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Confusing prologue

AtrusVAtrusV Posts: 305Member Uncommon

This is my first impression of the game. Today I tried it since it's going to be F2P, but I'm quite displeased with the prologue part. Trying to fair, I acknoledge the combat seems to be complex enough to keep my interested in, but the story and the aweful tutorial are one of the worst experience I ever had playing a MMO

To begin with, you start playing as a lvl 20 character, with lots of skills. I would have prefered to start without skills to learn to use them one by one. Of course, after you clear the prologue, you become lvl 1 without skills. For a newbie, the combat is confusing and the storytelling doesn't help (well, most asian MMO's arent well regarded in this aspect anyways), it's just an excuse to put you in an island with zombies and one final boss.

If I keep playing, I'll update this thread with more info. Just an advice from now, try to complete the prologue. I know it's dull but after that the game becomes better.



  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    This seems to be the general consensus of most people, luckily you can skip the prologue(of course they don't tell you that) by logging out then logging back in, you can choose to go to the prologue or start on the actual island of dawn.


    What the prologue is supposed to be apparently is something to showcase story telling, a boss fight, what combat looks like at higher levels, etc, but it doesn't do a very good job of it.


    For some reason in the prologue you can't change keybinds and they also instance part of it(could steer people the wrong way, thinking the entire game is instanced like that and that youre never able to change your keybinds).


    Currently the prologue needs a lot of work, however it does serve one purpose thats quite useful, you can check out some of a classes later skills without actually having to level up the class. Although in the prologue they keep out a few skills for no reason.


    The story on the prologue from what I gathered is that youre thrown into the first expedition to explore the mysterious island with Elleon, you are all exploring, you kill the Kumas then Karascha appears and the screen goes black, apparently Elleons expedition was wiped out.


    When you start again at level 1 you are apparently amongst a group of recruits who decided to go to the island to search for Elleon, etc, etc.


  • blizzardofme72blizzardofme72 philly, PAPosts: 2Member

    I'm really sorry to say but I felt the same way as the OP. Wish maybe I read this sooner. The game always looked amazing to me ,combat seemed really smooth and fun as well as fast paced from what I have seen in videos posted online. But after downloading enough to get into the game and start playing,,I was so turned off by it that I stopped the downloader and deleted it off.

    This is a case where maybe the developers need to listen to its community,,tho we know that will never happen in todays mmo market unless you have a mass of people pushing for it.

    After the experience I had within the prologue ,it left such a bad taste that I would find it really hard to give another try. I guess being new to the game I was expecting an actual tutorial that guided you through how to use your character and their abilities. Instead it felt like I was just tossed into a starter area to click on things and push buttons to figure it out on my own. Then after trying to fix and adjust things to make it work out it just didnt seem possible.

    Sadly like I said,it just left a bad taste and would more than likely prevent me from trying it again.

    Also not sure if it was buggy or the game is designed as such,,but did anyone else have issues with figuring out how to interact with the quest giver and completing the quest? It took a bit to figure out but then I couldnt believe thats how they intended it to work. First it would open a generic dialog box with them,,then after a second or 2 would open the actual mission text. And if you moved or clicked between ,as in trying to figure out what to do,,it would cancel out the interaction? It seemed to also work like that when returning to quest giver to turn in a quest,,it would first open the main quest window,,then after a second or 2 open the quest finish box,,and again if you moved or misclicked in between it would cancel out . It just seemed redundant and confusing.

    I really loved the look of this game,,and wanted to play it,,but that prologue killed it for me,,and fast.

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