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[General Article] Neverwinter: Beta Diary #2



  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,939Member Epic

    I will follow the same guide and comment on the three.

    Combat: I happen to also be playing a Guardian and i agree party or go home lol.I realize i am suppose to be a Tank but really at level 18 i have almost no hate control.Only the one Aoe looks like it really works.Fights are a mess,i much prefer single battle fights that have a lot of active and reactive battle ideas.In a party the high dps just kill pretty fast while i am standing there sort of like a useless Tank.

    My guardian is rather weak,he does grab aggro decent with the one aoe aggro ability but after that i am left with nothing.The way quests are done,you can use that one aoe aggro then the very next wave arrives and you have nothing to control the battle.It ends up every battle is pretty much a sloppy mess of zergs.

    The CHOICE of your combat abilities is extremely limited,they are so limited,they could have just given them to you at each level.The shield seemed ok at very low level but soon i got around 12+ the shield does nothing except block,which is ok.The heal i get as Guardian is really a waste of time,our dps is so low and it moves you up so slow,you are just better off using a heal pot.Basically it is not effective,nothing like playing Shadowknight in EQ2,which has several heals and they matter.

    Quests: Well as far as all games go they do a good job,but they are still linear designed to level you along.They do get boring but of course is like that in all games.I have to say the Foundry changes nothing,it does not add anything to the game,just a reason to entice players that want to make their own quest.I have had a few bugs/error crashes.One for example the Auction house quest locked my game right up.

    The descriptions in the quests are usually imo really bad,i was pretty much always lost,so i just joined the crowd and followed the sparkling paths.With such poor dialogue and information,you could hardly say any of them add any story or Lore to the game.

    Aesthetics:They look good but make no mistake they are low end graphics,i did not notice any lighting effects,not even on my player.They reuse the same building mesh over and over and all through the game.They do clutter maps so much you might not even notice though.The mention of the sky,well i think you should look again,they actually did a very poor job.I don't remember them all but i am looking at one right now that doesn't even move and doesn't even look like a sky box.It looks more like a simple texture pasted on the top of the ceiling.There is actually a lot you can do with a skybox,including effects and multi layers,this game does none of it.

    I will say that overall it looks good but the cities just are really bad.In the city it looks like a big huge mess of clutter.No way can i navigate it at all,again i end up following the sparkly paths.There really is no need for so many buildings all together and so many meaningless npcs.

    Overall the game does a good job for F2p,i have not spent a dime and i can play the game just fine.I have heard from others it changes a lot later but i can't comment myself on that.Is it worth to spend money on the game?I think not really,i wouldn't anyhow.

    So there imo is how you score a game.Since i would not pay to play it,it can't receive anymore than maybe a playable 6.A 7 is reserved for a decent subscription game but still lacking.No game on the market is worthy of anymore than a 8,no way,far too many missing components,lack of tech,generic game play,no creativity, ect ect.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,939Member Epic
    Originally posted by Reizla
    Originally posted by Ghavrigg
    I find it funny that you pointed out how questing gives the majority of xp. Seems like since 2004 this has been the case with most MMO's released that weren't generic asian turds.

    Questing DOES NOT give the majority of the XP in the game - PvP does.

    Doing a quest I'm busy on an average of 10 minutes, while a PvP session takes 15 minutes. A Quest gives around 1500-2000 XP including all mobs while PvP gives me already 5000-6000 XP per session (both at level 40-42)

    Only downside of  PvP is that you won't get gear aside from one piece as reward if you did your best and the daily AD allowance (which you might use to buy gear from the AH, though I advice against it with the prices there), while you do get tokens for lvl 60 gear.

    If one really wants to level up cheap and fast, PvP is the way to go, but you don't get to know the game that well then ;)

    Well if you don't care one bit about PVP ,then what ?It is a questing game as MANY do not care about pvp.Matter of fact i have no care to even do the PVP quest sitting in my Journal,i need to abandon it i guess.

    Really i would hope peopeleare playing for the FUN,in that case how FAST you get xp really should not matter.

