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What games are you currently playing and why? [April]

KanylKanyl a cold placePosts: 252Member Uncommon

Oh noes! I totally missed last month, so I am trying to get back on track again!

New month, new games!


I am currently playing:

Uncharted 3 (PS3) - Because the two other games were awesome!

Lord of the Rings Online - Just started, but still having a good time in this wonderful game!

Guild Wars 2 - If I want to get some fast action, without spending a lot of time!


Trying to get some time to play Vanguard, Everquest 2 and The Secret World. But I can't handle the slow leveling, the grind of AAs and I am not in a mood of "modern day" theme mmorpg right now!


So, what are YOU currently playing?



  • clumsytoes44clumsytoes44 portland, ORPosts: 463Member Uncommon
    Playing Lotro for the most part, some star ocean on the ps3, and skyrim.
  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    I'm playing Farming Smulator 2013, for kicks.
  • BigHatLoganBigHatLogan Bellingham, WAPosts: 688Member
    Darkfall: UW FOR FULL LOOT!!!! RAWR!!!

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    I will play no more MMORPGs until somethign good comes out!

  • ReizlaReizla 3,884Member Uncommon

    Star Wars - The old Republic (~70 days till the timecard + RotHC time is over - won't resub)

    X-COM enemy unknown (I do want to get to the end for once)

    Warframe (didn't know a 3rd person shooter could be so much fun)

    Papo & Yo (bought it yesterday on Steam and LOVE IT!)

    Neverwinter (beta weekends 2-4 and can't wait to get started next week)

    AsRock 990FX Extreme3
    AMD Phenom II 1090T ~3.2Ghz
    GEiL 16Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
    ASUS GTX970 3x HD monitor 1920x1080

  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon



    Sith Warrior - Story of Hate and Love
    Imperial Agent - Rise of Cipher Nine
    Imperial Agent - Hunt for the Eagle Part 1

  • suckm3suckm3 PilsenPosts: 187Member Uncommon





    Eve Online 

    Arma II - DayZ

    Diablo 3

    and can't wait for Neverwinter :D


    when I quit WoW after 7 years so I have plenty free time to spend :)

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  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Planning on starting Tales of maj'eyal later tonight.

    I'm thinking of getting Sword of the Stars: The Pit, but haven't decided yet. Mayber after i'm done with ToME.

  • healboothealboot key west, FLPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    Eldevin realy enjoying this little browser gem while I wait for Neverwinter :)


  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    Just beat Bioshock: Infinite


    Guild Wars 2

    Natural Selection 2

    Dota 2

    Dragon's Dogma (PS3)

    Endless Space

    War of the Roses



    Deus Ex: HR

    Honestly there's a lot of other really good games out as well. Too many to play, I'm basically switching between the ones above. Taking forever lol.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    Kingdoms of Amalur

    Dragon Nest

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Waiting for Neverwinter to release...

  • ionxeelionxeel Posts: 303Member Uncommon

    CoD: BO 2 on PC - really fun shooter if I want some fast action, now that I have less time to play

    Tera - bougth it 2 weeks before it went f2p for founder perks, and I think I finally found the mmo for me

  • vocal1vocal1 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4Member

    Replaying Bioshock Infinite on 1999 mode. - I played it on normal first. But now I want a challenge.

    Still playing Skyrim. - It's fun. And I have to pass the game one of these days.

    Resident Evil 6 on pc. - Playing co op with my GF.

    Assassin's Creed 3 - I want to play this before AC 4 comes out.

    Dishonoroed - I have to pass this game.

  • fivorothfivoroth LondonPosts: 3,914Member Uncommon
    Starcraft 2 only. I left my Xbox back home and I don't think it's a good idea to go get it right before the exam period begins :D

    Mission in life: Vanquish all trolls - especially TESO, WOW and GW2 trolls.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon

    I am playing nothing atm... ;(

    I have played everything worth playing...


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Ps2 - best mmo pvp of the past decade.
    Skyrim - better pve than any current mmo.
    Minecraft - scratches my sandbox itch.

    Looking forwards to. (this year)
    The new terraria update.
    Witcher 3

    Looking forwards to (long term)

    Looking forwards to (if made)
    Elite 4
  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    I'm currently only playing the Planet Explorers Alpha build. It's pretty much everything I wished Minecraft was and more already and it's only an incomplete Alpha build at this point. I can't seem to get enough of this game! I can't wait to see what they implement in future Alpha and Beta releases.




  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo LondonPosts: 3,219Member Uncommon
    • Fifa13 (iOS)
    • Atom Zombie Smasher
    • Monaco (on 24th - excited!! )
    • FTL (still much to do in this game eg mods)

    ...The Banner Saga - Factions, a spin too if enough time (f2p)

  • drchocapicdrchocapic ParisPosts: 27Member
    Baldur's Gate Trilogy, because it's Baldur's Gate.
  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    Tera - Black ops2 - Planetside2
  • TsumoroTsumoro EozeaPosts: 427Member Uncommon

    I am playing several games at the moment, depending on the occasion...


    On my own...


    Dragon's Dogma, Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Ni No Kuni and Bioshock Infinite


    with friends


    Defiance, Smite, Terraria and Blood (from GOG including the wonderful DOSBOX)

  • RynemRynem NirksaPosts: 5Member
    I also playing different games, I played League of legends occassionally then Guild Wars 2 for social game Candy crush ahahaha
  • DAS1337DAS1337 Posts: 2,515Member Uncommon

    You can't really actively play more than a few titles at a time.  I completely disregard anyones post that has more than 5 titles in it.  


    I'm playing Defiance.  

    I also picked up Don't Starve from steam, it's a pretty cool little game.


    I'll likely go back to Skyrim when I get bored of these.


    I'll likely play TESO when it launches until I hit max level.  Then I'll probably get really bored.


    I'm still waiting for a virtual world sim like Ultima Online.  Nothing can really keep my attention anymore.

  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamPosts: 1,245Member

    Oblivion at work

    Skyrim at home

    or Dishonered

  • davc123davc123 sloPosts: 401Member Uncommon
    POE because is great ARPG  f2p and not  pw2!
  • BizkitNLBizkitNL NetherlandsPosts: 2,350Member Uncommon
    Fire Emblem Awakening.
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