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What MMO do you believe had the best potential but failed in execution?



  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    Asheron's call 2 biggest failor (awesome game but...)to early released and screwed by Microsoft(players also screwed this game).

    Guild Wars 2 dynamic events and loot system on world bosses(champions sucked bigtime)Cashshop what a failor for me still played it for 5months(include beta weekends) but game went instance-cashshop-treadmill grind, WvWvW was nice but also ruined by devs.

    Most of time players screw mmo's cheating or act like asholes(sandbox experience for me)devs dont deliver.

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  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common

    Vanguard, absolutely.


    And then maybe SWG and Middle Earth Online.

  • TholdarianTholdarian Posts: 65Member Uncommon
    I´d say Chronicles of Spellborn. I only played it shortly due to the 2-week-trial when it launched, but lost interest ... I don´t even know why, exactly. I always thought the skill system was brilliant and PVP was fun as hell (coming from a non-PVP player). On the other hand, combat looked quite unspectacular and most of the endgame was politics and stuff, controlling different parts of the world. My lucky guess is that it wasn´t the right time back then (2006, if i remember right) to introduce a sandboxy themepark that TCoS was. Such a shame, had a stunning graphical style, too (second best imho, only beaten by Shin Megami Tensei:Imagine).
  • cakelizardcakelizard post falls, IDPosts: 62Member Uncommon
    chronicles of spellborn had such a great idea and atmosphere...just fell flat. and Horizons? anyone remember that one?
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,891Member Uncommon

    hands down 

    Horizons, if that game had any kind of budget, it could have been a top MMO of all time.

    Playable Race Dragon!!!!! Actually start as a baby dragon and level up SLOWLY building your own lair and collecting artifacts to add to it.

    Entire economy player driven, drops were only resources and recipes.

    No Server was the same.  On my server, we were the first to unlock the Satyr race, which was a community project not unlike the openings of AQ in WOW, it literally took the entire server working together to build a broken bridge to the blighted land, and free the Satyr race, making it a new playable race., Crafters raced to build the bridge, gatherers brought supplies from accross the work sometime taking hrs, and high level characters fought back the blight to protect us all.

    Completely open class system, be any class on 1 char (with exp penalties) craft everything on 1 char (with penalties as well)

    Cross classing like early Wizardry or DND.  Wanted to become a Paladin, level Fighter to 20, then sub class level Cleric to 20, to unlock the Pally class

    man I still miss that game so much


  • LatronusLatronus Lexington Park, MDPosts: 692Member
    Originally posted by IrishChai
    Vanguard, by far. I understand the other mentions, but they aren't even close to the scope of what Vanguard was trying to accomplish, and nothing failed at the margin level of design scope-to-execution that Vanguard did.

    Totally agree.  It could have been the game that saved the genre from hand holding and brainless gameplay, but a complete lack of leadership coupled with an abundance of mismanagement resulted in what I consider the biggest failure.

  • Synns77Synns77 StaffsPosts: 124Member
    Vanguard could have been so much more, also agree WAR had so much unforfilled potential and A personal favourite that I feel had so much future potential but was shut down before it could hope to get there was Faxion online, the pvp was great fun and it had wings.
  • fantasyfreak112fantasyfreak112 Orange County, CAPosts: 499Member
    lol @ all these CU tards pretending WAR had so much potential. It was nothing more then a bad WoW clone from inception to present day.
  • chaintmchaintm Chicago, ILPosts: 972Member Common
    Originally posted by Shadowguy64
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern


    I agree.

    +1 definitly the worst let down in history in MMO's for me. One of the reasons I ended up not backing camelot unleashed. His vision was not even close to what the fans where hoping and to this day he never admits to the rvr faliure in the game. Blames it on many other things that he takes part responsiblity for , but never the main core issue of it's failure.

    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,985Member Epic

    First of all grrr,it took several tries and finally 12 seconds to load this page (

    MY first choice is Vanguard,it is actually a great game that failed to gather the gamer's perception of a great game.

    I would have to say failing at execution was SWTOR.It has all the outside edges in place it just failed add the detail.If i was in charge,every single aspect would be done better and i mean EVERYTHING.

    That is the funny thing about rating games.An outside look at SWTOR and you think ok maybe a 7/10.However since i would improve everything in the game,i can't rate any aspect more than a 5/10.That actually makes the entire game a 5/10.The actual eye candy of the world is acceptable as maybe a 6 but the layout is so generic,like a linear path it steps back to a 5 again.

    If you got a real creative developer to take it over and spend 12-16 months on systems and graphics and effects,it si there as a top game.,NO not Bioware, this game could easily be a 8/10.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,985Member Epic
    Originally posted by nerbon
    eve online

    Geesus ,i agree 100% ,i actually think so little of the game i totally forgot about it.

    Ya no doubt this is easily the worst executed game ever and i doubt any game will ever match it.

