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World of Warcraft: Down to Eight Million Subscribers



  • MothanosMothanos MordorPosts: 1,910Member Uncommon

    Also age aint nothing to do with drops in subs to this extend.
    Lineage 1 still has quite impresse playerbase - released in 1998 give or take.

    Eve online has seen increase in players and subs from release and still increasing subs each year. Eve released in 2003.

    The thing with wow is that blizzard changed the game for the worse...
    1st thing they did was breaking the once epic wow community - today its the most retarded community of any mmo's.
    Then they implemented that retarded pay per character to transfer....25 euro a char -_-
    Then they introduced Panda's....
    Changing core class mechanics wasnt a wise move either...
    People rolled and geared their favorite classes for a reason, changing it 180 degrees made people sad and regret rolling that class.

    Ghostcrawler did without a doubt massive damage to WoW, when Tigole was still leading wow the game went from 300k subs to 8+-million in TBC before he got recruited for Project Titan.
    WotLK was not that bad, but it showed far less qaulity then TBC had, from raids to pvp all got worse and worse.

    You could have played any class in TBC and say FUCK YEAH IAM OP!!!!
    While in reality all classes had at least 1 damn epic spec :)
    SL/SL Locks
    Schockadins !
    Shadowstep rogues
    Hammer warriors
    Restro druids
    resto shamans
    disc / shadow priest
    BM hunters
    Damn frost mages !
    etc etc it felt that each class had 1 spec that could totaly own.
    I had a blast back then rolling alts and gearign them up in battleground to enter arena with me wife...still managed to get decent ratings with many alts, up to 1750/1860

    All that magic disapeared :(
    WotLK has easy heroics and enough for my alts to farm in terms of gear.
    But PvP wasnt the same anymore.....each spec was nerfed or changed.
    In Cataclysm i quited 2 times....and dint even looked at lol panda bears.

    If panda's dint get introduced and Ghostcrawler was fired things might have been so diffrent.
    WoW might have been still growing as many other mmo's just fall flat on their faces these days.

    But it was not ment to be.
    Blizzards greed got the best of them and ruined a mmo that could have been growing and growing........
    today its just a cash cow.

  • MukeMuke Posts: 2,576Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by illutian
    Originally posted by strangiato2112
    Originally posted by jusomdude
    I just cancelled my sub yesterday, pretty bored of the game. I'll probably be back at some point though. Anyways... it's dying! image

    yup, at this rate EvE will be the #1 sub MMORPG by 2031

    I hope not. WoW didn't start nerfing the shit out of their game until it was #1....and they wanted more subs.


    I adamantly hate the 'new' WoW. But I love it for keeping all the lazies that demand things be easier because "I shouldn't have to try at a video game.".


    ....can see it now. EVE Online with 5 million subs. "In this patch we're removing item lose caused by PVP, while in hi-sec." | "We're also expanding what is known as hi-sec from 1.0 to 0.1, as opposed to the original 1.0 to 0.5 security rating."

    Look at it the positive way: all those WOW fans that used to play without any risk entering EVE....

    "going into arguments with idiots is a lost cause, it requires you to stoop down to their level and you can't win"

  • MikeMossMikeMoss Ada, MIPosts: 66Member Uncommon

    I logged in and played the game for a while recently for the first time in a long while.

    Mostly I wanted to see how it looked in 3D Vision.


    I was amazed how dated it feels now after playing modern games like The Secret World.

    Especially the combat mechanics.

    I really felt like I didn't have anything to do.

    I couldn't move and fight, and everything just seemed kind of boring.

    I loved this game for years but time has passed on.


    I'm not sure there can be a WOW 2,  they need new graphics and play mechanics but it would have to compete with all the other new games, I don't think it would get the fan base just because it's called WOW, unless it offers really new stuff I don't think it can be really big.


    It could be that there will never be a MMO that big again.

    It was the right game at the right time.




    If you shoot a mime, do you have to use a silencer?

  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon

    Or maybe after playing for years and thousands of hours many players are just tired of WoW or gaming/MMORPGs in general.

    And the newer generations have much more choice (often less expensive and with netter graphics/physics/action combat) without any attachment to WoW, so the veterans that are leaving aren't replaced.

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  • xmentyxmenty SingaporePosts: 684Member Uncommon
    Titan = Destiny mmo

    Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)

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