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RPG Personality sig generator lulz

GaoxinGaoxin GermanyPosts: 196Member Uncommon

What is your least favorite subject of study?


You come across a lovely maiden in distress, what do you do?

- Kill her assailants and save her

From what source can you derive the greatest power?

- Your Spirit or Soul

An intruder breaks down your front door, what do you do?

- Charge them with the nearest weapon you can find

When it comes to the art of magic what are you more likely to be doing?

- Incinerating foes with fireballs

Where are you most effective in combat?

- Alongside your friends of long providing support

What is best in life?

- Honesty and Integrity


I know those generators are mostly pretty shitty, but this thing just randomed something. :D Not a single trait of a Vampire fits with one of my answers. Sorry for wasting your time, was kinda bored and lol'd pretty hard after I saw the result. x)



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