    If your fun is PVP,well then i guess you get a bonus if leveling is your gig.For others questing is it,and for others just romping around with other people is the fun and some just enjoy playing their character and combat.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • alysraalysra AntalyaPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    This game feels like an offline RPG instead of an MMORPG. Graphics looks outdated, they maybe changed questing concept but it still gives the same feeling since you are always sent to one dungeon and another. I mean everything going on indoors which is boring imo. I couldn't level too far so I don't know much about high level areas and stuff, but the game looks and feels dull for me after playing 4-5 hours (except combat, it was smooth and fun).
  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    "The bottom line is that Neverwinter is a “pick-up MMO” as I saw Bill post on a social networking site. It’s a lot of fun to play in short bursts when you have time. Longer adventures aren’t bad either, though the repetitive nature of the overall quest archetype can get tiresome after a couple hours."


    One to avoid I think.

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  • MaldobarMaldobar ghjPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    I liked the game a lot, but unfortunattelly there was so many exploits in the beginning and some still exist.


    It was entirly possible to level to max level in 1 hour. This exploit was fixed last night.


    So you have tons of pople on 60 with no clue about the game and more or less naked with 30 Gold...(thats the exploit gold in the fixed leveling process)


    on the other hand, they are pretty good in fixing exploits fast, but the damage is done.

    I for myself wait for a new server, this might then be interesting..

  • muthaxmuthax mondaPosts: 594Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Draemos
    If Neverwinters questing system is more action RPg than MMO, then almost every MMO has action RPg questing.  Cause they almost all use the same damn system.  

    I imagined she referred to the instanced quests where you have to avoid traps (or disable them), use levers, navigate mazes etc. Some of those are actually very cool and in general remind me more of DDO and TSW quests

  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,217Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by AwDiddums
    Originally posted by JudgeUK
    Originally posted by winter
    Originally posted by JudgeUK
    Originally posted by spikers14
    Originally posted by JudgeUK
    One of the major talking points has been missed out: Foundry xp. Some players have been farming the Foundry for days, leveling pretty fast. Now the Foundry xp has been nerfed through the floor leaving other players on the slow quest grind, whilst the Foundry farmers have got to a lot higher level, and even capped. So now we are faced with the have and have nots. Those who are doing the T1/T2 dungeons, loads of AD and money, compared with the non-farmers who are stuck in the grind. PWE should have checked the Foundry xp long before open beta (with no character wipe). Now, however they have created this two tier player base.

    This comment is a little extreme.  I did foundry quests today and didn't notice much change in XP...and again...I'm outleveling questing zones due to the XP gain in Foundry. I wouldn't say Foundry XP is nerfed "through the floor". Playing casually since the 30th, I am already lvl 45. Leveling is REALLY fast, no matter what path you take (and I'm a DC with a focus on healing mind you). The margin between the "haves" and "have-nots" will be extremely slim, if not unnoticeable by a regular player. 

    edit: spellcheck


    I did a couple just before the foundry change when I was at lvl 40, got through two levels hitting stationary Ogres in around 15 mins probably less, together with all the item and money drops. Checked the same after. I'd say it was around 80% reduced checking the xp numbers I'd noted down.

    Another guild player calculated it at 85% from his figures.


      Hummm, you got 2 lvls (from 40 to 42?) doing a 15 mins foundry quests where stationary ogres stood around and let you beat on them? Wouldn't you say thats something that needed to be nerfed about 85%.


      Understandably many players seek the fastest and easiest way to level even if it is the most bland and mind numbingly boring way. (repeat exploit quest till eyes bleed.)  Those same players will make it to max level in record time quit and complain how boring the game was because of the way they chose to play it. Its Cryptics fault in of course if they allow it to happen.

    Of course it needed revising. The issue is that something so obvious was there in the first place.  There has been talk of a penalty against people who spent all day farming it. But how on earth would they do that? Some people where in full time, some less, some missed it altogether.

    It is these kind of obvious issues that games developers should be catching way before giving access to  the player base. Because once it has happened there are only limited choices - ignore or roll back.

    What also needed to happen was for those using that Foundry quest to be slapped with a temp ban followed by a perma ban if they continued to exploit the game, pleading ignorance or blaming the games code for allowing it is not a defence. Players who use these to advance quickly know only too well what they are doing is wrong, your gut tells you it's wrong.

