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[TR] [Connery] - The Opposition Force - Military Realism Outfit



  • PathitePathite Mukilteo, WAPosts: 6Member

    Are you currently lacking teamwork and coordination during the recently introduced alert system? Are you looking to enhance your play experience?


    Join The Opposition Force today!


  • MrCleaverMrCleaver scottsdale, AZPosts: 4Member
    Looking for more teamwork, then join up with B-Dog's communication is key platoon and see what we are all about.
  • UrbanStriderUrbanStrider Vancouver, BCPosts: 3Member
    I didn't believe it when I joined, but OP4 is seriously one of the only squads that actually seems to get the objectives done on a consistent basis. If you can listen to orders and do what you're told (or die trying) this is definitely the outfit you should look into.
  • PathitePathite Mukilteo, WAPosts: 6Member

    The Terran Republic requires your best, soldier. Too many times the Vanu Sovereignty and the New Conglomerate have been on the top during Alerts.


    Join The Opposition Force and be a part of something great.

    Unified communications, coordinated assaults with other outfit deployments, and a squad leader mentorship program are just a few benefits that you too can take advantage of.



    Burn the heretical rebels, purge the unclean alien lovers off the face of Auraxis.



    Loyalty until death! Strength in unity!

  • UrbanStriderUrbanStrider Vancouver, BCPosts: 3Member
    Frustrated with zergs not getting the objectives done? Why not check out a clan that prides itself on getting the cap, getting the exp, and getting those certs. Get out of the zerg, and reap the benefits. Join OP4.
  • thegreenslimethegreenslime Vancouver, WAPosts: 1Member
    Recently joined this outfit and have had a blast with the great teamwork and competative drive among its members. If you are looking for teamwork, look no further!
  • markdmarkd 29, CAPosts: 1Member
    Good group of guys and good teamwork. Definitely reccomend checkthing the OP4 out!
  • RickyCRickyC Houston, TXPosts: 10Member
    Guys this is the Clan U want to be part of  come and join are war
  • KoolKatzKoolKatz HararePosts: 7Member

             ____                ___                     ___
            /                   /                __   /            
           /                  /                / _             
          /  /              /  /         /  /  /             
         /  /  /            /  /  /   _   /  /  /              
        /  /  /    _      /  /  /_/  /  /       __           
       /  /  /    /  /  /    /  /  /__/  /       _______      
      /  /  /    /  /  /    /  /  /____/        /_______/     
     /  /  /__/  /  /    /  /  /                                       
    /  /  /___/  /    /  /  /                                      _
    /________/     /_ /                                      /__/

    Defying the impossible.

  • UrbanStriderUrbanStrider Vancouver, BCPosts: 3Member
    If you like playing in our Communication is Key Platoon (CKP) look into OP4! OP4 is the vanguard, rearguard, sideguard, and point pusher of the CKP. Submit and application to OP4 and get a step ahead of the zerg.
  • KoolKatzKoolKatz HararePosts: 7Member

    Are you fit enough to be an OP4 member?  Take KoolKatz one question test to find out!

    Question 1: You are taking a leisurely stroll on one of PlanetSide2’s Continents. Out of nowhere a pimped out OP4 Sunderer deploys under a bridge near you. You decide it’s time to shine, which of the following do you do…

    a) Place some mines/C-4 near the ballin’ OP4 Sunderer. You figure this will keep unwanted enemy vehicles from getting too close.

    b) Make your way to the bling-bling OP4 Sunderer and hop on one of the turrets. It’s time to go blazing and light those enemies up!

    c) Contemplate the meaning of life in PlanetSide2. You begin to wonder why PlanetSide2 has vegetation but no wild animals, or is it perhaps that the players embody the wild animals in this endless war.

    d) You spot OP4 members forming around a specific OP4 player (presumably some sort of Mother Duck). You try to fit in as best as you can as one of Mother Duck’s ducklings as she ingeniously guides you and the rest of the OP4 members to Alpha point safe and sound.


    If you picked a) your intentions might have been right, but the result could have catastrophic. Had someone detonated one of your explosives the totally rad OP4 Sunderer could have gone down. Nothing a little training can’t fix, join now!

    If you picked b) you have the heart of a warrior and the brain of a chipmunk. You shouldn’t try to attract any enemy attention towards a friendly Sunderer. Nothing a little training can’t fix, join now!

    If you picked c) it probably best for you to lessen the dosage, join a book club or begin your profession as a philosopher. Nothing a little training can’t fix, join now!

    If you picked d) you’re a natural. Adapting to different situations and following orders is your strength, grab the recruitment sheet and apply today!


  • miles78901miles78901 east elmhurst, NYPosts: 8Member
    Top notch clan that can turn you into a top notch player
  • RickyCRickyC Houston, TXPosts: 10Member
    Top Team Play  mornings and nights very very fun to play with OP4 
  • RadantRadant New York, NYPosts: 3Member
    Highlight of my day is playing with these guys, perfect mix of tactics/discipline and laidback fun. Check them out and see what I mean!
  • RickyCRickyC Houston, TXPosts: 10Member
    This outfit is the best one i have ever been on in my 3 years of playing mmo games join us and  see it for yourself
  • ABrownWhiteGuyABrownWhiteGuy Dardanelle, ARPosts: 3Member
    Best clan in my opinion :)
  • trued_2trued_2 Glencoe, MNPosts: 12Member
    If you like to play tactically you will love this outfit, been with them since BF3, and its worth the first 2 weeks of being on the bottom of the rank structure. 
  • ABrownWhiteGuyABrownWhiteGuy Dardanelle, ARPosts: 3Member
    you guys are awesome :)
  • trued_2trued_2 Glencoe, MNPosts: 12Member
    Everyday were suicideing!
  • OpapanaxOpapanax Rochester, NYPosts: 973Member

    This thread and the last half dozen responders are so suspect...


    EDIT: Oh yea and VAAANNNUUUUU!!!

    PM before you report at least or you could just block.

  • trued_2trued_2 Glencoe, MNPosts: 12Member
    Ever held off a platoon for half an hour or longer, with half a squad? The-OP4 has.
  • RickyCRickyC Houston, TXPosts: 10Member
  • KoolKatzKoolKatz HararePosts: 7Member

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a post,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great bump.
    Four-score Mod's and Four-score more,
    Could not make the thread how it was before.

    Feeling physically shattered and mentally scrambled? The Opposition Force can make you feel whole again. Enlist now and it will be over easy!

  • ABrownWhiteGuyABrownWhiteGuy Dardanelle, ARPosts: 3Member
    Join us if you're OP4 the challenge :) 
  • trued_2trued_2 Glencoe, MNPosts: 12Member
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