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Analysis of the Dev reply to Gosu



  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by Banaghran

    If you dont have 2.0-2.3 aps, your gear lacks overall.

    Even at 400+ sheet dps while something can do MP10 at 200k dps if you have 3.0+ APS?

    APOC is 2 items, that is not really stacking a stat, or choosing a stat, it really falls into the "gimmicky legs" category, which i said is simply not big enough. I mean, you WOULD have a point (even if one swallow does not make spring happen), if it would not be a wizz specific stat, but some generic one, like "bonus to resource generation".

    LOL you are dismissing all the choices as gimick. That is just ONE example. How about 2Her for disintegration build?

    And technically, if i chose to nitpick, it does not change my original point, that as you advance higher and higher the difference between you and the next wizz grows smaller and smaller, cause 20-30 apoc stays 20-30 apoc, while all other stats go up :)

    That is incorrect. Since for the gear to roll APOC, it has ONE affix that cannot be rolled other stats. Logically, you cannot have the same DPS if everything rolls maximum, if you have two APOC affixes. And there are many other cases than APOC.

    It is funny how we went from "diablo 3 offers not enough choice" to "PROVE TO ME THAT IT DOES NOT OFFER ANY CHOICE AT ALL !!!" :)

    Because "enough" is subjective. And you are going to the extreme. There are more than 5-6 builds (and i am being conservative here, wiz has a lot more with different gear requirement) for each class, and that is more than ANY MMO (or you can include other RPGs, except may be D2) .. and if that is not enough .. well .. there is no game that will be "enough" for you.


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