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Vexus_XVexus_X Orlando, FLPosts: 41Member Uncommon

As they stated in the FAQ, no, it  won't be what everyone is thinking:


Will this be a MMO?  Can I play with my friends?

Yes [actually, no...], you will be able to play with your friends!  Multiplayer games encourage social bonds that go far beyond what can be accomplished in a solo player game. I remember the depth of these bonds in players who met in-game only to get married in real life, how people who died in the real world were deeply mourned and celebrated by their online friends whom they may never have met face to face. Though Shroud of the Avatar won’t be a massively multiplayer online role playing game, it will be a multiplayer game.  We will be describing this in more detail in our upcoming community blogs.




  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
    the way they explained how it works though makes it feels as if it is an mmo.  You choose how many people you want to see while you are roaming around with a meter. So you can set it basically to play solo or to play in a world full of people then it will start filling your zone with first your friends, then your friend's friends, etc.. til you get random people or hit the max
  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    Who cares if it is a real mmo or not. In my opinion the game is going to be fantastic.
  • superconductingsuperconducting Rochester, NYPosts: 861Member Uncommon

    I for one am glad it is NOT an true MMO. It is an RPG at heart with multiplayer capability, and it is going to be damn good one. But if you are still worried, the creator Richard Garriott has said it can support 10s to possibly 100s of players at a time in a certain instance. And by the way, he is a mastermind at making computer RPGs- he invented them! I suggest you check out some of his dev videos to see how carefully thought out he is.

    Think of it this way- It is one of the few games that strives to return to the good old days, when games had to be GOOD and had to have PURPOSE. When you had you a real sense of ADVENTURE.

    It is not meant to be some thrown together MMO like most are nowadays with seizure-inducing colors flying all over the place and cartoony effects taking over the entire screen.


    I am looking forward to this game the most. Why you may ask?

    - It is a true RPG with the added benefit of online capability!

    - It is a sandox where you create your own script!

    - And mostly, it is a refreshing return to the mindset where gameplay was paramount.


    RG has said himself that in the last 10 years graphics have advanced, but gameplay has lagged far behind. Well it's time to redefine the genre!

  • AstraeisAstraeis AmsterdamPosts: 362Member Uncommon

    It takes one to know one.

  • LanyzLanyz BürstadtPosts: 5Member
    "A" not "AN"
  • JayarisJayaris InvercargillPosts: 308Member

    To be honest the first I heard of this game was on this site, so I assumed it was an MMORPG. After some research I thought it was just an RPG with multiplayer.

    But, with stretch goals like:


    $2M: Players Take over the World!!!

    • Castles & Keeps effectively a new “Town Type”, where the structure is ownable by players or guilds
    • Guilds can declare war against other guilds
    • Guilds can declare as full time PVP
    • Guilds can earn a guild house and guild bank
    • Guild Tabbard/Shield/Flags useable by all members
    • Minimum of 5 castle types added to the game
    • Castle merchants with unique merchandise
    • Castle defense scenarios for most castles which can be played offline as well as online
    It looks more like an MMORPG with very limited server architecture. 


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