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Other MMORPG forums - CU

tauraktaurak rock cave, WVPosts: 174Member

Guys we need to start hitting other forums about video games with info about CU, and links and stuff. Talk to people in other games you play about it.

I'm thinking of resubbing to WoW for a month just to spam trade about CU.

We HAVE to get this game made.

Hit the VM boards, and everything you can think of guys!

No disrespect to intended here, but not everyone who plays games comes here, we really gotta get the word out more!


  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAPosts: 861Member Common
    I agree. There are the big boys like NeoGaf (which has a great thread up and some great info but that board moves so fast that it you blink, you can miss an entire Gen, which sucks because it is probably the most important gaming forum online now, and is arguably the best one ever) and 4chan, which... well, it's effiing 4chan.

    A lot of them are either quite small or, because of popularity, rife with bored pseudo-intellectual elitists who feel smarter the more they try to make others feel stupid and frequent those forums with the most fodder to facilitate said endeavor. (And yes, I appreciate the irony in that last statement. None of us are perfect.)

    However, I will try! We have kind of beaten this deceased equine mount into a pile of ponderous pulp here... though I will always support the site!
  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    I would love to get this game funded.


    But I do not like the "solutions" you bring.


    I always hated people doing this.


    When people in another game talks about another game is better or should get funded.


    Feel free to inform players on other forums though.


    Instead of subbing to WoW.. You could pledge extra?

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  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Yahoo, COPosts: 4,990Member
    Originally posted by taurak
    I'm thinking of resubbing to WoW for a month just to spam trade about CU.

    Yeah, that will go over real well. Be prepared to get flamed to no end if you do. Why would you even think that would work? Would you want to hear someone slamming the current game they're playing to spam advertise for another one? This game isn't even really marketable for many that enjoy WoW gameplay.

    1. For god's sake mmo gamers, enough with the analogies. They're unnecessary and your comparisons are terrible, dissimilar, and illogical.

    2. To posters feeling the need to state how f2p really isn't f2p: Players understand the concept. You aren't privy to some secret the rest are missing. You're embarrassing yourself.

    3. Yes, Cpt. Obvious, we're not industry experts. Now run along and let the big people use the forums for their purpose.

  • tauraktaurak rock cave, WVPosts: 174Member

    From my experiences, a lot of people play wow because there is nothing else.

    Think about it.

    Really there IS nothing else to play, unless you want to go back 10 years and play DAoC.

  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by taurak
    From my experiences, a lot of people play wow because there is nothing else. Think about it. Really there IS nothing else to play, unless you want to go back 10 years and play DAoC.

    I think many of those games are MMOs. Come to think of it, WoW isn't even near the top of that list.

    Spamming in-game chat with adverts is a terrible idea.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,017Member Epic
    IMO if people are playing WOW the are not the target market for this title. You'd have more luck in PS2 or even forums for shooters.

    This title is so different from core DAOC it doesn't even excite the majority of those fans to fund it.

    Not hardcore enough for DFUW/MO/UO fans, not sandboxy enough for EVE/UO/SWG fans, no PVE raiding which encompasses almost all the rest and who really is left?

    Apparently a very small niche of loyal players.

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  • GyrusGyrus Lost City of ZPosts: 2,413Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by taurak
    Guys we need to start hitting other forums about video games with info about CU, and links and stuff. Talk to people in other games you play about it. I'm thinking of resubbing to WoW for a month just to spam trade about CU. ...

    Er... so you are going to resub to WoW... to spam the chat...

    What name will you use?  adgdiithet987?  

    You know... like all the other chat spammers peddling other stuff?  Like GOLD for example?

    Think about it - what is it that is the main complaint about gold sellers?  That they spam chat?

    And Mark Jacobs hates gold sellers - do you think he would support this tactic?

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  • morbuskabismorbuskabis RodonPosts: 290Member

    I like to see ppl beeing exited about CU but this idea of spreading the word would cause more harm then good.

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  • binskkibinskki Bourbonnais, ILPosts: 153Member Common

    Please don't spam any trade channels to promote this game.

    I really want this game to get made, but jumping on the "spam trade channel" bandwagon is not going to make us any friends - or get the players that we want to be part of the community.

    Because it's really about the community for me.  I applaud your enthusiasm, but this is the wrong way to do it; and I agree that Mark Jacobs would probably be appalled by trade-channel spamming.

    Talking to people you know on different games, who you think would like it?  that's a different story.  Put a post on Facebook - that's what people expect on Facebook.  But don't spam trade channels, ever - it inteferes with other peoples' gameplay, and that's not right. :(

  • SiugSiug Posts: 1,224Member Uncommon
    I'm not playing WoW but if you happen to start with CU spam in MMOs I play I'll report you. Just saying.
  • HjamnrHjamnr Madison, WIPosts: 163Member



    Just don't.


