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Nadirim: Nadirim: The Indie Beast from the East



  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon

    I started this game, saw that my character was just gliding around and thought: "Wow that's a nasty bug."

    Then I learned this game actually does not have any animations and went: "Holy crap are they serious"

    Needless to say, my Nadirim career didn't last long.


  • JooknowJooknow Sacramento, CAPosts: 18Member

    I like the idea of this game, but after playing I wasn't incredibly impressed. 

    While I admit only playing for a couple of hours, the game felt a bit stale.  The music was nice, but the quests were typical.  I didn't feel like the combat really required any strategy (and I wish that it did feel that way).  The energy system is terrible and licks of Vindictus' token system except you get hit with a lack of energy much earlier; I ran out of it at level 5 and simply decided to go play something else and never come back.

    Also, 7.6 overall is generous, and 7.5 for innovation is ridiculous.  I will say that the game should have received a higher social rating though.  In the few hours that I played, chat was very active, friendly, and helpful.

  • bisurgebisurge Anchorage, AKPosts: 168Member Uncommon

    The art style looks great; looks somewhat like Bastion, probably because they're both hand-painted. The problem is that a lot of stuff in the game doesn't feel fluid... maybe it's the lack of animation, or the combat that is definitely not original in any way (lots of Flash games used this kind of combat in the past), but... as TotalBiscuit would say, the attacks don't feel like they have power behind them.

  • AleeacerixAleeacerix Vancouver, BCPosts: 12Member

    The storyline of this game is unique and isn't a cliche like most of the other MMORPGs. The grahpic is outstanding and more polished than other browser games. The game includes music that will entertain you for a while.

    The energy system is a letdown. It takes about 5 hours to get max energy. The GM said that the energy system is there to provide players a new concept for the gameplay which I really find it absurd and useless. You can get energy potions from quest or buy them in the itemshop. HP takes times to regenerate to the max(takes about 15 minutes). My main concern is the repetitive gameplay. Most of the quest I've play requires me to get a # of something. The combat is tile based so expect some basic gameplay. The animation in the combat is very plain and uncreative. 

    I won't recommend this game to anyone who doesn't like a lot of grind and restrictions. 

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