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What MMO do you believe had the best potential but failed in execution?



  • SoMuchMassSoMuchMass New York, NYPosts: 548Member
    GW2, the talk before launch was great.  But it was all talk and no substance.  One of the blandest and "meh" MMOs I ever played.  WAR would be second.
  • ForgefeuForgefeu MetzPosts: 105Member Uncommon

    If there would be only one : Asheron's call 2 definitly. I even tough the game was fun for a while but it got shutdown so fast, it still make me a bit sad period ;)


    Warhammer online : I am a fan of the Warhammer IP and was depressed at the result, it has some good idea and could have been a great game


    Ultima online 2 because it was dead in the shell :(

  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member
    TSW I think  is another one.  Setting seemed perfect to construct a true virtual world MMO.  Instead they went the "story-driven" route.  And so it goes...
  • Riho2011Riho2011 Oak Harbor, WAPosts: 10Member

    The Matrix Online-  Only gross incompetence screwed this up, if there was anything that was made for a MMO it was these movies.  Unfortunately for them the free hype train has long passed and it'll never happen.


    Vanguard- Performance was abysmal  at launch with a potentially great MMO hiding beneath it, still some of the best character classes around though. The launch just murdered this game and with WoW still being in the Vanilla stage(glory years) it didn't have a chance to recover with the impatience of today's gamer & slow developer reaction.


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  • Sint-NiklaasPosts: 828Member Uncommon

    I'd agree with WAR.

    Question is what was the fail, the mistake? To many classes perhaps? Don't remember that well. To much routine?

    It was basically one big battleground and it lacked some RP elements perhaps.

    But WAR could have been something great I agree.

  • sado2020sado2020 elizabethtown, KYPosts: 112Member

    WAR definitely im a big warhammer fan and the game killed me a lil :/



    AoC would be the next one as it had a million subs at its peak and seemed to be the first of those MMO's that were overhyped and tried to take a piece of WoW's pie.  Though the following it has now is still pretty damn loyal

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  • DahkohtDahkoht Pelham, ALPosts: 479Member Uncommon
    In sheer waste of money terms in dev costs - SWTOR wins running away - that much spent on an mmorpg should be a huge open world , content packed , tuned engine , all at launch.

    In gameplay terms - Vanguard - the brad mcquaid opiate addiction firing of the staff while I hide and cry helped ruin what could have been.
  • SmintarSmintar Fayette, MEPosts: 213Member Uncommon
    Anarchy: Loved the concept loved to play it for about 3 months Funcom really did screw this one up I still think about it at times
  • MetzaMetza lake worth, FLPosts: 160Member

    For me it would be The Chronicles of Spellborn, the art style, the lore just caught my interest so much. The game was ahead of its time imo, and could have been the first twitch based combat in an mmo if it was pulled off, the game unfortunately was just a mess of lag and nearly unplayable and acclaim did not make it easier on those indie devs as far as I can tell.

    It was a shame.


  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAPosts: 648Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by SavageHorizon
    The vets will remember this 

    I remember reading about this. What ever happened to it?

  • ArakaziArakazi OxfordPosts: 911Member Uncommon
    For me it's Vanguard, followed by WAR and an honorary mention to the matrix the game that had the perfect back story for an MMO.
  • MyriaMyria Lowell, MAPosts: 648Member Uncommon

    For me Fallen Earth will always be the very definition of wasted potential. Very different from anything out at the time -- or since, really. Huge, absolutely gargantuan world. Complicated and interesting crafting system that allowed you to make pretty much (at first, anyway) anything in the game. Interesting storyline. All plagued by bugs galore, a roadmap based more on hope than anything else, an engine and servers not quite up to the task, and a MMO playerbase that talks about not wanting WoW clones but in reality really does.


    TSW would be number two.


    I'm honestly a bit confused by so many people saying WAR. Honestly, while it was buggy as crap even a year after launch, the fundamentals were fairly sound. Dealing with the ludicrous imbalance would have helped things, having all six capitals might have as well, but ultimately all they could really do is lengthen things some. Simply put PvP isn't the 'endless content' source that people bizarrely seem to think it is -- quite the opposite. No matter what they did, there were only going to be so many times you could take a keep, flip a zone, or go to a capital without it wearing thin. I don't know about anyone else, but I got a year of good gaming memories out of it, so for all it's problems I still consider it to have been a good game for what it was.

  • Vunak23Vunak23 In your house eatin'' your cookies, FLPosts: 631Member Uncommon

    I think they all had potential to be something great. 

    Though I think Tabula Rasa could of been an amazing game had it been released a few years later. AoC could of been an amazing game had they waited a bit longer and fleshed out the rest of the game. TERA is a good game, but it could of been great with the proper attention to World Design/Desync issues and class balance. 


    Really all the games that have failed or had to go F2P in the past few years all could of been great games. I think the main factor in these games is that they should of focused on creating an MMO instead of a instance lobby. 

