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Epic Game Ideas that need a sequel

DrolkinDrolkin Palio, NBPosts: 246Member Uncommon

Shattered Galaxy

Atlantica Online


Add away!


  • ScottgunScottgun Ladson, SCPosts: 528Member Uncommon
    A complete start-from-scratch sequel to Pirates of the Burning Sea.
  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common

    Ultima Online, that's the obvious one.


    Dark Age of Camelot.


    And for non MMOs- Dungeon Keeper. Though imagine if that multiplayer aspect was expanded....


    In Dungeon Keeper, you could possess some of your minions and use their abilities in a Doom like setting. You could fight the heroes, clerics, fighters, paladins, that tried to invade your dungeon.

    What if, people could look on a server browser, and hop into invasions going on in a Keeper's dungeon? They'd just take the place of the AI and try to fight their way to the heart of the dungeon. You could even join as a group of friends, and invade your buddies dungeon.

    Take it even a step further and it could be some sort of territory control, or score for how many hero parties you've killed. Man, why did EA have to kill Bullfrog.

  • RictisRictis UnknownPosts: 1,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Drolkin
    Shattered Galaxy Atlantica Online   Add away!

    Atlantica is an awesome game, I wish they could take that concept and really build on it. Aside from that I would really love to see Terry Goodkind's series The Sword of Truth novels to be made into an MMORPG. I know that its not a game yet but I really want to see it turn into an MMORPG ... wishful thinking and all that jaz.


    I could also see the following games:


    Pirates 101 (its pretty fun)

    Borderlands MMOFPS

    Eve - 2 (without the learning curve and a better ui etc+)

    There are a lot of games that deserve a sequel, however too many designers push them in the wrong direction.


  • vocal1vocal1 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4Member

    Jurassic Park Trespasser. It influence valve on HL2. JPT had great ideas,  but too many bugs. I would love to see a sequel or a remake since Jurassic Park 4 is being made.


  • Ultima VII.
  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member

    Vanguard.  Or at least a revamped version with a new graphics engine.

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