    That sort of behavior only hurts a game's reputation, and drives people away who might otherwise support your project.

  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    I'd like this mmo to be made but I also wouldn't promote spamming in another game about it. You make our community look terrible by doing so. The majority of us are not like that so stop with these ideas.


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  • EdanyEdany Phoenix, AZPosts: 179Member Uncommon
    [mod edit]
  • DanwarrDanwarr Grove City, PAPosts: 185Member Common

    Please don't spam other boards or games about CU.

    Posting information is one thing, but spamming WoW chat, or any other game's chat for that matter, is not ok.

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  • TuktzTuktz Atlanta, GAPosts: 299Member

    Tell FRIENDS you play with in games you currently play about CU, and inform them about it's exciting point. I play 2 or 3 other games, and have told people I PLAY with in thsoe about it, and past guilds I've been in.


    Think of it more as word of mouth, not blind cold calling.


    Random general chat spamming isn't gonna help. You might actually turn people away that otherwise if they had heard about it through a proper channel would have considered it.

    Tuktz -

  • binskkibinskki Bourbonnais, ILPosts: 153Member Common

    I am glad to see so many people chiming in against spamming.

    As I said in my previous post, I commend the author of this thread for their enthusiasm, but in order to build a community we want to play a game with - we need to be that community, if that makes sense.  Otherwise we will put off the people that would be the best people to attract!

    Discussion is fine - discussion is great!  And discussion in other places than the ones where we have discussed CU already - well, good idea.  But not spamming.  Spamming is what has brought the trolls out of the woodwork here.  People get defensive and irritable when they think they are being spammed, even if that was not the intention.  So please, please, please, always keep that in mind.

  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAPosts: 861Member Common
    Yeah when I agreed I was personally taking more about general gaming forums elsewhere on the internet... I certainly don't want us posting CU stuff on forums for other games, here or elsewhere.
  • TaldierTaldier Camp Hill, PAPosts: 235Member Common

    Just spamming in some game is definitely not ok.  If you know people somewhere and just post some information thats fine.  But you dont just keep doing it.


    I also saw in another thread a few people on these forums complain that they are being spam PM'd about CU.  If that is actually happening that is definitely not ok either.


    We're all excited, but spamming is the fastest way to drive people away.  There is no need to panic.   The kickstarter is progressing along at a reasonable clip and following the same trend as many other successful projects.

  • Nothing wrong with mentioning the title to friends you have in other games, but please don't spam. Not only are spammers super annoying, but you're likely to get the opposite effect of what you're looking for and make the CU community look bad in the process.
  • TofkeTofke GeelPosts: 266Member Uncommon

    OP that is the worst idea ever and I don't even care if it funds.

    If you want people to get interested you do that by posting information and having a decent conversation with them. Even with the ones that will be negative. Since like me a lot of people out there don't believe in this Developer/Game/Campaign.

    But if you then become annoyed and resort to all the behaviours you shouldn't use in a discussion it will have the opposite effect. People on the fence going: "dear god, what a bunch of retards. Like hell I want to play with those" and I have seen enough of that behaviour already from passionate CU supporters here. If this was a game I was interested in, the behaviour alone would make me not want to play it.

    Spamming and other obnoxious behaviour will have the same result.

    So please, go tell your friends, use social media, inform the community's you are a member of, even tell your family... But always with a positive vibe and definitely not in a begging way.



    And something I wanted to say for the pas days:

    CHILL OUT! There is still 12 days to go. Why the lot of you are panicking the past weeks is beyond me. A lot of kickstarters get their funding in the last 2 days. No need to react so frantic with 20 days to go. Even with my negative view I still think this will fund. So act desperate in those last 2 days :p


  • MkilbrideMkilbride Hooksett, NHPosts: 641Member Uncommon

    I did the WoW free trial and spammed trade chat in all the main cities and places.


    If even 1 person backed because of that, I think my time was was spent.

    Help get Camelot Unchained made, a old-school MMORPG, with no hand holding!

  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,836Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Mkilbride
    I did the WoW free trial and spammed trade chat in all the main cities and places.   If even 1 person backed because of that, I think my time was was spent.

    All you probably did was get yourself on the ignore list of people. I would have reported you to the GM's and get you thrown out of the game.


    Sorry, this is the wrong way to get people to fund this game. If this is the attitude of the fans/supporters, I hope the game doesn't get funded.


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