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What are you currently playing and waiting for?

xKopogeroxxKopogerox ShebattPosts: 68Member

I'm trying to play something, preferably F2P and still undecided. Anyways, hopefully this thread will help the community and please refrain from trolling.




For how long?

Waiting for:

Last MMO's played:

My age: 

MMO experience:

Gaming experience:




Playing: Nothing. Thinking about going back to Star Craft 2 and slight maeby on Age of Wushu.

For how long?

Waiting for: Not 100%, but I've heard good things about Black Desert, Arche Age and World of Darkness. 

Last MMO's played: ARPG - Path of Exile. MMO's World of Warcraft and DCUO Online.

My age: 27½

MMO experience: 11½ years.

Gaming experience: At least 22 years.






Starcraft oldschool aka wise/04. SWG/UO aka Wise HeRo, Light Jedi Knight pre-cu (Bria)


  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    I am currently most active in Runescape. I am in closed beta for Runescape 3 live beta and new interface testing. The full open beta should release towards the end of summer (likely? they have not set a date yet). So I am really looking foward to see the games advancement into a new version.


    The last new one I tried was... WURM. it was okay I guess...mechanically any ways. But, I quickly abandoned it after tutorial for a few reasons:


    Terrible interface - It's all tree branched out and organized in weird ways, with the fonts so tiny its hard to read anything.


    Nonsensical - While the premis is interesting the exicution is poor. I can under stand sand, swamp, and even grass slowing me down, and scaling an incline that is too steep makes sense. But tar? tar seems to be every where...ummm why? and no jump? granted in most MMO's jumping is useless any ways but, in this one... it would actually be very useful.


    Inexcusable graphics - cell shading and low poly is fine in an MMOG, if the style calls for it (like roblox, that thing is actually kinda fun); Or if it's method of deployment requires lower graphical quality. But they seem to have gone with .gif textures and .rwx models. And, they did it terribly at that. Active worlds (1995'-Present). uses things like that and their stuff looks 10 times better and lags less.


    The whole of WURM looks and feels half-hazard. I would only recommend it to the same people I would recommend to go to hell. The same goes for arrevan...Does any one remember the website from hell? it was a visual example of everything a website shouldn't be...Arrevan is the MMORPG from hell. 10 minutes and I died 3 times, once I lag walked off the edge of the world (there is no edge of world barrier), the second time i i took to much damage coming down stairs. the third time I feel through the map...just stepped on a place it was not put together at right and went right through... died and respawned outside of it and my character got stuck ina perma walk out into the void. Again i wouldn't reccomend.


    That should at least give the OP some ones to tottally avoid at all costs.


  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,924Member Uncommon

    Playing: Vanguard

    For how long? Since release in 2007, with a pause though. Tried GW1 at some point but OMG was it boring.

    Waiting for: Vanguard 2

    Last MMO's played: Lineage 2

    My age: 40


  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamPosts: 1,245Member


    For how long? Skyrim with mods for Eternity hehe

    Waiting for: The Witcher 3

    Last MMO's played:Asheron's call 2

    My age: 01-01-0000

    MMO experience:1999 AC1-AC2-Lineage2-Darkfall1-GW2 and many in between F2P none hold my attention for long.

    Gaming experience:Sinds Dark ages

  • NidwinNidwin LuxembourgPosts: 94Member

    Playing: Warhammer online AoR

    For how long? At launch, quit playing after 6-7 months because the game was crap. Came back to check 1.4.0 and only took a 2 months break to check out GW2.

    Waiting for: Part 2 of the Live event in Warhammer, nothing else matters

    Last MMO's played: Waste of my time, Aion and GW2

    My age: 44

    MMO experience: DaoC, Warhammer and all the rest not worth being mentioned

    Gaming experience : Started with Pong, and that's a long time ago
  • SkuzSkuz WorcesterPosts: 1,015Member Uncommon

    Playing: SWTOR, The Secret World

    For how long? Since launch in December 2011

    Waiting for: World of Darkness

    Last MMO's played: Guild Wars 2, DC Universe Online, Atlantica, Runes of Magic, Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning, Age of Conan, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, EverQuest, Ultima Online

    My age: 42

    MMO experience: 15 years

    Gaming experience: 29 years

  • SlickShoesSlickShoes EdinburghPosts: 1,019Member Uncommon

    Playing: League Of Legends, Counter Strike: GO

    For how long: as many hours as I can cram in?

    Waiting for: A good MMO, DayZ Standalone

    Last MMO's played: World Of Warcraft, FFXIV Beta

    My age: 30

    MMO experience: 8 years

    Gaming experience: my life

  • QuirhidQuirhid TamperePosts: 6,230Member Uncommon


    Playing: Eve Online, War Thunder, in the process of finishing Bioshock Infinite and Skyrim with all its added content.

