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I'd like a refund please.



  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common

    Huh? Not fit for internal alpha quality?

    Last night I played a technically impressive fun PvP game for 5 hours on LAUNCH DAY with only a single crash. And that was with 70 players on the screen fighting.

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Originally posted by Cetra
    Originally posted by Deerhunter71
    Originally posted by DAS1337
    Originally posted by Sky427
    None, digital products don't ever need to be refunded to you and it's up to the company to give you a refund unless they somehow messed up. (Which is hard for a company to do. Also giving you a 'bad' game is not messing up.) This is why I didn't touch this game until I saw that community was generally pleased with the game and adventurine was keeping promises(LOL)  I'm currently researching if it's worth my money and this was the first post I stumbled on, so not looking so good.

    There were some crashing issues when I was playing about a month ago, but I believe those were mostly fixed.

    AV forums are full of complaints as you cannot save your keybinds, constant crashing so nowhere near resolved (and you lose your mount every time you crash), the debug mode myth, load lag, some people still get an error trying to download the game from yesterday.

    Typical AV scam. (Yep i call it a scam, because they always lie intentionally to mislead people.) 

    just like the dec launch. Calling the game ready when there is a serious item persistent bug.(Everything disppeared whenever you log out the game) Then it became a beta which went on for 4 months. 

    I cant even figure how they can sleep at night with a guilty conscious for constantly lying to the whole world and their playbase.

    They openly communicated about that item persistence bug, for about a month prior to beta, letting everyone know it was an issue they were trying to solve.

    People like you remind me why I avoid the Darkfall forums, you have no idea what you're even talking about, but it doesn't stop you from talking about it to everyone who will listen for half a second.

    We've been given constant updates about the launch since yesterday, I don't know what you consider a "lie" but I'd wager it's not what most normal people would consider one.

  • snapfusionsnapfusion San, CAPosts: 954Member
    Originally posted by DavisFlight
    Huh? Not fit for internal alpha quality? Last night I played a technically impressive fun PvP game for 5 hours on LAUNCH DAY with only a single crash. And that was with 70 players on the screen fighting.

    What are you saying, the stars aligned for 71 people last night who through a heavy does of luck and extra effort were able to download and actually play this game?

  • tinuelletinuelle bergenPosts: 351Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by snapfusion What are you saying, the stars aligned for 71 people last night who through a heavy does of luck and extra effort were able to download and actually play this game?

    No stars aligned yesterday and luck has never been documented scientifically, hence its only a belief in something that never  has been documented. Luck doesnt exist, There is no such thing. Random things happen, but luck has nothing to do with it.

    Stars and luck...... What's to become of the world. I give you zero Stars for that unlucky comment.

  • BrownAleBrownAle fantasyland, MEPosts: 399Member
    Originally posted by Hamsurd
    Hey All, I need to know, when I clicked 'agree', fully knowing I brushed most of my rights of the table while installing this Darkfall Unholy Mess. Darkfall Unholy Mess is not fit for core alpha testing, its not fit for closed beta, it is not fit for public beta test and I'm very sure it is not fit to be 'sold' to the public as a finished product, its a not even a half finished product. Fully aware that developers know they are dealing for the most part, idiots, that are addicted to swinging magical pixel swords and will defend the shiny waxed turd, with its life. Darkfall Unholy Mess the restaurant, not the best in the world, lets say one level above a pizza joint, hey have cutlery and semi trained staff, line chef at best in the kitchen, mom and pops owned restaurant that try's its best, but DF:UM restaurant is charging AAA standard cash for a supposed five star restaurant, that it will ever be. Food is low standard, the steak is tough to chew on, its very 'well done', salad is off and soggy and bloddy, the smell is bad, food past its time and ready for the bin, the service is, there is no serviced, you had to walk into the kitchen and ask the pizza boy to make you the meal, the alcoholic line chef quit/fired, who cares, hes a drunk, pizza boy the new master chef of Restaurant DF:UM having no idea how to work and cooking an a real kitchen, being a true knob head, cuts his finger and bleeds on yoru salad,  oh and you had to pre pay for the food, €40,  prior to arrival to the restaurant, its an adventure, dining at DF:UM restaurant, being a healthy person you starf off eating the salad, it was a strange soggy bitter taste, you view the sitting its bland and reaks of amaturish cheap furniture. Suddenly a violent spasm grips yoru insides, the contortion is so hard,  yoru back spasms out, the chair breaks, you fall to the ground, there is no service to help you up and nobody dining in this empty restaurant, you lay there with a slighly broken hip bone, and your anus is about to blast with the force of the sun, haul your self down to go to the bathroom. Off you crawl go to the restrooms, witch is filthy, toilet is missing, but a hole is in the floor in its place, two handles on each side for you to hold of for dear life, while nature takes its coarse, the smell is burning the inside of your nostrils, with your broken hip, you pull down your pants, grip the two handles, the room is very humid and sippery, you loose yoru grip and fall down into the hole, you waddle about in the fecal ouzo pool of shit, trying to stay afloat scram for help, after 45 min the police come and arrest you for trying to dine and dash, you spend the next 2 weeks in jail as the new lady boy for all the Alpha Gorillas.  ____
    I would like to know what are my rights to ask and get a refund, to re-install credit, on my card ? I'm not eating this stale food.


