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Ragnarok Online 2 - Patch Fail - How i fixed Mine

kingtofukingtofu WellingtonPosts: 86Member Uncommon

For those having problem with the game client and syntax error:

Step 1) Please attempt to flush your DNS before you try again.

How to flush DNS:

1) Click "Start" button on Windows taskbar

2) Type "CMD" and press enter. You will see a black window pop up. 

3) Once window opens, type "ipconfig/flushdns"



  • kingtofukingtofu WellingtonPosts: 86Member Uncommon

    also power cycled my modem and router for about 10 seconds too, dunno if that helped also


  • AngessiAngessi Delaware, DEPosts: 5Member

    I just unplugged my router, it's just  because of my itnernet connection I think.

    Thanks for the advice though. keep it up! and for the ragna players 2 pm me ;)

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