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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • Med17Med17 Laziska GornePosts: 72Member Uncommon

    Here's a few unused keys;






    I will cross them out when they get used, just like above :3


  • eldressoeldresso WarsawPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by Mkilbride

    i used 


    thanks very much

    Sorry for my english. It's not my native language :)

  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon

    Here's another key for anyone interested:


    If anyone else wants a key, PM your email to me here, and I'll send you one.

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • Sven1979NSven1979N NürnbergPosts: 18Member

    Some keys people sent requests but never used:

    LCNW6CKJNC49QFU7K9L3 - used








    Have fun! ;o)

  • airicairic LAKEWOOD, CAPosts: 16Member
    Can someone hook me up with a key.
  • Sven1979NSven1979N NürnbergPosts: 18Member
    Originally posted by airic
    Can someone hook me up with a key.

    hi... u can use     LCNW6CKJNC49QFU7K9L3 

    have fun ;o)

    The code is now used.. if u or someone else need one, please message me ;o)

  • Koma7Koma7 AriljePosts: 1Member
    if anyone can send me a key, I would be more then grateful
  • Sven1979NSven1979N NürnbergPosts: 18Member
    Originally posted by Koma7
    if anyone can send me a key, I would be more then grateful

    sent ;o) have fun ;o)

  • yoshitsun3yoshitsun3 IstanbulPosts: 1Member
    hi. i really want to try this game. so, it would be great if i got one buddy key. thanks in advance
  • kei2371kei2371 HirosakiPosts: 2Member
    Could somebody send me a buddy key to I would really like to try this game! Thanks in advance!
  • espressocpespressocp Fullerton, CAPosts: 1Member
    I would very much appreciate someone taking a moment of spare time to PM me a buddy key.  If I get hooked, I'll definitely do the same for another prospective player.  Thanks in advance :)
  • m33phm33ph LjubljanaPosts: 1Member
    I can give a bunch trial keys away. PM me if you want one.
  • JimmysticksJimmysticks dgdfdfdgPosts: 4Member
    I want to test the game before i buy it, so anyone have a key for me? thx :)
  • knav13knav13 Rocklin, CAPosts: 3Member
    Would like to try this game out.  If anyone could set me up with a buddy key it would be much appreciated.
  • strawhat0981strawhat0981 Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,008Member Uncommon
    I would like to test it out before i buy also, thank you in advance if you give me a key,

    Originally posted by laokoko
    "if you want to be a game designer, you should sell your house and fund your game. Since if you won't even fund your own game, no one will".

  • snoobs13snoobs13 Erie, PAPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    Could i possibly get a key please?

  • rigo2315rigo2315 Round Rock, TXPosts: 19Member

    Hello all!

    This is a reminder that for us to send buddy keys out we need a valid email address. The codes we sometimes put up are codes that we have sent to email addresses and were never claimed, but after those are used, the only way for you all who need a key and want to try the game is to either send a PM with your email in it, or post it in the message asking for one.

    I am more than happy to send all of you who want to try it a buddy key, since its such a good game. 


    -On that note, I have 1 buddy key that was never claimed, anyone else that needs one, PM me!-


  • SeariasSearias Edmonton, ABPosts: 719Member Uncommon

    Key: 49HB8Q9NFCYCC824VUXD




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  • redrain84redrain84 Inglewood, CAPosts: 76Member Uncommon

    If I could get a key it would be greatly appreciated, just pm me.


    My email address is

  • rigo2315rigo2315 Round Rock, TXPosts: 19Member
    Originally posted by redrain84
    If I could get a key it would be greatly appreciated, just pm me.   My email address is


  • RanddRandd Raleigh, NCPosts: 409Member

    Love to try this game out, if anyone can pm me a buddykey it will be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • cybert2k2cybert2k2 Rochester, NYPosts: 10Member Uncommon
     if anyone can pm me a buddykey it will be most appreciated
  • wiseman333wiseman333 niles, MIPosts: 8Member
    I want a secret world key i also have a far cry 3 dragon blood key.  I can trade for a secret world key.
  • PrisciusPriscius East Hampton, CTPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    I'm on the fence right now about buying a copy of the Secret World from Steam. It seems like it has a pretty cool Lovecraft vibe to it.

    Would much appreciate if someone with a spare buddy key could shoot me one at

  • TheAmazingDwarfTheAmazingDwarf MadridPosts: 232Member Uncommon

    PM with a mail address, I'll send you an Invite.


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