    It's sad to see players complaining Foundry exp/loot is nerfed, they then give an example as shown above why they know it's been nerfed, and they wonder why on earth other players are getting a little bit miffed with them.


    To make a point you have to have proof. My only character - Cleric - is lvl 44, hopefully getting to 45 today. Hardly evidence of Foundry farming. The examples stated where part of an exercise that myself and another guild member did the morning before the Foundry xp nerf to highlight what was going on and to check the subsequent change.

    Do not jump to conclusions about regular players who enjoy reading and doing the full quest content in an mmo. Yes, old school I know.

    The point was made to highlight once again a development teams lack of checks before launch. Looking at recent games - Rift, SW, SWTOR and now this - all had obvious exploit mechanisms that could and should have been corrected way before launch.

  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,217Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Maldobar
    I liked the game a lot, but unfortunattelly there was so many exploits in the beginning and some still exist.   It was entirly possible to level to max level in 1 hour. This exploit was fixed last night.   So you have tons of pople on 60 with no clue about the game and more or less naked with 30 Gold...(thats the exploit gold in the fixed leveling process)   on the other hand, they are pretty good in fixing exploits fast, but the damage is done. I for myself wait for a new server, this might then be interesting..  

    Exactly the point I am making - once the game has been launched with such a blatant issue the fix is either extreme or ignored.

  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Posts: 473Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by JudgeUK
    Originally posted by elocke
    I've been having a blast on my Control Wizard.  The "on rails" aspect of the game is softened I think by the fact that it is free to play.  If this required a sub I'd be a bit miffed, but I can just log in and follow the rails for awhile and have fun without worrying about payments and such.  I'm only level 24 but just combat alone is making me want to play over other games right now.  I like the diversity in choosing which skills best suit my play style and and where to put feat points and power points.  It feels fairly flexible although I'm dreading the respec cost when I hit cap as I hear it's based on Zen or Astral Diamonds instead of in game gold.  Not a good thing, that. Love the sound design, too.  Certain spells, especially the dailies really pack that visceral punch many other games lack.  My only negative comment on the sound would be the over usage of what seems to be the exact same music I've heard in Star Trek Online and Champions Online.  More music diversity would be great.  

    Protectors Enclave music - hits of Pirates of the Caribbean? 

    That is what it's from.  I couldn't put my finger on where I had heard that music before.

    I'm not an IT Specialist, Game Developer, or Clairvoyant in real life, but like others on here, I play one on the internet.

  • muthaxmuthax mondaPosts: 594Member Uncommon
    I thought it was from Pirates of The Burning Sea
  • odiasudaodiasuda LithuaniaPosts: 131Member Uncommon

    There was one pretty cool quest line that has you helping this guy's wife from some affliction that causes her to turn into a crazed beast-woman (GET AWAY..FROM MY HUSBAND NNNNRAGHGHHHH!).  That was pretty cool and stood out from the rest of the bland quests leading up to 60.  

    At 60 you kinda wait around for dungeon queues only to be put into a group with 4 other trickster rogues.   Aces. 

  • Postal13Postal13 Milton, ONPosts: 94Member
    I love the combat in this game - hold down the left button and point the mouse at each enemy until theyre all dead!

    Cunfushus says "Only through wasting time do we realize that time should not be wasted."

  • nemwenemwe Mount Olive, ALPosts: 2Member

    Do you know anything about the novels for Neverwinter? They're written by Bestselling author R.A. Salvatore. They are much more popular than WoW books, and for good reason.. The game is based on the books (and the books are based on forgotten realms lore), not the other way around.

    This game isn't WoW. Why do so many MMO bloggers feel the need to compare every game that ever comes out to that outdated junk? Just because moronic companies like EA force their developers to copypasta everything from WoW? 

    The concepts in Neverwinter are based on D&D, with the the MMO concept layered on top. Player story (the foundry) is the true heart of D&D, as anyone who has even a tiny bit of remote familiarity with it will tell you. But you're desire to pound through the story quest material (which I don't blame you, combat is so fun you just want to get back to it) doesn't imply that the story is lacking in any way. The game not stealing camera and character control from you to force you to pay attention is a terrible reason to dislike the story quests.