    They didn't even have the money to finish it,so you know right there it was not released as a complete game.I am sort of baffled as to why with al lthe money they made,why they didn't upgrade the game engine and the game and put some love into it.

    They made soooo much money they went out and expanded to 650 workers ,that is a LOT.Instead of spending it on Eve,they slapped their player base in the face and took that money and started to work on other projects like Dust for example and APPS for FB and such.

    With the kind of money they made and wasted,they could  have easily turned Eve into a game everyone would enjoy.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • KalSirian2KalSirian2 ParisPosts: 42Member Uncommon

    Dark and Light for me, it had a lot of potential, and was even playable and enjoyable at some point.


    Even unifinished, the game world was huge, the mounts had a very nice feel, the whole castle construction was interesting, the crafting wasn't bad... if someone manages to remake DnL with a modern 3d engine and proper content, it could be a very good game. One of the qualities it had, if I recall, was that quests were quite scarce but much longer and more interesting than what you find today. Also it wasnt as linear, since the areas were so big right from the start, you could explore a lot without having to lvl up to go to other areas.


  • allendale5allendale5 kansas city, MOPosts: 124Member
    Neverwinter.  So disappointing.  I was really looking forward to this game and after 2 minutes in it I couldn't take it.  I eventually went back after deciding to accept it for what it was instead of what the expectations were but still it felt like some candyland asian fairydust mmo.  Played to level 20 something and never died. Switched classes to what others were saying was the weakest --- control wizard --- and played it up to 18 and still never died.  Just because it's f2p doesn't mean it cannot be uninstalled. 
  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member
    Originally posted by fantasyfreak112
    lol @ all these CU tards pretending WAR had so much potential. It was nothing more then a bad WoW clone from inception to present day.

    Of course an MMORPG based on Warhammer had potential.  You really think otherwise?  The IP alone supports their belief.

  • robertallenrobertallen Woodhaven, MIPosts: 1Member

    I'll chalk another vote up to Vanguard.  If you played Word Association, "potential" could very well be first on the minds when thinking about the game.  SOE really ignored this game in favor of their lovechild EverQuest franchise.

  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon
    Vanguard, without a doubt
  • MetanolMetanol Posts: 248Member Uncommon
    Neverwinter. It could've been so much more. It could've been a real Dungeons & Dragons Online. Instead we got a Cryptic-MMO. :/

    We?re all dead, just say it.

  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,574Member Rare

    Look, I hate PvP and therefore have no intention to back CU or anything made by MJ for that matter. What made me purchase(and play for some 3-4 months) wasn't PvP, wasn't Mythic. It was the IP. Simple as that.

    And that's why it got so many votes. Because it is(sadly, I wish that I could say it WAS) WARHAMMER Online. If it were named RvR online or abc online or whatever but Warhammer-I guarantee you that nobody would even remember it, let alone feel let down/betrayed.

    The fact that quality Warhammer games come out every 5-6 years doesn't exactly help either. Now we have to wait for another Warhammer MMO or an Warhammer RPG until 2020(at the earliest). For Elves, it wouldn't matter. But for us humans, man we can't waste time so.
  • TribeofOneTribeofOne Wellford, SCPosts: 1,006Member Uncommon
    TSW. it could've been great if not for the crappy combat system and persistent chat/ui issues
  • wordizwordiz Eugene, ORPosts: 464Member
  • SulaaSulaa nPosts: 1,324Member Uncommon


    SWG   (failed to abolish many UO faults,  macros and botting amongst them!)

    WoW  (only personal grade - I simply absolutely detest direction it went in late Vanilla and later - yes I know it was meant by Blizzard to go direction it went and that's it's huge commercial success - still for me this game had potential to be diffrent and better - althrough it would propably be much less commercial succesful )

  • ZinzanZinzan NorthPosts: 1,351Member Uncommon

    SWG by a mile, the game was so horribly broken at release and half the classes never got fixed before the CU.

    For me SWG was the last worthwhile attempt at a semi sandbox mmorpg, every one since has sucked ass.

    Expresso gave me a Hearthstone beta key.....I'm so happy :)

  • CoatedCoated Woodside, CAPosts: 412Member Uncommon


    They had a huge budget. A pre-arranged title that is really hard to screw up and a mountain of resources at their disposal. So what did they do with it? They hired shotty leadership who then hired an untested engine to run a multi-billion dollar title MMORPG. The game could have been epic.

  • ksternalksternal Hainesport, NJPosts: 82Member Uncommon
    SWTOR hands down
  • AntiquatedAntiquated Posts: 1,415Member Rare

    Personally, never bought into WAR (as an IP, that is). Nor a Hyperboria fan.

    TMO--now there was an IP that completely went to waste. I'd like to see someone work their way through the maze of copyright litigation and do more with the macross/battletech IPs some day, too.

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