these topics is the fact games that have just been released or games still in beta are in the list.

     I do wonder what the list would look like if it included only games that have been released officially and those that have been out long enough to have had people play the game enough to actually form an opinion.

     It does take time to see how the game is and if it really warrants such a claim of a best game of the year contender, some of these games seem like it is base off Ripperx's first impressions...


  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon
    Swap TSW and SWTOR's positions, replace Darkfall with Rift.


  • shalissarshalissar Posts: 484Member Uncommon
    Ugh, slim pickin's this year so far. Would've enjoyed Age of Wushu greatly if not for the fact that the pvp is a glitchy cluster love-making session with my ping.
  • Azuri21Azuri21 Aurora, ONPosts: 15Member Uncommon
    LOL GW2 is terribad certainly not #1. /facepalm Rift still tears apart many of these titles and now it's f2p many others will find out. Heck even Tera for that matter. Secret world is ok but longevity seems to fizzle out fairly quickly. Are these the picks of the author of this article?
  • DoogiehowserDoogiehowser ParisPosts: 1,873Member
    Not sure about AOW on the list but i agree none the less.

    "The problem is that the hardcore folks always want the same thing: 'We want exactly what you gave us before, but it has to be completely different.'
    -Jesse Schell

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  • ZedTheRockZedTheRock Florence, KYPosts: 172Member
    Originally posted by
    Guild Wars 2 failed so much for original Guild Wars players especially in PvP as ArenaNet catered to the masses instead of their loyal fanbase. In the end I think they shot themselves in the foot. It's still a great MMO but not what most had hoped for regardless of updates.   Neverwinter at #3 is interesting but I'd have to agree. Although I've never tried EvE I know it has a die hard following. I would have put Star Wars at #7.

    GW2 is not supposed to be a clone of the orginal, it is it's own game with it's own hallmarks and systems.  And the game far from failed.


  • DAOWAceDAOWAce Flanders, NJPosts: 204Member Uncommon

    Age of Wushu on list.

    Cannot be taken seriously.


    Where is Firefall?  Some of the games listed are 'beta', so why not include other 'beta' games?

  • SuperPanekiSuperPaneki New York, NYPosts: 62Member
    Good joke!
  • ZedTheRockZedTheRock Florence, KYPosts: 172Member

    For me the top MMO's this year are:

    1. neverwinter

    2 - 7 anything else that really fails


  • hekatonhekaton w/wPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by DAOWAce
    Age of Wushu on list. Cannot be taken seriously.

    I had the same reaction :)

    Anyway, this is just my opinion so pls don't h8.


    1. SWTOR

    2. RIFT 

    3. EVE

    4. TERA

    5. TSW

    6. GW2/NW

    The rest is ...meh. 

  • ArthasmArthasm LoznicaPosts: 780Member Uncommon

    Where is Diablo 3???





    (Sorry, couldn't resist :P)

  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,833Member Uncommon

    TSW was so MEH and the graphics did not excite. It reminded me too much of play an XBox FPS where they then added MMO pieces to it. Very linear and non-exciting. Also going from sub to F2P in a short time where they screwed the people who bought lifetimes subs (not say it is a good idea to buy one, but the company didn't even care about them). All of that should knock TSW out from the top spot on any list.


    GW2, while far from perfect does alot of things right and still is putting in content that would shame any sub game.


    GW2 it is, whether you like it or not.


    "In 50 years, when I talk to my grandchildren about these days, I'll make sure to mention what an accomplished MMO player I was. They are going to be so proud ..."
    by Naqaj - 7/17/2013 forum

  • firefly2003firefly2003 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,521Member Uncommon

    Personally I'd throw away everything on that list with the exception of EVE, I may not play it anymore but it has earned its following and they continue to innovate and expand beyond what their initial release back in 2003 to height we are just now seeing and into the future and beyond.  This game has an bright future ahead of it and will continue to do so, the other games on that list not so much, so much wasted potential that fell into again of marketing trends and catering to masses and pleasing no one instead people got a big spoonful of mediocrity instead.

    As people continue to pay for lackluster and uninspiring MMOs you will continue to get them while the next generation on the horizon is truly looking to bring us something fresh and new to the table like games like The Repopulation, Archeage, and Star Citizen, which I have to say Star Citizen will be definitely giving EVE a run for its money and I'm looking forward to it :)

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,656Member Rare
    Originally posted by Karahandras
    Originally posted by GwapoJosh
    You know it's a bad fucking year if SWTOR made the list ;)



    My list would be a short one, Neverwinter, and probably WildStar (since TSW is from 2012).


    Considered the "The honored games can be both new and old titles" line in the prologue, my list would be the same as in the last few years (+TSW added in 2012), namely LotRO, AoC, TSW, and STO.

    Neverwinter is great but I guess I'll only play the Foundry in the long run, the combat is a bit clunky for me so it couldn't get a place among the big ones :). Fingers crossed though for WildStar's explorer and settler turn to be good.

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