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Siege failures



  • EdelbertEdelbert Bad BramstedtMember Posts: 67
    Originally posted by maccarthur2004
    From Lineage II, i know that Jake Song knows how to do good siege systens, so i hope he didn't forget.    

    Jake Song didn't do much with Lineage 2. He created Lineage and especially Lineage I. He's the kind of guy who leads and plans projects, you know.

  • edenzeroedenzero Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 16
    He supervised or was like someone there to count with ideas or etc, but he was involved with Lineage II as well.
  • JuggernaughtManJuggernaughtMan mahwah, NJMember Posts: 22

    People who are saying 50v50 is too small I think are forgetting that multiple seiges could be taking place at a given time across multiple fronts.


    Im imagining this system will be something akin to RISK and personally I find that awesome. Adds a level of strategy to the system and allows for long term planning by guilds and alliances.

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