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Allods online -best ftp mmorpg

Hello everyone!
I want to introduce You with very entertaining ftp mmorpg! It is called Allods online. Its really good, high quality game and unfortunatelly there isnt so much of players i expected. Developed with a $12 million budget, it is available as a free online game with a simple registration required to play and while no ongoing subscription is required to play, some items are only available in the Items Shop but they are not game braking! Reasons why join this comunity are:

1. Very well developed gameplay. System is pretty similar with wow (also graphics), but in same time its totally different and i think its much more better than wow, but its my subjective opinion. unfortunatelly there isnt very big player base and its disapointing. This game has deserved more than it has now... Hope in future this game will be more popular than it is now!

2.It has really good graffics and runs smoothly even to my old laptop.

3.Developers are listening to players opinion and critical receptions.

4.Good pvp/pve system and original map type. 

Here is trailer:




Sorry about my english


  • David_LopanDavid_Lopan Madison, WIPosts: 812Member Uncommon
    Sorry, pretty neat game and all but the cash shop kills it for me.
  • stragen001stragen001 ReadingPosts: 1,720Member Uncommon

    *points and laughs*

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NO.

    The game itself is pretty good and reminds me a bit of Chronicles of Spellborn, but the way they implemented the cash shop made the game impossible to play without spending $$$$$$


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  • Seems like someone is clearly trying to earn through a referral program here.
  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare
    Originally posted by Guler

    Seems like someone is clearly trying to earn through a referral program here.


    Yeah... 1. First post on a same day acct, and 2. You can almost hear the Russian the guy is translating from. What's the word... rhymes with hill? Yeah, allods was not a bad game, but the cash shop is a killer. And at launch it was 10x worse. Nothing to see here.
  • reeereeereeereee Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

    Allods is too late.  Scarlet Blade is already best ftp.  Haven't you seen their advertisements?  Clearly states most anticipated game of 2013.


    To be fair... given when Allods was released, if they had only done their cash shop right it could have been wildly successful.


    The races were awesome, the story was enjoyable at least for that time, the graphics were on par with WoW's and had a more gritty feel without losing any of the cartoony charm, supposedly had some sandbox elemements late game.


    I'm actually a little sad right now.

  • deniterdeniter KouvolaPosts: 1,040Member Uncommon
    I wish this game would have had a sub option or some kind of premium pack system to ignore the annoying CS play. The game itself is great but CS kills it for many, including me.
  • AeanderAeander Walker, LAPosts: 1,186Member Rare
    I don't care for the UI or controls in Allods much either.
  • AyulinAyulin Mt marion, NYPosts: 334Member

    What everyone else said. Nice game. Looks good. The heavy-handed cash shop killed it. Sorry.

    Be less greedy next time?


    But really, Allods should be looked at as a magnification of what all Cash Shop driven MMOs are. They are all designed to make the cash shop as compulsory as possible. They don't flat out force you to spend money to enjoy it, but they do as much as they can to make the benefits of spending money seem worth it.

    Which is where my core issue with them lies...

    The entire game is designed, from the ground up, with inconveniences deliberately put in place so they can make the cash shop purchases more appealing, or even necessary for many.

    Imagine your local government paving a road, keeping it full of pot-holes, and then telling the people living along that street, "yeah, we put a bunch of holes in there and we know it's not optimal for driving and puts excessive wear and tear on your car's suspension and is just plain annoying to deal with. But hey, if you'd like to patch up those holes, it's only $5 for a bucket of asphalt!". And when people complain about it, they just say "Hey, you don't have to buy the Asphalt. It's 100% optional! Oh, but while we're at it, if you'd like nicer gutters with better drainage, we can sell you those, too. We have some nicer sidewalks as well. I mean, they're both optional and you dont' have to buy them, but it would sure make it nicer to have fewer puddles to deal with, and flatter, solid ground to walk on, wouldn't it? And besides, you can still use the road for FREE!".

    That's what Cash Shop MMOs do. All of them. Every single one.

    Difference between most other Cash Shops and Allods, is while most other MMO devs/publishers are more careful to push it only as far as they can get away with, without pissing people off, the Allods people seemed to have ignored that aspect of it altogether.

    What they did opened up a lot of people's eyes to what Cash Shops are about and how they work. Sad that it didn't open more, and people were lulled right back into compliance as soon as they saw their next batch of "FREE!!!" marketing banners.

    It's at least heartening to me, that even what - 5 years later? - F2P has yet to achieve the "stranglehold" so many predicted and pushed for it to obtain. Further, it's highly unlikely that they ever will. People have become more educated about how they work, and all the "hidden parts" of them that devs/publishers do their best to obscure, keep out of view or otherwise distract people from paying attention to in the first place ("FREE!").

    People who were once firmly on the "F2P is the future!" side of the fence have since come around to realizing that it neither is, nor should it be. They've come to realize that Subscriptions, despite uneducated or just flat out dishonest claims to the contrary, are the fairest, most straight-forward, balanced, open and honest approach there is. You know exactly what you're getting, and you know that your experience, or what you have access to, will be exactly the same as everyone else paying their subscription. There are no deliberately placed potholes in the road, and no purchase of asphalt is required to "patch them up". RMT notwithstanding, the person next to you might make $200,000 a year, while you make $25,000. It makes absolutely no difference. Your real-world wealth means nothing in the virtual world, nor should it. Just how much time you have to play them, and what you choose to do with that time. Not finding the game worth your time or money anymore? Simply cancel your subscription. Done.

    People love to spin Subs as some evil, archaic or outdated concept? Nonsense. Subs are as valid and viable as they've ever been. You have a cell phone plan? Subscription. You have Netflix? Subscription. Internet service? Subscription. Cable TV? Subscription. Magazine Subscription? Yep, Subscription. Gym Membership? Subscription. And so on. And so on. And so on. Stop your scheduled payments to any of those services and what happens? You lose access to them. Same thing with Sub-based MMOs. You're paying for access to a service. Stop paying the service, you lose access. For those who understand subscriptions and understand what that fee is for where it applies to MMOs, there's no problem. It's those who don't understand, refuse to understand, or who flat out distort reality to misinform others who have trouble with it.

    Allods's debacle with their Cash Shop demonstrated just how their developers/publishers view the game, and its players. So, in a strange kind of way, I thank the people behind Allods for showing the farce that is "F2P/Cash Shops" for what it is, by going absolutely overboard with their implementation of it.



  • MukeMuke Posts: 2,569Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    Originally posted by Guler
    Seems like someone is clearly trying to earn through a referral program here.


    Yeah... 1. First post on a same day acct, and 2. You can almost hear the Russian the guy is translating from. What's the word... rhymes with hill? Yeah, allods was not a bad game, but the cash shop is a killer. And at launch it was 10x worse. Nothing to see here.

    game looks awful, was wondering what the catch was with the 1d-1post account making a bad add post.....but next post said 'cash shop', then you know enough.

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