  • BlindchanceBlindchance WhywouldyouliketoknowPosts: 1,081Member Uncommon
    Under shallow, uninspired MMORPG. It happens so often, they should add that sentence to the MMORPG definition.
  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    The game has some ingredients for being a solid MMO, but too many flaws to prevent it from coming close to it's potential. It seems such a waste to create such a detailed world and then go with the "on rails" quest grind model for content delivery.

    Too late now to do anything about it. They chose a tired, old path to providing content and as a result, all their other efforts were essentially a waste of time and money.

    Another niche title that could have been much more if the devs had been willing to do something fresh and dynamic, rather than embracing a design that most MMO players are completely sick to death of.

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  • rommellorommello calgary, ABPosts: 185Member

    rinse and repeat of same old nonsense for progression.

    i would still play if they banned the ppl that used the leveling exploit or made a new server

    hallo ~_~

  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by monkeypaws
    I'm probably in the minority but I hate that the game is a Monty Hall game. The most feeble mob drops items that have to be identified. Two bags can get filled with green items very quickly and you are changing out your gear every level or two. Once you hit the mid teens you are doing content that is a level or two higher than you are so get items that you can't use for a level or two. Why even bother with removing enchantments when you have so many of them and are replacing your armor & accessories so often you have a surplus of everything? Also...many times the final quest reward is not actually better than what you might have picked up as loot. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy loot...there was nothing better than the thunk of a chest dropping in EQ2...which was random and not on every single mob. What Neverwinter does takes the fun completely out of it.  

    Still having fun but I agree with this post.  It's even worse when the gear still looks practically the same 20 levels later.  Same color and everything and you look the exact same as everyone else who is your class. 

    Secondly, another con is the whole respec for Zen.  Part of the enjoyment of MMOs with character builds is playing with the different styles during your leveling path and finally settling on one or 2 builds but this game removes that aspect by charging $6 any time I want to change my build.  All while I'm earning heaps of gold in game that I really see no real use for.  I don't mind them trying to make money from the cash shop from other stuff, but certain necessary MMO mechanics should be free.  Reminds me of the silly decision EQ2 makes with blocking you from wearing certain gear without paying and SWTORs hot bars for money stupidity.

    On that note, I just hit 36 on my CW and holy cow the dungeons and mobs have gotten much harder.  They all hit like trucks now and certain bosses in the dungeons require a lot more thought and teamwork.  While I like a challenge, they might need to tweak the fights a bit because every PUG I've been in has failed to complete the Mad Dragon dungeon.  Fun fight though, just needs tweaking on the amount and type of adds that come with him.

  • PrecusorPrecusor PalmaPosts: 3,588Member Uncommon
    The only thing i liked about NWN was the combat... other than that its just a bland run of a mill mmo.
  • PrecusorPrecusor PalmaPosts: 3,588Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Postal13
    I love the combat in this game - hold down the left button and point the mouse at each enemy until theyre all dead!

    That combat style is perfect for those with 100+ pings.

  • harris195harris195 curacaoPosts: 18Member Uncommon

    it takes only 24 hours to hit level 60 from questing


  • wilbur1332wilbur1332 louisville, TNPosts: 3Member

    I 'm loving this game, it just has that "it" that hooks me. I am getting tired of the Beta talk, too many people dont get open beta, closed beta is real restricted. Open beta usually means, turn it all on, let everyone in, check the server stress and final bug squashing and polishing before declaring it officially gold. This is exactly what is going on here. Would you rather not have the shop open? Also this is a free to play game, not free. They gotta make money or it won't last long at all, I actually think most the prices are ok, except for the $10 bags should probably be more like $5 since they become almost a need by level 40 or so with all the enchantments starting to add up. But really nothing else they charge for is a real need, basic mounts and companions are easily gotten in-game, the purple cash ones may make the game a little easier but are definitely not necessary. I actually love this F2P model and have been able to play the entire game without spending a penny. No restrictions on PVP, dungeons, any of that. I also dig the questing. Hey for the cost, why not give it a try?


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