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Update #29 - Building System Prototype V2.0

ArcherBullseyeArcherBullseye Ellwood City, PAPosts: 77Member


    Well, it's been an interesting 24 hours hasn't it? Last night I talked about two, that's two BSC ideas for the price of one! First was the BSC implementation of stealth that we're considering here and its core classes, the VeilWalkers and the VeilStalkers. The second idea was the concept of possibly using The Veil as a possible (again I must stress 'a', possible and idea) method of CC. Overall, the reaction was good to the first (though a lot of fear), very mixed on the second. All I can say is, as usual, "Don't Panic" and let's learn to love and embrace the concept of throwing around ideas without too much emotion. We have a long road ahead of us and it will go so much smoother if we keep that in mind.

   Today's big news was the demonstration of the Unchained Engine with full networking hooked up. The engine and server ran beautifully, we peaked at almost 118 people with no server crashes and expected bandwidth and server usage. The best part, those 118 people ran around with particle effects on swords, chalices and people playing from all over the world. Again, keep that last phrase in mind too, all over the world. This wasn't some in-house test, we invited everyone who had a DX11 card to come and play in the demo with us from anywhere in the world. FYI, I've been part of so very many alpha builds of client/sever games and I've never had this kind of success with a build at this incredibly early stage of development. I mean, we aren't even funded yet and the Unchained Engine, unlike SmackHammer, is all new rendering tech. This is an awesome start and again, we're not even funded yet.

    The second update for tonight is Tim's improved housing demo. Look carefully at this one and compare it to the earlier demo. I think you'll notice a lot of improvements.

   Have a great night all!




  • skyexileskyexile MelbournePosts: 692Member Common

    its looking pretty nice.

    they should totally release it to the public soon, they could save heaps on development costs by having competitions to design buildings in the citys...if they're going to be built by the same means.

    also after release it would be awesome to fiddle around with the builder while at work or somethere but where you cant access the game :p and then save your blueprint to sue ingame.

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  • RaagnarzRaagnarz North Las Vegas, NVPosts: 275Member Uncommon
    In a few days they stepped that up alot. Love the angled textures/tiles and the corner appearances. Makes the game seem to me like a seige driven minecraft and that is very appealing to me. I'll be curious if they incorporate any kind of technology into the crafting to allow for movable parts like drawbridges or gates etc. Imagine building keeps and having retractable portions of the keep on the way to the throne rooms. Or pit traps...mmmm
  • NanulakNanulak USAPosts: 359Member Uncommon
    Looking better with every version.  I am so ready to play this game.


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