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[Poll] Have you consistantly played a game for more than a year?



  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 14,989Member Legendary








  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

    UO - 1-2 years

    EQ - 2.5 years?  (Launch to before Planes of Power)

    WoW - 1 year (and then 2x 6 month relapses)

    Rift - 1.5 years (left at launch came back 6 months later)


    That's all I can remember.  My average investment is about 3-6 months.  But I know that's a me thing.  I start getting antsy and ADD after about a month with only one game.  Adding an extra game either I stay longer or I get bored and move on.  I tend to do a 3 month sub and see where I'm at.  It's amazing the disks I have in my closet of MMO's that have subsequently disappeared from this Earth.

  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,199Member Uncommon
    I played AC1 for about 2 years, AC2 for about 18 months, DAoC for about 2 years, and WoW for about 8 years. That's just mmos. Don't get me started on my FPS habits.
  • RedcorRedcor Austin, TXPosts: 426Member
    Age of Conan ....every day for 4 years ... not currently

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  • GabiruGabiru SagresPosts: 63Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Reizla
    Originally posted by Gabiru
    only Lineage 2, no other came close to it

    Funny how you mention it in past tense... Guess you quited shortly after GoD expansion..?

    Was playing like a mad man until C5. In CT series, after the Garcia expansion I quit playing. I did try GoD, it was not good, they killed the game with that one.

    I would gladly pay again to start playing C1 in a new server, think most lineage2 players  would

  • MudfinMudfin Posts: 18Member Uncommon

    Voted 3 and should've have voted 4 but for got one until this reply.






  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    I don't consider myself to have really played an MMO if it wasn't my primary game for a year.

    Anything less is just a test drive.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by colddog04
    What is strange to me about this thread is that people wear their long term play time like a badge of honor; like playing one game for a very long time is some kind of a virtue. I've always been slightly embarrassed by how much I play these games and how long I've played any one in particular.

    I take it you don't have many friends that are hobbyists or sports fanatics. There's probably a couple reasons for me to be embarrassed to be a Mets fan, but watching their games for several decades is certainly not one of them. :)  It's passion for a pasttime. Passion for something that one feels a part of.


    Is it a badge of honor that one was on server x when player y did amazing task z?  Or that one was there before the The Great Nerfing of [year/patch]?

    For someone really into the game/community, it's perfectly reasonable for them to consider it to be. 


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  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,729Member Epic
    Originally posted by maplestone
    I don't consider myself to have really played an MMO if it wasn't my primary game for a year. Anything less is just a test drive.

    That's sort of the same way I feel about relationships image

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    Just WoW, honestly.  GW2 hasn't been out a year yet, and I haven't found many MMO's other than those to be worth a year's worth of constant play.  Hopefully Wildstar will change that, but if it doesn't, it'll be in good (short-term) company at least.
  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by Iselin
    Originally posted by maplestone
    I don't consider myself to have really played an MMO if it wasn't my primary game for a year. Anything less is just a test drive.

    That's sort of the same way I feel about relationships image

    Games are not relationships. Not to me.

  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon
    I played ffxi for a few months when it came out in 2003 and then returned a year later in 2004 and played consistently other than when I was in basic training until 2009. Then returned a year ago and played for about 14 months.
  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member
    FFXI, Mabinogi, Glitch, FFXIV in that order, overlapping of course.
  • BadOrbBadOrb ManchesterPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    Just Phantasy Star Online , Phantasy Star Universe and SWTOR. Hopefully PSO2 will be my fourth , when we eventually get it , *looks at Sega*.



    PSO 4 years , EQOA 4 months , PSU 7 years , SWTOR launch ongoing , PSO2 SEA launch ongoing , Destiny 360 launch ongoing.
    "SWG was not fun. Let it go buddy." quote from iiNoSkillzii 10/18/13
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  • DerrosDerros Posts: 1,174Member Uncommon

    Only 2 games ever occupied my time for over a year


    1) Anarchy Online


    2) WoW

  • SiladorSilador Kennewick, WAPosts: 1Member
    Dragon realm Old school mud loved this game . EQ played that for a long time . DAOC about a year or so . WOW was the last one I have played for a long time, The stuff that is out now I do not think it will hold my attention for a year. I am hoping Wild Star might Hold my attention for a year or so .
  • MardukkMardukk Posts: 2,059Member Uncommon

    I played EQ for 3 years and WoW for 6 - 7.


    Unfortunately, I haven't found much to play for a very long time after I left WoW.  I've played GW2 very casually since release.  I suppose there is a possibility that I will reach a year with GW2.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,390Member Rare

    ive played many mmos for over a year, but none of them were constantly day by day nonstop for a whole year or more.

    I dont play 1 mmo constantly for that long. I jump mmos almost every month(even weeks), back n forth between different games. To me Its more fun that way because i get to play whatever i feel like playing that day / week / month.

  • IkifalesIkifales tucson, AZPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    SWG for years straight without touching another MMO. WoW for a couple years non stop and still go back ooccasionally. Still play several but I jump back and forth between them....LoTRo Rift Aoc TSW SWTOR...
  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKPosts: 1,788Member
    Only WoW.  Say what you will, but it was a really good game with an engaging and active community.  I stopped playing regularly during Cata, and stopped completely after MoP, but that could have just been the game getting long in the tooth for me.

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  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,178Member Epic
    Just one: SWG (pre-cu)...

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  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Granby, QCPosts: 470Member Uncommon

    one and only one.


    DAoC, for nearly 4 years, 40 hours + a week :P


    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • EdeusEdeus Stamford, CTPosts: 506Member Common


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  • junzo316junzo316 Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,700Member Uncommon
    I played CoH for 4 years, LotRO for 2 years, WoW for 1 year, Wizard 101 for 1 year, and EQ2 for a year. I've played a lot of other games, but they didn't hold my interest for very long.
  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZPosts: 579Member Uncommon
    Eve and Perpetuum. Only two mmos out of hundreds that kept my attention for more then 3 months.

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