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[Column] Neverwinter: Foundry Focus - The Mark of the BtG



  • OrrionkaOrrionka South Charleston, WVPosts: 19Member
    The foundry missions are the reason I play this game.
  • TheMaelstromTheMaelstrom Knoxville, TNPosts: 393Member
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    Gotcha. So should I count you as a vote for him or Kidnapping?

    Mark of the BtG gets my vote.

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    in doctrine that provide true believers excuse for mayhem.
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  • SourajitSourajit KolkataPosts: 464Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aconsar
    Originally posted by JudgeUK
    Currently the fastest way to level is pvp....afk or otherwise, so the chat is full of "LFM afk pvp" People are now levelling through to 60 purely by afk pvp. There is also the GWF stat exploit, with this class now able to farm end lvl dungeons. Coupled with the mass of players who exploited the Foundry xp, the economy is now screwed up. 

    There is also an exploit with at least one dungeon, not sure if it's all, but I was watching streamers do the Pirate heroic, kill the boss while ignoring adds, die to the adds (a complete wipe) then come back and loot and kill the boss again, allowing them to farm it for seals and the drops.


    The game is fun itself but overall there are too many imbalances and exploits that were obvious (Cryptic already went through this with the Architect System from City of Heroes and people exploited the hell out of it to do easy farms).  There is no excuse for this with almost the same system, on top of the fact that is an "open beta" is a bunch of bullshit considered they're allowing full purchases and cash shop money to flow.

    Exploits and more Exploits and the game is in Beta. 

    What a launch !!!

    Sourajit Nandi

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  • HappyHanselHappyHansel Cedar Falls, IAPosts: 3Member
    I vote for A Kidnapping in Blacklake. The dialogue was clean and natural, the story was focused, the objectives were clear. From beginning (following a trail of blood spatters) to end (a badguy who doesn't simply reappear, he transforms), the quest showed a lot of polish.

    The BtG quest, on the other hand, had the amusing character of Edward (who claims he was helping in the fight) and great atmosphere (in a dark sewer filled with glowing mushrooms, whispering ghosts suddenly surround the player, then fade away), so I can understand those who picked that quest to win instead.

    I also had the BtG quest not complete. I restarted the game, and then the quest reappeared in my journal, and the prompt told me to go speak with a guard npc in Protector's Enclave, who sent me to collect my reward chest (which completed the quest officially).
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