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Congratulations Malcanis

KrematoryKrematory Posts: 571Member Uncommon

Gz Malcanis for being elected :) I'm sure you'll help making EVE an (even!) better game.


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  • Attend4455Attend4455 BirminghamPosts: 161Member


    Indeed, well done, you earned it :)



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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Very glad to see Malcanis on the CSM. Level-headed and sensible ideas - a win-win candidate.

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  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,270Member Uncommon

    Thank you.


    Note that CSM 8 hasn't actually started yet.

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  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,015Member Epic
    Congrats, good to see you on the CSM.

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  • MukeMuke Posts: 2,576Member Uncommon

    IF you make it to the Iceland meetings:




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  • tarodintarodin canovellesPosts: 117Member Uncommon
    i dont know you but congratulations!!!
  • krekenkreken Brooklyn, NYPosts: 139Member
  • pihlssitepihlssite monacoPosts: 213Member Common

    Congrats !

    I hope you will remind ccp about WiS..

  • CactusJackCactusJack South, FLPosts: 393Member Uncommon

    Haven't been on these forums in quite a long time. I log in and see you are on the CSM. 

    Congrats, Mal. Keep the PvP side of EvE something in everyone's mind. Enjoy the ride.



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  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,270Member Uncommon

    I've been working quite hard already; we've been discussing ship balancing, game economics and several other issues in some depth with the relevant devs.

    Fascinating, but quite intense. And a bit scary tbh.

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

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