    For how long? With Eve, on and off for about two years now. The current stretch is about 5 months long so far. War Thunder for 6 months now.

    Waiting for: Anything  new, anything different, anything good. The only game I'm really hyped for currently is Rome 2: Total War.

    Last MMO's played: In recent memory? World of Warplanes, Guild Wars 2, sampled many, many others. The whole list is rather long and I wouldn't even remember the names of half of the MMO's I've tried.

    My age: 25 ...I think

    MMO experience: 9 years

    Gaming experience: 19 years


    I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been -Wayne Gretzky

  • KurushKurush Irvine, CAPosts: 1,303Member

    For released online games, Planetside 2 and LoL get most of my playtime.  I can play those games in short chunks, so they're nice here and there.

    For stuff still baking, I'm really liking Dragon's Prophet.  Ways to go with it, but it feels nice in my hands.  And I fell in love with the early beta of Firefall.  Haven't played it in forever, though.  I might get back into it during launch.

    Tribes and Phantasy Star Online 2 have been really good to me, also.  PSO2 was awesome (played on JP servers using a fan translation).  I took a break to wait for the NA launch, and guess what?  Yeah, they delayed it.  I might jump back into the JP version.

    For single-player games, I've still got Skyrim waiting for me to finish.  I have this problem with TES games (Bethesda games in general, really).  I just spend enormous amounts of time powering up my char before I even begin to deal with the main storyline, so the game gets boring, and I stop playing.  I'm lvl 70 something, and between potions, buffed crafting, and enchantments, you become nearly invincible.  I always found that odd about TES games.  Combat skills are largely irrelevant.  Crafting is always what breaks them. :P

    Oh, and I try to ignore my Steam account.  Those bastards have too many sales.  I'm sitting on several dozen really amazing and really unplayed titles.  I've got like 20% of my Steam account installed, and only a few games beyond that, and I've used up 320 GB on my HDD.

    What am I waiting for?  Neverwinter is looking like it's worth a try.  Kinda wish the character building was closer to actual D&D, but I loved Champions Online, so I'll give it a shot based on my respect for Cryptic.  It doesn't really count since I've already played these, but I'm pretty eager for the launches of Dragon's Prophet, Firefall, and the NA launch of PSO2.

    Oh, right.  The other stuff.

    Age: Something (my profile age isn't accurate).

    Video Game Experience: Yeah, since I was a little kid.

    MMO Experience: Uh.  My first online games were text-based RPG's.  Those were persistent world games with hundreds of players online in the same world at the same time.  Does that count?  I guess that would make it . . .  Jesus Christ.  How can it possibly be that long? :/


  • EmrendilEmrendil TirionPosts: 199Member
    I've been playing Tera for the pas 2 months and switching to Neverwinter tomorrow. And planing to stay on Neverwinter for quite some time.
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 1,850Member Rare
    Playing: Vendetta Online
    How long: 9 years, 10 months solid
    Waiting for: pathfinder online looks interesting. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the Oculus Rift does for gaming.
    Last mmorpg(s) played: Dragon's Nest, Neocron, Rift, World of Warcraft
    Age: 32
    mmorpg xp: 9 years
    vg xp: 26 years

    "To be what you are not, experience what you are not." -Saint John of the Cross
    Authored 131 missions in Vendetta Online
    Check it out on Steam

  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon

    Playing GW2 since release with a little Defiance and MineCraft on the side.


    Waiting for nothing, I'm good with these.


    Age 48, been playing since Pong was new.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon

    I have not logged into an MMO since January. I keep saying I might log into GW2 this week but end up going thru the weeks without logging in. 

    What have I been doing instead? Painting Warhammer 40k  and  Warmachine/hordes minitures.  Trying to get some tabletop games in when I can.

    Am I awaiting a game? Yes. Everquest Next. I might dabble with GW2 on and off  untill it comes out. However I have a warmachine tournament I plan to attend at GIGABITES cafe in Atlanta GA on May 18th. I would like to get as much of my army painted for it as possible, and. I'm a slow painter. So I doubt I will computer game at all untill then.

    Age just turned 39.

  • ScambugScambug EUPosts: 571Member Uncommon

    Playing: Darkfall

    For how long? The game launched last week.

    Waiting for: World of Darkness.

    Last MMO's played: Age of Conan, The Secret World, Warhammer (an old account I reactivated)..

    My age: 37

    MMO experience: 11 years. My first was Asheron's Call 2.

