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The Engine

achesomaachesoma Portland, ORMember Posts: 1,052 Uncommon

Interview on Zam with lead software engineer Steve Moret on Wildstar's Engine.





  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 1,748 Uncommon
  • Sho0terMcgavinSho0terMcgavin Harrisburg, PAMember Posts: 301
    Nice find!  Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  • TinybinaTinybina Boondocks, TXMember Posts: 2,130

    Thanks for the link!  


    I read somewhere that those funny videos that they have on their site are actually taken using their game engine.  That's pretty damn nice!

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  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAMember Posts: 1,681

    i love wildstars campy art style, sure it was done in the name or wowlike low end shitty systems being able to run it, but its also adorable esp when committing atrocity level violence upon enemies!


    lets just hope they offer a dx 11 64 bit client with the ability to use the horsepower of a modern gaming pc.

  • VolkmarVolkmar EspooMember Posts: 2,501 Uncommon

    The Engine and the Network article were both very informative and giving a quite exclusive "under the hood" view to the game.

    Something I do not recall seeing much before.

    I think the fact they have their own Engine and that it has been in development since 2005 are very good positive points in favor of Wildstar. It shows that NCsoft has trust in these guys and is not pushing them at all. Having a proprietary engine is also something very important.

    So thumbs up to the OP for the article and good lucj Wildstar, you got lots of promise here :D

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  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryMember Posts: 10,719 Epic
    Wow, that was an interesting and informative article.  I love how they handle math and structure the code samples he presented.
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  • SkullagrimSkullagrim Dayton, OHMember Posts: 88 Uncommon

    It has a WoW + Ratchet and Clank look to it. Strangely enough...I like it

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