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[Column] ArcheAge: English Videos and Korean Updates



  • EladiEladi ArnhemPosts: 1,106Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sovrath
    Originally posted by Vorthanion
    What is it with Asian fantasy games that always add content that turns them into steampunk or even worse.  That car would fit in today's world, not the fantasy / medieval world of Archeage.  What's next, replace gliders with jets and maybe throw in a waverunner for some fun watersports?

    I've got to agree with you here.

    I hate it when they add anachronstic items to their Medieval fantasy games.

    I believe there is a disco in this game as well.

    In general Asians do see the game as FUN. Not a direct simulations whit high level or realism.  AA was from the beginning developed as a steam punk / renaissance game whit a lot of influences from the ages 1400-1800 in Europe and in Asia  Community is very important so their games reflect that. Western games have totally abandoned any design whit community in mind, Here solo play and fast gain are far more important then making new friends.

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon

    A Twitch streamer, he is Korean but will answer and speak in English. Sadly he keeps none of his older stream backed up it seems.


  • WhiskyBobWhiskyBob GdyniaPosts: 2Member Common
    Take ArcheAge, remove all the korean gayness - great game. 
  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,768Member Uncommon
    I hate it when they mix modern era things, into medieval games as well. It totally screws up immersion and throws off any theme they were originally going for. If they want to have cars, then they should make them look like they fit in the world. The idea of a disco, I don't know where that came but eew, and then there's the matter of the women in the 1960's playboy bunny outfits...I mean....what???? =|
    I don't mind having the content/functions these places in the game have, but why can't it fit the actual aesthetic/setting of the game?
  • DahkohtDahkoht Pelham, ALPosts: 479Member Uncommon
    "Take away the Korean gayness"

    Hopefully this aspect will keep players with a mentality like you far away - makes it even better.
  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Columbus, OHPosts: 519Member Uncommon
    That picture of a car made me go from hopeful buyer to never touch with a 10 foot pole.
  • NakaweNakawe Perry, MEPosts: 14Member

    I for one welcome steampunk....I am so tired of current themepark MMO's, ie wow clones.  This game seems to be going in the right direction, more sandboxes...It is IMHO the best upcoming mmo on the market that fits my play stlye.

  • GranDuxGranDux Phoenix, AZPosts: 70Member
    Originally posted by WhiskyBob
    Take ArcheAge, remove all the korean gayness - great game. 

    The cultural intolerance and ignorance of some North-American players never ceases to amaze me. Not to say that ArcheAge is a bad game (if it was bad no one would be playing the game now. There are plenty from America and Europe playing ArcheAge now which is one of the reasons why the game is being mentioned in the first place. ) but more often than not these games are becoming generic replicas thanks in-part to the "westernization" process of fail and reflects badly upon the gaming market in the whole in it's apparent lack of diversity.

    All games are universal in part that they are meant to be enjoyed. Just because the game is made in korea does not mean that the culture around it is sub-standard to yours. I just see another potentially unique or good game dumbed down to the grits and or turned PG-13 (like every other overflowing generic MMO game on the market now). A shame more diversity is seen at a local market or college, but apparently Korean games are voodoo.

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