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kalilyrrkalilyrr AnkaraMember Posts: 18

"The (US) Android Play Market has made an error in your favor! As of early this morning they have launched Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising on the Play Market instead of the intended launch time of tomorrow!"

Is this true? Has anyone have actually download and been able to play it? Cause if it is, I'm so jealous right now!!!




  • LuckshmiLuckshmi ManilaMember Posts: 74

    I cant download the app on my phone =_=

    the compatibility of this game is very limited .. or my phone is just.. crap.

  • macklelessmackleless LondonMember Posts: 3
    Maybe mine too - i also cannot do it! Aaaarghhhh
  • MaidenberryMaidenberry QCMember Posts: 30
    lemme try to download it :)
  • poringslasherporingslasher ManilaMember Posts: 59
    it worked fine for me.
  • kalilyrrkalilyrr AnkaraMember Posts: 18

    anyone else who is already playing? what level are you guys now? xD

    wish they could add more class like archer/assassin. :(

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapMember Posts: 8,098 Rare

    downloading right now

    edit:...... crashed and keeps crashing upon accepting terms of service. I hope its not my old samsung galaxy s (vibrant) with cm10 being unable to handle this game.

  • kalilyrrkalilyrr AnkaraMember Posts: 18
    my friend has the same problem and he's using Lenovo A65, i guess it's a problem with phones compatibility... :/
  • poringslasherporingslasher ManilaMember Posts: 59
    if you guys are having issues with mobile games, i suggest you send a report to the game devs. usually, mobile game devs takes feedbacks seriously especially when it comes to mobile phone compatibility. i just hope MMO devs have the same outtake when it comes to MMO bugs XD
  • kalilyrrkalilyrr AnkaraMember Posts: 18
    i think valkyrie uprising died after Ro2 got released O_O
  • poringslasherporingslasher ManilaMember Posts: 59
    my friend says that there are still players in the game. still good community. so i was told.
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