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Do you think there are parts of Azeroth that were made to resemble locations in the real world?

Cartographer94Cartographer94 Denver, COMember Posts: 5

Do you think there are parts of Azeroth that were made to resemble locations in the real world? I am looking for help to see if places of Azeroth resemble locations that are around you or places that you have visited. I want to see if the creators of World of Warcraft wanted to make certain areas of Azeroth resemble places of the world to make the game seem more memorable to people.



  • RaklenRaklen Denver, COMember Posts: 11
    Yes I do believe so.
  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEMember Posts: 258 Uncommon

    interesting thought, any examples?

    I live in Maine which most of the year resembles Northrend :)

  • equinoxsolarequinoxsolar chelsmfordMember Posts: 18



    Ntional stereotypes yes - actual real world locations no.

  • VolgoreVolgore Member Posts: 3,338 Rare
    Not exactly resembling the real world, but some say the Ungoro Crater is based on the Ngorongoro Crater.


  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INMember Posts: 5,035 Uncommon

    Resemble?  Yes.  Shimmering Flats pre-Cata modeled after the salt flats in the US.


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  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAMember Posts: 2,409 Uncommon
    I read somewhere that South Shore, the Alliance hub is based on Lake Tahoe.
  • ghostfaeriesghostfaeries the Land of OooMember Posts: 87 Uncommon
    I've heard of different things in WoW relating to real life a couple times but not specific zones.
  • Cartographer94Cartographer94 Denver, COMember Posts: 5
    I have been looking around and so far I have found that the northern barrens resemble the serengeti but other thant that i have yet to find areas that are very similar to other places.


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