    Gaming experience: I started with arcade games like Pacman and Space invaders when I was about 5. Then at 7, my parents got an Apple IIc and I started playing my first RPGs. Later, in my teens I played mostly sports games on playstation (i didn't have a computer). I only really got back to PC gaming after college, at 22.

    I've played most major releases since AC2 but the only one I've managed to stick with longer than a couple months is WoW (5 years straight + several returns).

    Now I'm sick to death of quest progression and I can't stomach another themepark clone so I'll be playing exclusively sandboxes or PvP centric MMOs like Warhammer/CU from now on.

    Darkfall is reviving my interest in the genre, I'm finding in this game just about everything I enjoyed in the first MMOs I tried that made me love the genre.

    Good luck finding a good MMO that suits your needs, OP.

  • nethervoidnethervoid xanex, CAPosts: 531Member Uncommon


    Playing: World of Tanks and War Thunder

    For how long? About 2 years

    Waiting for: I'm looking for an MMOFPS to play... Not many around, and none are any good. Was hoping Defiance would be awesome, but alas it's crap. Standalone Day Z would work. Since I have a combat oriented youtube channel I kinda have to stick to games where you can blow sht up. lol

    Last MMO's played: Tried to go back to EVE and WoW, but didn't take.

    My age: 38

    MMO experience:17 years (when UO went gold)

    Gaming experience: I still own a working Atari 2600 lol


    nethervoid - Est. '97
    24k subs YouTube Gaming channel

  • ZedTheRockZedTheRock Florence, KYPosts: 172Member


    Playing: Neverwinter and Skyrim

    For how long? Since Yesterday's Open Beta for Founders opened

    Waiting for: Elder Scrolls Online, EQNext (maybe) and Wildstar (Maybe)

    Last MMO's played: GW2 for 7 months (last 3 months very very casually like 2-3 hours per week)

    My age: 42

    MMO experience: Started with Asheron's Call in Nov 1999, onto DAoC for 2 years, WoW for 6 years, GW2 with a ton of others in between nothing longer then 1-2 months with most being a few days at most.

    Gaming experience: AD&D in 1982, Pong when it came out, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Magic the Gathering and then onto MMO's.



  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    Playing: TERA

    For how long? About 15 months now on/off including betas...

    Waiting for:  Archeage(lesser extent), Black Desert.

    Last MMO's played: Rift, TERA, GW2.

    My age: 20

    MMO experience: It's been 10 years since I started playing them...

    Gaming experience: Since I was a wee lass.


  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member


    Playing: ToME, DCSS, AA3,

    For how long? Two weeks more or less

    Waiting for: Divinity: Original Sin, possibly EQ Next if SoE doesn't screw it up

    Last MMO's played: Within the past couple of months, Planetside 2, Tera, EQ1, Minions of Mirth, Wushu

    My age: 22

    MMO experience: 13 years

    Gaming experience: 16-17 years


  • ClaudeSuamOramClaudeSuamOram Hartville, OHPosts: 122Member

    Playing: Allods Online


    Waiting for: EQNext/ESO or anything else that may be different.

  • CthulhuPuffsCthulhuPuffs Henderson, NVPosts: 368Member Uncommon

    Playing: Skyrim and occasionally some F2P MMOs (STO, DCUO, APB:R, WoT)

    For how long? Until something good is released

    Waiting for: The Repopulation

    Last MMO's played: As in Paid for and Subbed? SWG

    My age: 48

    MMO experience: Started MMOs with EQ1 and have tried/played just about every one since.

    Gaming experience: Didnt get into gaming until Computers (96?) unless you count playing AD&D as a teen

    Bringer of Eternal Darkness and Despair, but also a Nutritious way to start your Morning.

    Games Played: Too Many

  • lolunaticlolunatic Mesa, AZPosts: 108Member

    Playing: Age of Wushu for the most part, i get on other games every now and then, but nothing serious.

    For how long?: About 4 weeks, played a week about before offical launch, and then rerolled onto BLACK TORTOISE.

    Waiting for: Wildstar

    Last MMO's played:Guild wars 2, WoW, a little EVE, i got on AoC for like 5 minutes. thats all just recently, like (6-8  months)

    My age:  17

    MMO experience: Been playing mmos since i was like 9 or 10, started with wow. I took some breaks but have been pretty much been playing any mmo that comes out for a while then eventually bailing since like 11-12ish years old LOL, wushu is ok, but I'm feeling the burn out already. Hoping wildstar will itch my itch with the 40m raids, bg/arena pvp (wowish pvp) but a lot more skill shots from the targeting system etc, and leveling paths seem pretty rad.

    Gaming experience: Been playing games as long as I could rememeber, ofc I play any big title that comes out but none of them ever hit home like that first mmo experience, so its kinda like, who gives a crap.

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