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  • zethcarnzethcarn Kentucky, KYPosts: 1,558Member Uncommon
    Earth and Beyond.........anybody? *crickets*
  • AxehiltAxehilt Posts: 10,504Member Rare

    Originally posted by Shadowguy64

    Originally posted by RefMinor
    WoW, it could have been great but went for the mass market.

     Maybe it is is great, but not to the lunatic fringe?

    Yes.   And "great" is probably an understatement, given the degree to which it blew away competitors.

    Originally posted by WhiteLantern

    Yeah, this is my vote too.  Fantastic IP.  They could've taken it in a couple major directions and it'd have been awesome.  Instead, it was mediocre.

    The two possibilities:

    • PVP-only.  Take Planetside 1 with its epic massive battles over many large continents.  Use the Warhammer IP with its Keeps, Castles, ridiculously awesome characters/classes, and WAAGH.  Split the races into 3 core factions.  Use MMORPG style combat, with lateral progression so everyone starts the game competitive.  Oh, and fix the  worst-in-genre CC design strategy.
    • Quality PVE game.  The #1 problem here was mobs had no unique abilities (well that's a lie, one mob type had an ability: a stun.  And that's pretty much the single least interesting ability you can give a mob in a game, haha.)  Which meant there was essentially no PVE gameplay.  So a good-PVE version of WAR would give every mob at least one distinct ability for players to adapt against, and probably also polish up the ability rotations (which tended to be flat and involve a lot of duplicate skills.)

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  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAPosts: 7,280Member Epic
    Originally posted by
    I'd agree with WAR. Question is what was the fail, the mistake? To many classes perhaps? Don't remember that well. To much routine? It was basically one big battleground and it lacked some RP elements perhaps. But WAR could have been something great I agree.

     I think it was a failure to execute the IP in gameplay.  It felt like they used the IP for art style more than game play.  

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  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    I don't know about a game with the most potential, but Allods is the game that had the best execution, but the payment model was so bad it nearly killed the game.

    Maybe Fallout Online had the most potential to be a game I would play for a very long time, but the worst execution because (a) Masthead was developing it and (b) they never actually executed anything. Big disappointment.

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  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Edison, NJPosts: 457Member Uncommon

    Star Wars Galaxies had all the potential in the galaxy, but (in my opinion) was released way too soon, was too far ahead of it's time anyway for the MMO genre, and was mismanaged from the get go. They did try to fix their early mistakes... but just created an even bigger mistake. To the developers credit, they turned it into a pretty good game despite it all.

    For me, no game will be remembered as fondly. I'd subscribe to it again in a heartbeat. Just for the potential alone, I'd subscribe.

    Nothing is perfect. You also don't know what you've got until it's gone. I'll take it back, imperfections and all. No other MMO will ever even have the same level of potential, which makes SWG my choice for this question.


  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,666Member Rare

    I'm gonna have to go with AoC. If they had managed to keep up with the quality of tortage starting area through to the end it probably would have won many people over. But it pooped out and was unfinished.

    I think the biggest shame is that funcom obviously had the ability to make great content but they just didn't continue. Blah.


    Runner up is Rift. Really could have been a major player in the themepark arena but they failed to see what their greatest offering was (soul build variety) and instead opted to nerf and pigeon hole builds and go for a more typical endgame. Had they seen what they had and really went balls to the wall crazy with build variety I think Rift could have offered the character customization so many MMO players crave.

    Launch was the best, builds were untested, Trion hadn't seen all the synergies and even a handful of broken builds. And that was fun. But like so many developers, they cave to whiners who want totally equality between classes rather than allowing for uniqueness and fun to take priority.

    Actually, come to think of it, that may be one of the reasons Vanilla WoW was so good. Blizzard just didn't know what they were doing in terms of class balance. So you would get 3 minute mages, Reckbomber paladins and so on.

  • kylverkylver c, KYPosts: 1,344Member Uncommon
    Tabula Rasa, but I don't think the game failed. NCSoft failed.
  • ZenIrishChaiZenIrishChai St Louis, MOPosts: 527Member Uncommon
    Vanguard, by far. I understand the other mentions, but they aren't even close to the scope of what Vanguard was trying to accomplish, and nothing failed at the margin level of design scope-to-execution that Vanguard did.
  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern

    If I can only pick one this one is my choice also.

  • TalonsinTalonsin Posts: 3,049Member Epic

    OMG what memories...

    Earth and Beyond & Auto Assault, I loved those games but wished so badly their design wasn't so bad or that they would be fixed.

    SWG was awesome before holocrons, it self destructed from there.

    If I could get good versions of those three games I would be in gamer heaven.


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  • SupportPlayerMMSupportPlayerMM Lufkin, TXPosts: 310Member
    Asherons Call 2 of course.
  • simsalabim77simsalabim77 Somewhere, CAPosts: 1,466Member Rare
    Out of the games I've played I'd say Age of Conan. That game was beyond broken at launch, but I still managed to have a ton of fun with it. 
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