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ads blocking out your articles

bambocheurbambocheur washington, DCMember Posts: 8 Uncommon
I've always enjoyed this site but I'm running into the problem where 2+ paragraphs are effectively cut off by ads that are located in the middle of the site.  Is this an issue on my end or yours? Please let me know.  thanks


  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 4,818
    Were you logged in when you looked at them ? Only time you should ever see Ads in the middle of the thread is if you're viewing it as a guest.
  • funconfuncon Key West, FLMember Posts: 270 Uncommon
    I think it is a virus or maleware on your end. I had that problem before with the little ads would be right over links lol. I reinstalled windows
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