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Honestly frustrated and dissapointed with new MMO's/MMORPGS releases.

codehazzacodehazza NorwichPosts: 15Member

Ok, I always check for the latest hypes on games, see whats in open beta or just released ect ect..


However 2012 and 2013 in my opinion have been appualing for games, I am a extremely into PVP and is it just me or are games pvp aspect being rushed? or completely failing? 


Since i started PC gaming theres only two types of pvp i can say i bloody loved which was WoW (Warsung Gulch) and Fiesta online (IDK WHY ITS WEIRD BUT I LOVED DAT SHIT)


I am looking for a new game and pretty much given up? its hopeless im just counting on wildstar and EOS to be amazing, because i CANNOT go back to old games, i feel theres to much "Catching Up" to do in gear so i just dont bother... i only play the new releases until i find a game i love.


So recently in this past week i tried TERA & Neverwinter, and honestly wtf?

Tera, i got to 60 in under a week, one boring battleground, filled with +12's 1hitting me.. and apperentaly i cant 3v3 until i somehow slit my wrists and gear up.

Neverwinter, one map, ok its pretty fun, but fuck me its shallow? LOL like seriously you get glory? and wtf do i do with it? theres one fricking vendor that only sells level 60 gear, so what am i suppose to just drift through pvp from 10-60 not buying any gear, doing the same battleground over and over .. how shallow.


Like i said i am pretty frustrated, bit of a rant but i would love to hear your guys experiences with MMORPGS as a whole, TERA and neverwinter PVP and just pretty much your thoughts on this. peace


  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

    Neverwinter's draw has NEVER EVER EVER been PvP....

    This truly is a case of "you're doing it wrong......"

    Hell, I'm pretty sure it was just tacked on....

  • codehazzacodehazza NorwichPosts: 15Member
    Yeah i agree, thrown in last minute, like comon if its all about PVE please dont just throw it in, such a waste of time.
  • pauly6478pauly6478 binghamton, NYPosts: 276Member

    Helen Keller makes better video games then this stuff.


    And its very clear that they spent more money on paying people to hit up these forums and gloat about how good this game is. 

  • codehazzacodehazza NorwichPosts: 15Member

    The problem i find at the moment is there is dedicated PVP games such as LoL, DOTA. Starcraft. but i love MMO/MMORPG pvp feel, i love battlegrounds, arenas, Open world pvp, RVR all that nice stuff...


    But try and get a game that has succesfully done that recently? and i meen provides content which is gripping and will keep you playing.. pffttt its non existent.



  • NevulusNevulus Miami Beach, FLPosts: 1,288Member Uncommon

    my goodness, NEVerwinter JUST CAME OUT!

    How are you comparing a game that JUST CAME OUT IN OPEN BETA to a game going strong for years in content? Seriously how? 


    This "instant gratification" crowd is annoying....

  • codehazzacodehazza NorwichPosts: 15Member

    Im not knocking the games PVE atall, apperentaly its superb.


    Im just really knocking the pvp, its awful, like it puts the game down just throwing it in like that. 

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