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You can only play 1 mmo the next 5yrs(free of charge)!



  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member

    There is not a single MMO available in North America today that I have the least bit of interest in playing for five years.  There are a few upcoming titles that I *hope* might have that kind of longevity, but I have my doubts.


    Eve might be a good choice though, even though I've tried and failed to get into it multiple times.

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,155Member Epic
    The only MMO I've ever played that would possibly hold me that long is SWG pre-cu. That would be my pick, but it would have to be just like it was on Bloodfin around early 2004.

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  • renstarensta Bat-YamPosts: 368Member Uncommon


    Basically clicking away text windows ruins every MMO, try to have fun instead of rushing things. Without story and lore all there is left is a bunch of mechanics.
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  • atticusbcatticusbc Posts: 1,081Member Uncommon

    i'd say GW2 because i keep going back to it, but maybe EvE because there's just so much there. ... nah GW2. and oh wait. it's already free. lackaday, what is this world coming to?

    EDIT: or maybe DFUW. i sense promise in it, and it's fun to play for a few hours then drop, which is what i need from my MMOs.

  • asyndetonasyndeton Victorville, CAPosts: 87Member Uncommon

    My Game for the past month or so has been Salem: The Crafting MMO.


    I would probably choose this or Haven and Hearth, and just have one enormous settlement at the end of the five years, probably end up creating a town. 

    I would choose either of these just because I could keep progressing my characters learning all the skills, exploring the darkness, crafting all the items, maxing my abilities. It is pretty open gameplay, and the graphics in either game dont bother me one bit, I actually find them charming.

  • MMOPapaMMOPapa Strasburg, VAPosts: 121Member
    If we could get them repopulated? Ultima Online.


  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,928Member Uncommon


    Which I will probably play the next 5 years subbed.

    Unless somebody comes along and give me a better game ... which seems highly unlikely.

  • BrucyBonusBrucyBonus londonPosts: 220Member

    None.  There are no current mmo's I could play beyond 3 months and most last more like 6 weeks before I move on.  

    Since mmo's these days are generally designed as single player games I generally treat them as single player games with the same longevity.  

  • azzamasinazzamasin Butler, OHPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon
    Neverwinter for games already released.  If I got to chose a game in development it would be ESO.

    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

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  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    Thats a hard one really..


    I think out of the current games it would either be Eve or Project Entropia.. i cant see myself playing any of the other currently available MMORPGs for 5 years without jumping off a cliff after the first few mnoths..

  • DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon

    TSW for current mmos

    Archeage for upcoming.

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  • Sho0terMcgavinSho0terMcgavin Harrisburg, PAPosts: 301Member
    For me, its easy.  Wildstar.  Game is looking great.

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member

    :scratches and yawns: City of Heroes.

    What? You didn't say it had to be a live mmo.

    I wanted to go somewhere where a RP community still existed. :shrug:

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  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon
  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,328Member Epic
    Eve.. its the only game currently in existence that i can say with any certainty that i would even be interested in playing over that kind of a time period.. have been playing since 2004 so i know what i like image
  • kizan0601kizan0601 Gadsden, ALPosts: 58Member Uncommon
    Wildstar only mmo that is currently holding my interest and its not even out yet =(
  • fivorothfivoroth LondonPosts: 3,914Member Uncommon
    Not a single MMO out on the market seems appealing to me. I have grown to hate RPGs actually and the whole levelling/item grinding is no fun for me. I don't want any kind of progression so I go for RTS games and fighters or other fun single player games. But if I really had to pick one MMO which I can play free of charge that would be World of Warcraft. If the game was B2P or something I would definitely play it from time to time - I really enjoyed the PvP aspect of the game. Other MMOs are not even worth my time even if they are completely free.

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  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon

    if i had to pick one that is currently release, then it's got to be eve.  CCP has proven to me over the years that even when they screw up, hey make it better and the game comes out stronger for it.  plus, with the players providing content along with the dev team you know it's always going to evolve.


    if i could pick a game from the future, though, perhaps EQN if it's everything it's supposed to be.

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  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,195Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Soki123

    Me too.

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  • NewfrNewfr MoscowPosts: 132Member Uncommon
    Nothing. Five years is a way too much to stick with only one MMO for me.
  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,680Member Uncommon
    If I learn how to make an mmo I'll play it for more than five years.  Other people's creations, naught.
  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon
    Of the game that are currently available, Mortal Online.  It's the only game that has the features I really want in an MMO.

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  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon

    Only one? Easily Guild Wars 2. The game is constantly being enhanced, new content and all that. Looking forwards to seeing where it's at in five years!


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  • Attend4455Attend4455 BirminghamPosts: 161Member

    That's an easy one, already been playing EVE for 5 years, another 5 years looks good.


    Which is not to say that I wouldn't play something else at the same time for a little break every now and again, it helps to spice things up. But apart from some of the new sandbox games, maybe Salem, can't see much to tempt me away atm. Titan and WoD are on the horizon but as there is almost nothing known about Titan and nothing seeming to happen on the WoD front, I'll carry on.

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  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 607Member Uncommon

    If it includes expansions, then it would have to be Skyrim.


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