    Sure just send your refund request to and im sure they will get right on that.


    These threads crack me up.


    Grow up, take responsibility for your purchases.  You got burnt on a game that, even with all the internet resources avalible to you to see what the game was, what state it was in, and all the player reviews...still turned out for you to be less than favorable.  Move on and learn to research games first.

    Better yet, stop gaming if buying games you dont like is an issue, there are other hobbies that require less diligence.

  • luvbooxluvboox Smalltown, IDPosts: 87Member

    If I remember right, you were down on this game all along.


    Yup, I just read your post history. I don't know what you want in a game, but clearly it would take more resources than AV has. You really shouldn't have bought it if you expected to hate it.


    Personally, I had quite a bit of fun last night and am looking forward to soon as I get off work.

  • taus01taus01 MunichPosts: 1,352Member
    Originally posted by Hamsurd
      Originally posted by DAS1337 I'll use your crappy analogy.   How about, this restaraunt has been in business for years.  They have a ton of poor reviews that YOU know about.  Not just reviews, but people have put their bad experiences on camera.  There are rats in the kitchen, there are cockroaches in the food.  The waiters and waitresses blatanly lie to you.  They serve mac n cheese and call it pasta, their steak is nothing more than fried ham, and their wine is O'Doules.  You've even walked past the place, watching other patrons vomit all over the sidewalk from their food.   After all of this, you chose to ignore the signs and dine there anyways.  And now you are bitching?   Dude, it's completely your fault.  You deserve to pay for your mistakes.  Next time, use your brain.


    witch is the next question, where is the HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY ?

    It's called common sense and ~ your wallet ~ which you use to vote.


    @OP: No need to make a thread, just call your Bank or CC company and tell them to chargeback because you where not happy with the product you got. Should take less than 5 mintues and you will have your money back within 48 hours latest.

    "Give players systems and tools instead of rails and rules"

  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon
    if you really want a refund you wont get one from this shady company period . You will need to contact your credit card company and get a chargeback done . AV will ban your account for it but its not like AV has any games out worth playing anyways. I got a refund for the first time ever in a game from DF unholy wars because they couldnt learn to  code with optimum driver packages. I contacted their support after waiting a week for them to finally get back to me they then decided to get smart like i was stupid or something when I work on computers all day long. First company that I actually hope they go out of business as they are just unfit IMO to run a business with any customer service involved. This was about 3 or 4 months ago and they didnt even try to dispute the chargeback with my credit card company as I told my card company exactly what happened and they flat out said AV cannot do what they do and not offer refunds if things do not work.  Shadiest company Ive ever done business with for sure.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,012Member Rare
    Sorry but when people are paying ot get into betas they get what they pay for....Alot of us have been warning abotu this practice for years, yet the second some company says Pre-order to get into beta, alot of you are waving your credit cards and fight to be first in line.
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