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[Dev Journal] Neverwinter: Crafting Professions Shine in New Developer Blog



  • UhwopUhwop Wilm, DEPosts: 1,778Member Uncommon

    It's a free to play game with a cash shop, the horror. 

    Some of you really need to come down off your high horses, and stop acting like the worlds biggest nerds just because you're on the internet. 

    Awful lot of forum posters on the internet could use a serious dose of dignity. 

  • phradenphraden East Lansing, MIPosts: 28Member

    Bitch if they do bitch if they don't. If it was P2P people would complain that 15$ a month is too much to pay for an online game (it isn't btw), but now that it's an F2P game they'll find reasons to down it.

    From all the betas it was a very solid game. From what I could find while searching during game, you can only trade ZEN to players for Astral Diamonds. Theres an interface that allows people to put up essentially instant buy-out auctions, requesting a certain amount of Astral Diamonds for a certain amount of ZEN or vice versa, thus not creaing any new Astral Diamonds in the process. If this is changed, point to me where in the main city you can find a straight ZEN to Astral Diamond transfer, that is strictly NPC involved.

  • Hordequester8Hordequester8 Fort Wayne, INPosts: 54Member
    Originally posted by Manolios
    Originally posted by Dihoru
    Originally posted by Manolios
    Originally posted by MarlonB
    "you’ll be able to advance in the five professions of LeadershipMailsmithingPlatesmithingLeatherworking, and Tailoring, and start giving your character an extra edge in combat" "Want your tasks to move more quickly?  No problem!  You can spend astral diamonds to speed up tasks".   Good to know you can buy these advantages.


    another p2w. nty once more

    Yes another p2w...where Astral Diamonds are earned ingame exclusively or could be trade for (Player to player trade) with zen, indeed, very pay 2 win.


    btw can you tell me how zen will get in to the game? some1 must pay to get them in i guess, or am i wrong?

    /sarcasm off



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